Aegis Vanguard Hoplite | A Star Citizen’s Buyer’s Guide | Alpha 3.6

Aegis Vanguard Hoplite | A Star Citizen’s Buyer’s Guide | Alpha 3.6

I’m gonna tell you everything you need
to know before buying the ages Vanguard hop light and we’re starting right now systems welcome to a star citizens
buyers guide what’s up citizens this is sublimino
here and today we’ll be discussing the features functions and benefits of the
Aegis Vanguard hoplite and we’ll compare those features amongst competing ships
so you can make an informed buying decision in this review we’ll cover a
brief overview take a look at the exterior tour the interior review stack
comparisons go over weapons discuss components review the pros and cons and
finish up with my thoughts on the vanguard hoplite if this is our first
time meeting welcome my name is subliminal
and my passions are star citizen and content creation be sure to check out
some of my other reviews in this series and consider subscribing now let’s get
to it the aegis vanguard hoplite is a cross
between the award-winning Vanguard deep space fighter and a dedicated boarding
ship adapting to reliable design for amphibious operations the hoplite is the
perfect tool for inserting an armored strike team with enough firepower to get
them out again the hoplite is manufactured by Aegis Dynamics Aegis is
an earth-based spaceship manufacturing company they are known for their UAE
military ships the hoplite is part of four Vanguard series variants the
vanguard warden Harbinger and Sentinel are also available
however the warden is the only other variant currently fight ready in the
game be sure to add my review of the warden here to your watch later list
it’s a hop by this currently fight ready as of today it is not available for sale
on the pledge store when it was it sold for two hundred and twenty five dollars
and I was able to find it today for as low as $200 in the gray market it is
currently available to purchase without fail you see at lore VLEs new deal for
just over 3.1 million alpha UEC with that out of the way let’s take a look at
the aegis Vanguard hoplite the first thing you’ll notice is the forest green
paint job with the gold trim around the retro thrusters on the top we have one
man turret with – sighs – shredder ballistic cannons under the nose we have
the massive gimbal size for revenant ballistic Gatling gun and in the nose we
have four MVS a laser autocannons found exclusively on the Vanguard series here
you’ll notice the iconic intake glow of the Vanguard series the wing you see
here folds out in flight mode here you’ll notice attract landing gear
from the original concept let’s head inside we’ll close the cargo
door first this gives us access to the rear component housing that holds the
size to quantum drive we’ll turn back around and head into the crew quarters
on the port side we have to drop seats with one weapon rack each and another to
drop seats this time with some data racks in between behind us on the
starboard side we have another to drop seats with two weapon reps and finally
we have another 10 webcams on the way to the flight deck we have access to the
man turret before we enter into the flight deck
will open the radar component housing located under the stairs on the port
side we have component housings for a power plant a shield generator and life
support and on the starboard side we have component access for another shield
generator and a power plant getting closer to the pilot seat we have access
to the two coolers let’s get into the pilot seat here we have four MFDs and the hollow
radar in the middle the vanguard worden does not yet feature in ejection feature for comparison I’ve selected the
following ten ships the Google sheet document with the data is linked in the
description if this is your first time here you may want to check the sheet or
pause the screen it explains how I’ve selected and compared the ships the
hoplite comes in around two hundred and twenty nine thousand kilograms it has a
max crew size of three as the cargo capacity of 0’s see you as well as five
other ships on this list it has just under thirty two thousand here points
across its body and takes fourth place here the CHEO capacity of almost 44,000
ties in first place with five other ships on this list as a sustain gun DPS
of almost two thousand it ties the sixth and is quite a disappointment its first
EPS of almost 2200 also ties a six and is also a disappointment it has a
combined missile payload of just over 30,000 and takes seventh place it has a
fuel capacity of a hundred and ninety five thousand fuel units and ranks fifth
