Amendment to Overturn Citizens United Introduced

Amendment to Overturn Citizens United Introduced

Okay. We’ve been talking about these sort of like
four meta issues in American politics for a while now. One of those is climate change, climate change. If we don’t deal with it, uh, it, it impacts
everything else that we care about. If your city’s underwater, it’s hard to be
an activist for education policy is the way I like to, uh, have sort of apply a metaphor
or an example to it. Net neutrality and Internet freedom is another
Meta issue. We learn about most of what’s going on in
the world, um, through the news media and through the Internet and through a websites
and from news stations that are so impacted by net neutrality and internet freedom. So that’s another Meta issue that affects
a lot of a, of what we care about. Our electoral system is a third, the fact
that we have an electoral college and everything that connects to that, including voter suppression,
voter Id, the way, votes are counted the way primaries are handled, all of that stuff. So the electoral system would be like Meta
issue number three. And then you’ve got campaign finance, which
rounds out the list. The way politics is financed in the United
States, a big part of campaign finance is citizens United. Now, it’s not the only part. It’s not the only reason why we have the system
of campaign finance that we have today, but it is a big part of it. And Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff has
now introduced a constitutional amendment to overturn citizens United Citizens United
is the 2010 supreme court decision that did away with corporate campaign spending restrictions. And if this constitutional amendment were
ratified, it would allow limits to be put back in place by Congress and by states on
the contributions that companies can make. And it would let states decide if, for example,
they want to make public financing of elections, the law of the land. So this is huge. It’s great news. It’s the right thing. We should support it, but there are caveats. Caveat number one is this is going nowhere
for as long as Republicans control the Senate and for as long as Republican a Republican
is in the White House, that’s number one. But it’s still good to get this going. And I support Adam Schiff doing it because
we’ve been talking about a constitutional amendment for a long time at the same. It’s really important to understand, and this
is a great opportunity to do it, that there are many other things we can do to deal with
the money in politics, status quo, which is a disaster in the United States that are separate
from the repeal of citizens United. Number one, we can change our voting system
in ways that would be a huge step in the right direction. Some of the specifics about how that can be
done, we’ve talked about on the show already. The point is that’s totally separate from
citizens United and it could lead to significant improvements in the sort of election status
quo, uh, of the United States of America. Number two, we could get rid of the electoral
college. The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact
is about 70% of the way to achieving 270 electoral votes, which would allow with no change to
the constitution, a de facto national popular vote. That’s something else we can continue working
on. Number three, gerrymandering. Yes, gerrymandering is connected to money
in politics, but gerrymandering is also connected to many other things, including the census,
which is upcoming in 2020. Um, and in general, uh, doing redistricting
with a nonpartisan or bipartisan commission, sometimes employing particular mathematical
algorithms rather than the whimsy of individual partisan lawmakers. There’s a lot that can be done with gerrymandering
that doesn’t require repealing a citizen’s United, dealing with voter suppression tactics. This includes everything from voter id, limiting,
limiting, early voting, reducing the number of polling places on and on and on. We’ve talked about all of those things. Yes, a lot of that connects to a citizens
United and how politics is financed. But we can also accomplish a lot, uh, independently
on that. But all of this is really to build on fixing
money in politics. It’s not, instead of fixing money in politics,
so we do need to get rid of citizens United. But it’s also really important to understand
that in the nine years since citizens United, uh, became the law of the land, it has opened
the door to a lot of other incremental changes. Citizens United in and of itself is not the
change that needs to be undone. It’s a big change that needs to be undone. But it has opened the door to a lot of little
changes, getting rid of restrictions on what’s called express advocacy, um, allowing electioneering
by more organizations, which in and of itself led to the creation of many superpacs and
lots of other things. So, obviously citizens United allowed a lot
of these other things to take place. But what we need to not forget is that even
if we were to overturn citizens United by whatever means, it’s ultimately overturned
if it ever is. You still need to undo a lot of that other
stuff that came from the citizens United ruling. And that’s a major uphill battle. It’s worth doing. It’s not impossible, but understand that even
the citizens United repeal is one step of probably hundreds just in that pillar of the
broader total reforms that we’re advocating for so good for Adam Schiff. This is the right thing. We should push for it, we should support it,
but let’s not overstate its importance. And most importantly, let’s remember that
there are, you know, like six or seven other areas that we can be working on right now
simultaneously while we push for getting the Senate back and getting the White House back,
which will, uh, uh, at least make the path to repealing citizens United easier. The Supreme Court that Donald Trump has appointed
two justices to will be an impediment. Even if Democrats do take over the Senate
and the White House, but that’ll be a problem. There’ll be a bridge we crossed when we come
to it. There are way more things that we can be working
on simultaneously related to fixing elections in American politics. Let me know what you think about this. The David Pakman show Instagram page at David Pakman show has a post about this. While you’re there, follow me on Instagram
as well at David.Pakman


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    Kay Jenkins

    I have a hard time trusting Schiff on this. I think he did it because he knows it won't pass but it makes him look like a good guy and might protect his seat. If the Dems take control back in 2020 you'll never see this bill from them again until the republicans get power back again.

