Alex Kershaw Discusses Norwich University History Book “Citizens and Soldiers”

(slow thoughtful music) – [Kershaw] I am Alex Kershaw, I am the author of the book
“Citizens and Soldiers” about Norwich’s amazing 200 year history. I have written nine books, I think, three of them New York Times bestsellers, mainly specialized in
talking about small units of Americans in combat in
World War Two in Europe. I think the reason why I did the project in the first place, was because I was fascinated by the history
of the institution. I thought that the story of Norwich really was a very good way of telling the story of America. – When we first met Alex,
we took him on a tour of the Sullivan Museum, and 10 minutes into that tour, we knew Alex was the person who should write our book. Alex is a very engaging
and passionate person, he’s a great historian and the prospect of writing Norwich’s history was something that he focused on and got excited about right away. – There’s something quite unique about a Norwich warrior, there’s an ethos here, a code of honor, there’s an ethical atmosphere, a culture here that is special and produces special people. I think the thing that was most fun for me was to be able to say OK, here’s a unique institution in the middle of Vermont, with this extraordinary history. And what I wanted to
do from the very start was to say look, these individuals were at the core of American history, they’re key points. So whether it was General Harmon, making an enormous difference in the biggest battle in American history, Battle of Bulge, or whether it was a guy who paraded past President Kennedy in 1960 as part of the Norwich band. Whether it was the guy that helped bring back South Vietnamese in 1975 at the end of the Vietnam war to America. I wanted to put Norwich individuals at the center of the American story. – This book will help us
all understand our history and be connected to
Norwich in different ways. Its really a remarkable story, its really a story that I think we can all be proud of. (inspiring music)

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