it has a max off-pitch rate of 54 degrees per second in ties in fourth
place its SCM speed of 171 takes third place and its top speed of over 1,000 is
sixth on this list it’s quantum drive has a hefty 84 mega meters per second
quantum speed the hoplite eyes for first place with three other ships on this
list so travel from $4 our to our Corp will take you only eight minutes and 18
seconds its QT range of 95 Giga meters ties in fourth place so it can travel
from poor dollars our to our Corp 2.3 times before needing to refuel now let’s
talk about its firepower the vanguard hoplite has one-man turret with – sighs
too hard points on top and on the nose it has four size – and one size five
weapon hard points the turret has to SW 16 BR 2 saw buck
ballistic autocannons 1 shredder is size 2 has 64 physical damage with 280 RPM
for a total of 299 DPS and the 2100 meter range in the nose it has 4 size to
proprietary in the SI laser autocannons 1m VSA is size 2 has 183 energy damage
with 75 RPM for a total of 229 dps and a 2000 meter range under the nose it has
one bear puck s5 gimble mount with one revenant ballistic Gatling gun one
revenant is size for does 31 physical damage with 1300 RPM for a total of 672
dps and a 3700 meter range it has 2 MSD 442 missile rats with 4 Dominator tubes
and for ignite Tunes dominator tubes are size 2 are electromagnetic have 3900 mix
damage a 1.7 second lock time and a 60 200-meter lock range ignite twos our
size to our infrared have 3700 mix damage a 1.5 second lock time and a 56
hundred meter lock range now for the components the standard
components available on the hoplite are as follows
it has one size to Crossfield quantum drive with a 84 mega meter per second
quantum speed and an 18 second cool down to size to maelstrom power plants with
7800 max power generation per second each two sides two arctic coolers that
provide four million max cooling per second each and last but not least we
have two size 2 . shield generators with 20 mm capacity each I would say its pros
are its SCM speed is decent its HP and shield capacity are very good and of
course it’s QT speed and range are excellent its cons are its kind of slow
in regards to max speed and agility it’s sustained in bursts EPS are a huge
disappointment you would expect a ship built off of a heavy fighter frame to
have substantially more DPS than a Cutlass black but there isn’t much of a
difference compared to his closest competitor of the Valkyrie it doesn’t
have very many drop seats overing for supplies that may be needed on the
battlefield so my funds i think the platform for the vanguard hoplite is
excellent for its size it’s a tank the extra long jump range and speed will
certainly come in handy closer to the game’s release however it is lacking in
the weapon damage Department for perspective you can get the same damage
from a Cutlass black also with the cutting you have about the same amount
of drop seats through to store land vehicles and more and more than one
entry and exit point to protect against the sniping of your ground forces all of
this for less than half the price granted you do lose substantially more
defense so there’s no question that a hoplite we’re winning in the straight-up
fight if the lack of defense is a concern the Valkyrie has everything
mentioned but the Cuddy and more than twice as many drop seats but it also has
a higher price tag back to the DPS dilemma in my opinion
CAG can fix this by adding one more size five hardpoint maybe move the revenant
from the nose and add it to the wing and add another revenant to the other wing
now CID has stated that the proprietary in VSA Laser autocannons in the nose
will be interchangeable for more proprietary weapons like distortion
cannons scattered runs etc as cool as that sounds I don’t think you will solve
the problem I do believe that this is not CI G’s final iteration of the
half-life I think when other variants become available in 3.7 there will be
balance changes made to the hoplite in warden as well as for now though I would
have to pass even if they do make the hoplite a more capable fighter is it
really the best option for getting troops on the ground as safe as possible
those are my thoughts what are yours let’s continue this conversation down in
the comments the next ship in this review series will be the P 72
Archimedes let me know what you think about the Archimedes as well as the
hoplite down in the comments did you like this review like it please consider
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however your viewership is more than enough until next time citizens I’ll see
you in the verse