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    Linden Stromberg

    The interesting part of US politics is the US right now is basically an Empire run by New York, and most of the people in the actual New York sphere of influence are against it's Empire while those suffering in poverty under it (in the hillbilly states? Not sure the correct way to categorize them, the ones with all the poor religious people which are mostly rural, like Louisiana, Alabama, and such) are the ones most in support of it.

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    Jay Kienlen

    The Meta-Issue "over" your meta-issues is ""overpopulation"" both nationally and globally. It drives global warming at root cause. It drives concern about immigration issues as half the world living in poverty want to cone and their kids will end with us becoming a mini-India. Etc. Even Citizens United, while equating money to free speech seems preposterous, the wealthy and powerful rightly see from their point of view a major way to tilt the playing field. If there is one #1 META-ISSUE almost everyone on the left don't get and can't speak to is the strains of growing population as we go to 11 billion.

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    Larry Stevens

    The identification of the "Meta Issues" is superb analysis of some of the primary underlying rot that's eating away at what's left of a hollowed out republic. The majority of it was engineered by the pernicious kleptocratic assholes who leapt to life off political laboratory tables like so many Frankenstein's monsters in the late 70s and early 80s around the time a pompadoured corporate pimp and racist fired the air traffic controllers and a laughable charlatan named Laffer began to be taken seriously by pernicious political hacks like Newt Gingrich.

    Another Meta Issue: A recalcitrant roughly one third of our population comprises a tyrannical minority of yahoos, stooges and fools who continue to support a demented, witless bunco artist and the rest of the treasonous Russo-Repubnant Klavern. For them, hatred, racism and irrational thinking with one's adrenals are pimped as "values" – representing as they do the genetic cul de sac of western civilization.

    They've sold out their own morality for the sake of petty grievances and racial entitlement and forsaken the social compact in order to support a demented failed real estate grifter – a treasonous serial liar, who would probably be a retired used car salesman in some brownfield New Jersey suburb if his father hadn't been a black hearted slumlord.:

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    Marcelino Gomez

    Don’t forget media/FCC regulation!,I don’t see any difference between right wing propaganda lying to uninformed people and selling drugs in a school,both have terrible consequences in society.

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    Alonso Valera

    If the proposal is an Amendment to the US Constitution then the Executive Branch has no say in the Amendment process per the US Constitution only Congress votes on the proposed Amendment and must approve it by a 2/3 vote in both Houses and then the proposal must be approved 3/4 of the individual States.

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    Mitch McConnell and many other swamp rats will fight tooth and nail they dont want this gravy train to end

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    Timothy Wayne

    Another problem is that Americans in general think voting is unimportant or just too much of a hassle to bother with. A presidential election should be an occasion for a national holiday and be celebrated and encouraged instead of being a chore on a weekday when most Americans work. Of course Republicans will fight tooth and nail against this because when fewer people vote, like during primaries, it favors the GOP. In fact, millions of Republicans have expressed the opinion that they're good with not even having an election in 2020 and that is downright scary. I think election integrity is also a big issue especially since we have a presidential election next year and the Russians will do their best to get their candidate elected.

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    Rko Singh

    YANG or TRUMP once more all over again.

    Yang = Carrot
    Trump = Stick
    I was a Trump voter FYI

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    just mentioning citizens united to Trump in a debate either Trump has to say he in favor of it or not…and that going to peel off some of his support if he comes out for citizens united…

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    MF DOOM Madvillain

    I'll fuckin stop watching if you keep using the word "meta"! Fuck outta here with that lazy ass fuckin word! Like "lit" stupid shit David!

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    Sag Norm

    David you say that this is not getting passed because of republican controlled senate. I can guarantee you that corporate Democrats will not allow this to pass either. Remember Obama and his majority? They didn't do any campaign finance reform.

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    I think campaign finance falls under the meta-issue of regulatory/agency capture / the symbiosis of corporate power and state power, etc

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    William MARDER

    Sounds like symbolic milquetoast. We need bold Maneuvers to undo this mess and I really don't like the idea of sitting around until November of next year and hoping for a democratic majority to actually do something with it. They didn't do anything during Obama's majority. Obama Care which is a republican healthcare plan.

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    I feel like campaign finance reform is the only hope for fixing our dysfunctional government, I just don't know if we'll ever get there.

