ALIEN CITIZEN: An Earth Odyssey – MOVIE Trailer

ALIEN CITIZEN: An Earth Odyssey – MOVIE Trailer

What are you? I better investigate! Yoohoo There’s a sudden… عجاجة A sandstorm… so fierce I get lost between the street And the entrance to the school So I develop a kind of multiple personality disorder [audience laughter] Because in the theater everybody’s weird! What? No es tan inteligente And whatever people see, isn’t me. Like… they can’t see me. So I fantasize all the time. It’s not dangerous to me. I’m dangerous to it! What if they stop talking to me? Cuz they think I can’t understand? Feels like I’m falling into a big hole And I’m going to be left behind. Lost. That’s a good question! ¿Te hizo mucha falta Guatemala, sí? And we’re American too! My parents tell us: Xerox is moving us to Panama City, Panama. I’m gonna to be the new kid, again. Yeah… I check off the ‘other’ box. (laughter) Chinky Chinese! You’re obviously… not Asian. I am completely foreign. At the foreign school.


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