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    Sorry about the delay on this one lol. I got a new job and the training is taking up a lot of my time. I had this one almost finished so I just thought I would release it. Hope you guys enjoy!

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    Uneed skill

    Just constructive criticism i do like your videos but maybe next time go in and turn the ship on first so when you walk in you do not have to use your flashlight and things can be seen better.

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    Vics Id

    If I wanted a Vanguard this would be it because it is more useful in the alpha. It has just as much firepower as the Warden because you can outfit the additional missile racks in game and will eventually have more armor. Also, it is cheaper and the money saved can be invested into a BUK later on.

    We have been missing your videos Sub. Would love get some nav videos on the junkyards when you get time. Grats and GL on the new job.

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    The Hoplite seems more like an extraction ship that can come in hot, land, and fight it's way out of an area where a bulkier ship will take too much time.

    Not to say that it's particularly fast compared to other fighters, but it is compared to a Valkyrie.

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    Henry Y-J

    If you keep delivering these ship reviews with this level of quality & power on the ship first I'd be safe to say I'd link your videos to people as my recommendation. Even though I personally like the Vanguard's front weapon swapped for a fixed M series laser cannon for massive pinpoint accurate alpha damage.

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    john medeiros

    Great video, here are my thoughts…Hoplite is currently my favorite ship because it comes with a Crossfield Quantum Drive as a standard piece of equipment….this is critical because the crossfield is imho the gold standard in QD for the game, yes some are even faster, but for that speed comes increased size. The 12-gun racks work, and outside of maybe the 890jump, has the best racks i know of in the game so far. The 6 seats from personal testing with my org will offer the seated a few benefits…you will not passout from too many gs in fight. You will not fall thru the ship in quantum if seated. The ship is tanky, imo a safer dropship than a valk, can fly in atmo much better, and has a smaller hitbox when bounty hunters and fangirls come to fight..and when u overclock the rev gat, its crazy op and shreds thru everything in its way…its dps is very very good, but its much harder to fight small fighters in good hands vs anything near its size or larger…the only "dropships" i expect to come close or beat the hoplite is the prowler or possibly the redeemer depending on how its rework plays out. The hoplite is the best org dropship for the money so far in SC and doubles as air support post drop and escort services as well, capable bounty ship, and fun to fly. Dont believe me find any Rexzilla video or ZDF and you will see how confident we are at choosing the hoplite over Valks most of the time…especially after we stuffed one in the hanger of an 890j….only thing i can say is the argo transports are considered very good as well if you have the 890j and later other hanger capable ships.

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    I realy love your buyer's guides. Especially the comparison with other ships. And you have a very cool narrator voice. 👌
    P.s.: in the comparison there's writen 'Aegis Gladiator' but this is a Anvil ship.

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    Sharing your vids is starting to pay off! Getting some real cool followers. Do you think the Vanguards will be the next to get 300i customization treatment? Thanks again.

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    Nate The Great

    Great review you hit on a lot of solid points. I'm really looking forward to the Harbringer it's supposed to be a beast. Can't wait till it's released so you can review it.

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    The range is it's benefit. Not sure if this ship can jump to another system, but if that's the case you want a ship like this to go in with other vanguards since your cutty or Hornet can't make it that far.

    This is a long range fighter, so it should be able to use the range. As an alternative you would need something like the kraken or 890 or Polaris to get a fighter to the location. At least that is what I expect from the range of the vanguards.

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    Make interiors between Vanguards interchangeable and its perfectly balanced. A ship with that much utility and tankyness has enough firepower to balance it.

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    Phillip Lemmon

    Hey SUB, can you do a vid on the ACTUAL starter ships? Aurora and the Mustang Please? I know I'm in the MINORITY about this but I would like your opinion on them.

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    Hecubus Addams

    The Hoplite is designed as a troop transport, not a fighter; it should be compared to other transports. So, 3 Hoplites (6 troops each) is equivalent to about 1 Valkyrie (20 troops); this kind of comparison would be better. Also, the weaponry DPS should be for taking out ground/stationary targets while boarding/landing or extraction. Overall, I think it's a good ship for what it is expected to do: deliver a small team of operatives safely.

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    Great review, very concise and easy to understand. You've successfully packed a LOT of information into the video, and kept it interesting with some nice graphics and chill atmosphere, as usual.

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    Uncle Gary

    I want to like the Vanguard Chasis. I like the BUK modularity. But I agree that it is under-gunned. I have thought about switching my Corsair out for a Valkrie but I like that the Corsair has cargo capacity as I plan to indulge in shenanigans. I would not mind seeing a breakdown on the Corsair. Thanks for your top-notch analysis.

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    Vanguard is more of a tank heavy fighter. You can have a glass cannon heavy or a tank heavy. Both need to have consequences. Glass cannons like the cutty or hurricane are made of tissue paper. The vanguard on the other hand, may not have the most dps, but it will out last any of the other ships you compared it to. Also not sure if your dps calculations use all the turrets or just the pilot controlled weapons. That will skew things slightly as well. I have zero interest in a vanguard series. I just do not like anything about the way the ship looks.
    Great reviews though. Always good content.

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    Chuck Efferson

    Great video as usual! Your videos are always the first I go to when I start researching for a ship since you do most of the work. 🙂 Speaking of, do you have or plan to do a video on the Aegis P5G Gladius? I know there are other videos out there of it, but your videos are hard to beat with all of the information you put into them.