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    langer three

    Hmmm. So the people who receive these bribes (sorry, I mean "campaign contributions") are going to vote on whether the system of bribery should continue?

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    Pei K

    Too bad the Senate, filled with Kock minions, would reject it. I hope Humpty Dumpty will allow this to happen, as he's "outside money"…lmao.And none of the important issues will be changed, thanks to Mitch McCriminal anyway.

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    Mike P

    Big deal, anybody can introduce anything. Even if Democrats had the majority, they would not have enough votes to override a filibuster or veto. Congress is no longer a functional branch of the government because of the filibuster.

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    We need to pass a bill that politicians cannot see where the money donated to them is coming from and make it illegal for donors to tell the politicians that they donated to them. At least if they don’t know who bribed them they won’t know who to serve and might instead serve the people

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    Elias Håkansson

    The moment you realize the citizens united ruling was about preventing the FEC from trying to ban a documentary about Hillary Clinton. If you don't think that's a violation of 1A, then maybe America isn't for you.

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    JCBs Sailing Into the Sunset

    The wrong group of politicians is in there to try this….A for effort but I just dont believe politicians will let thos happen anytime soon, most of them won due to donors

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    Liberal in Oklahoma

    Since Nixon, Republicans have shamelessly pandered to the Very Rich and Corporations while lying and misleading the Middle and Poor classes, TAX CUTS TAX CUTS for the Rich and a promise of Heaven to the Religious, you have to die first to get it.
    'MURICA !!!

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    Ebon Shadow

    I doubt this amendment will go anywhere with corporation owned politicians in the seats. Most democrats will be just as bad as republicans on this issue.

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    Robert Barth

    This is what the people want. We the people doesn't seem to work anymore. So what's the point of standing for the American flag when our politicians shit all over it, when they do what's in there best interest and not the people's.

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    Aquatic Borealis

    The way you really pull the rug out from underneath money in politics:

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    Airik Luna

    The irony here is that Donny Diapers filled the swamp till it was overflowing which in turn brought attention to thee situation and is allowing us to now clean the swamp. So he actually is keeping a promise in an bass ackwards sort of way…
    P.S. the slats on the wall are ment for firearms. If they were protecting against drugs then why leave slats for them to pass drugs through? It is to slow them down while being fired upon… The GOP got the yearly threat assessment, they know climate change is real. They also know a mass migration will happen within a decade and the wall completion fits that time line.

  49. Post

    ??? I didn't know that overturning Citizens United was a partisan issue. I think if you talked to any regular guy (i.e. not a federal politician), they would be for campaign finance reform. The only resistance you would get is over exactly how that reform should be done.

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    John B

    Constitutional amendments require the states to ratify. Good luck getting red states on board.
    Am I wrong? Why did David neglect to mention this major part?

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    B.K. Mcl

    Citizens United, The Patriot Act and the list of GOP slogans goes on and on. When Obama set this in motion (Citizens United), it made me angry and made me wonder is he really a Democrat. I believe one strand of this was based on If you can't beat them join them, because the GOP has been accepting illegal funds from corporations for decades. I sincerely hope Citizens United is taken down, and the Patriot Act as well. They have nothing to do with the people of our country, and I resent slogans that make it sound as if we are included.

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    Christopher Elliott

    IMHO, one of the fundamental problems that allowed Citizens United to exist at all is the concept that money is equivalent to speech. Money isn't speech. A stack of $100 bills is not a message. An opinion piece is speech and that is what should be protected by free speech. All the stack of $100 bills does is allow more avenues of disseminating that opinion piece. Therefore those authors of opinion pieces who don't have access to a stack of $100 bills are disenfranchised from disseminating their free speech. Campaign spending should be tracked and regulated to reduce (never going to eliminate) the disenfranchisement of the voices who don't have access to buckets of money. A free and open internet should be available to help reduce the disenfranchisement of those same voices who can't afford other media outlets.

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    Evan Roberts

    Well, that isn't going to work, is it? What will happen is what happens now, only on a bigger scale. Company A makes 10 umbrella companies and donates 11 times.

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    Tim Kaldahl

    If you can't legally cast a ballot you should not be able to donate money to a political campaign. And if corporations are indeed persons, they should have to pay personal income taxes.

  61. Post

    Citizens United was a hallmark example of the extent of just how corrupted our system has become. Did someone ACTUALLY need to argue that money does not equal free speech? It's WAY too obvious, that money is not itself free speech but a means of limiting free speech. If you have to spend money to speak your mind, then it's not free. And yet, our illustrious Supreme Court decided the opposite along party lines. Greed was given preference over rights and it screwed everyone. Oh, the Republicans think they won, but wait until it bites them in the ass and they get rabies over it. Corporations should be allowed to exist, but they shouldn't be allowed to choose who represents us and which rules they get to follow, and they certainly shouldn't be crafting legislation, period.

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    Matthew Huszarik

    I hope the amendment specifically states that only people have the rights bestoyed by the bill of rights and they do not apply to any other entities or organizations. Second the first amendment freedom of speech only applies to Individual expression and speech and not to the spending of money.

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    Michael Woelk has a nice overview of things that don't need federal agreement to enact that would improve things.

  66. Post

    Overturning Citizens United wont change the system, only would tell who corporations buy what politicians. There are other resolutions that allows legal bribery, ones those are overturn you can do a victory lap, not before, this is not a total win, not yet.

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    jason prevo

    Wolfpac has been trying to get a constitutional convention for years to get campaign finance reform…. I wish David would give them a shout out more often.. While we should, of course, be working on other things… Reforming campaign finance should be peoples number one issue.. Until we can reform out campaign finance laws, little else can be done in other areas thanks to the corrupting nature of money.. Focusing on CU is looking at a macro issue in a micro way… Repealing CU would be virtually pointless… We need a convention and we need to state once and for all that we will have publically funded election with leeway for individual donations with limits… anything else is a horse and pony show… David seems so sure we could get CU repealed with Dems in charge.. that is naive… CU passed in 08… right…

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    Lanzy Fabian

    Republican Senate and Republican President aren't the only roadblock. Nancy Pelosi loves her corporate PAC money as do most neolibs.

  69. Post
    Chris Moore

    @2.05 This would go no where even if the Democrats controlled every branch of government, politicians will never give up any power. They just crow about change when they are not in power, as soon as they are back in charge it becomes an afterthought. There is big money on both sides.

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    Kenny Holmes

    White house doesn't matter for an amendment. Only legislative does. two-thirds of congress and three-quarters of states.

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    Ben K

    > Democratic Reform
    > combatting Climate change
    > Universal Healthcare
    > Free Tuition/Debt Forgiveness
    > Reform SCOTUS appointments

    Those need to be the top 5 Issues democrats need to hammer for the next decade. I don’t care how they do it, but we need to push the narrative on these issues, and we need to shift the Overton window to the left on these specific issues.

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    Rick Smith

    David I think we need an independent federal police force not associated with any branch of the government so if one of the three branches let's say the fib controlled by the executive well you know the b's going on we have this dept where th white house and the congress both agree to the chief but they have to impeach to get rid and no dept can bully them

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    Rockin BoBokkin

    Too bad Mitch the Biatch will stomp it, spit on it, call the Left communists, before smacking it into the depths of hell.

  75. Post
    Rockin BoBokkin

    I disagree David. Citizen's United does need to be undone. It's a big victory that would urge more deconstruction of the grift machine. Ending the grift machine is absolutely essential to the fight for Universal Health, Climate Action, holding Fox Entertainment responsible, and for our Democracy.

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    Chad The progressive libertarian

    It’s good to get a vote on it so democrats can point out who votes it down . Now here’s the bad. The democrats will fuck this up by being weak on every level . First it’ll be by nominating Joe Biden who will take super pac money . He probably won’t even campaign on it because he’s no more then a elite Republican himself 😒

  77. Post

    One has to wonder what kind of pork is attached to this bill. There’s no way a weaselly little rat like Adam Schiff could propose a bill that was completely honest. There has to be more to the bill than what we’re seeing on the surface.

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    Jeb Kfan

    Maybe education should become number 5 of the list of meta-issues. And invisible, targetted political advertising on social media added to subpart of number 4?

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    Veronica Stewart

    If you're going to discuss the Electoral College, you might learn to pronounce Electoral correctly. The emphasis is on the second syllable, not the third. E- LEC-to-ral.

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    John Lenin

    Listen you piece of shit: you fucking fake Leftists didn’t lose because of the Electoral College. You lost because you ignored Middle America for 40 years and then elected Little Barack Sambo.

  87. Post
    John Sutherland

    Citizens United
    Corporate Lobbyists
    Electoral college
    Voter ID laws
    Any voter Disenfranchisement

    Things that need to go

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    Kevin Priest

    I doubt there are enough ethical people in Congress for this to pass. Corrupt politicians will never vote in favor of less money for themselves.

  92. Post

    Our govt is useless. Jack shit has been done an rarely will until 1 party runs all 3 congress, senate, white house, and even then they get scared about reelection and barely do shit.

  93. Post
  94. Post

    Our very unpopular candidate lost to a reality show actor. What to do? Change the rules. Very transparent, fucker.

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    Scott Baxendale

    The left needs to treat Citizens United exactly the same way the right treats the ACA, with a constant mantra of repeal and replace.

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