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    Man love these vids, so informative and interactive. It's actually quite hard to find content creators who get down to business as fast as Sub.

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    Blxck Hippy

    Had to subscribe! Definitely the BEST review channel I have seen, detailed and straight to the point, I even had to watch some of your other reviews, keep them coming!

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    Bear Owl

    when talking about ships DPS stats ect . I like to see you allso take in to in to account not just what stats of the default stock loud-out is . but its potential with is hard points Vs other ships hard points. most of us dont run ship stock. CIG default loud outs can be allover the place and thus throw off what a air frame is capable of Vs another ship that just happens to have a better or worst stock loud out. weapon meta changes patch to patch. but hard points do not. I run a size 5 on my nose rather the the size 4. I like the look of the one big gun under the nose , like a A10. puting 2 size 5 on wings would mess that up bady. if more DPS is needed, then the 4 smaller nose guns could go up in size but not make the ship look different .

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    Hey, just a quick question. Will you make a videos showing how to get to scrap yards like Orinth on hurston? The only video I've found that shows where it is, is so convoluted, I haven't made it once

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    GREAT Video, I have subscribed… when you mention the black market do you have a link to get there or how to search for black sites markets please?

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    Andre Dionne

    Great video! On the hardpoint sheet, the dps is with all the manned turret been manned? To my knowledge, the retaliator solo pilot only have access to the torpedoes so I guess the answer would be yes. Could you alro add columns describing the dps of these ships when there is only one pilot on the ship?

    Thank you!

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    Bang Chow

    Recently discovered your channel.
    Awesome review video:
    +format and vocal commenting is well paced +appreciate the visual flow & walkthru of ship +infograph +stats & stock components breakdown +rankings +Pros Cons

    btw, prev SC Buyer's guide logo was good; but current one is sweet!

    *This is def an instant Subscribe for an SC backer, old and new

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    Fallen Templar

    What's the point of buying the Vanguard over the Hoplite? From what I am seeing the Hoplite is the better choice, or is there something I'm missing? I'm thinking of buying one but I'm not sure which one.

  40. Post

    I have to agree on the Vanguard series as a whole. It's firepower is extremely underwhelming for a ship purporting to be a "heavy fighter". Not like the Hurricane is much better given more than half of it's firepower is restricted to a second seat on a frame that's designed for high maneuverability (which is counter-intuitive to turrets and how they work with their gunners now having to try to aim at a target while a pilot is constantly turning and juking the airframe screwing up your shots – Manned turrets should only be used on bigger slower moving platforms). And the firepower on the Hurricane the pilot does have control of are effectively shotguns that require the pilot to get closer to an enemy in a ship that Anvil specifically advertises it's defenses as paper thin. Making it easier for opponents to hit you. Let's face it, the entire implementation of the Hurricane as whole is just counter-intuitive to what it's supposed to be and makes no practical sense.

    The Vanguard, while better defended, has embarrassingly small firepower for it's size and weight class. Especially compared to ships in smaller entirely different weight classes. The whole distinction between weight classes and heavy fighters as a whole is a complete mess right now. The only good medium fighter is the Sabre (the Super Hornet is a joke) and the small and light fighters are completely ruling the roost.

    As far as I'm concerned, CIG really need to re-asses and rebalance all of the ships in the heavier classes. A heavier class should not simply mean a bigger ass and heavier weight footprint. You also need to expand the capabilities of those ships with better offensive, defensive and utilitarian abilities to justify that additional footprint (and price tag). Right now, they don't. I thought it was disgraceful after being teased for over a month of a new "heavy fighter" from RSI only to be met with a utility craft with only 2 small guns. If they end up calling the Mantis a heavy fighter, that's just going to be an embarrassment. I don't care how "pretty" it is.

    Looks like I'm still left waiting for a "heavy fighter" deserving of the designation.

  41. Post

    In terms of practical use, I think the Hoplite definitely has it's uses. It's far more maneuverable and agile while operating in atmosphere, whereas the Valkyrie handles like a flying brick. It's more than capable of engaging surface defenses on its own, without the need of a bunch of gunners. I think that the Hoplite is more of a, deploy a small strike team kind of ship quickly, where as a Valkyrie is more of a full scale invasion type of ship, that could use the support of other craft and take its time.

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