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Hi. I know this feels like an intro at this point because I say it so often, but I’ve been living in the UK for over five years. I say it like that because usually it has to do with the subject matter especially like the subject of this video. It makes sense, but also it is a bit of an accomplishment for me. If you’ve been watching me for over five years you’ll know it hasn’t been always just the sunshine and the rainbows, okay? Usually around February every single year without fail there’s issues with me staying in the country and it becomes stressful and I’m like “I don’t know what to do!” whether that’s a company that I work for, like, going under and me having to find a new sponsor or me having to change jobs and having to change the visa status, and it’s so stressful and ah However last year or about a year and a half ago I got a different visa and everything has been fine for the most part And I’ve just been patiently waiting to move on to the next stage of the visa process. However this February the hiccup on the road was a positive one God or rather the Queen threw me a bone: they updated the immigration law in January this year that means someone like me can apply to settle indefinitely in the UK early. *children yelling ‘yay’ sound effect*
Yay! If you’re unaware, if you’re trying to move to the UK permanently, usually you have to work for at least five years under strict visa conditions And then you can apply to settle or live indefinitely in the UK or just live for ten years in the UK Whichever one is easier or probably harder from the Home Office’s standpoint However, due to the update in immigration laws someone with my special visa status of tier one means that I can apply after only three And I’ve been working for four whoa that means I can apply early so I began to do my research on how to live in the UK permanently. Settlement is basically like the final boss for a migrant like they’ve been spending years and years battling all these baddies and visa statuses But now after five it’s time to beat the Big Man— Settlement! And the fun fact is even after you beat settlement and you get the indefinite leave to remain in the UK Which means you can live and work and play and whatever you want the UK for as long as you want without visa status You still haven’t finished yet because you don’t even know the final bosses final form that’s citizenship That’s where I have to get on my knee, and I have to pledge allegiance to the Queen You know that’s an actual thing like I have to say I will save her. I will keep her safe She’s got my allegiance man, which is really cool when you think about it but also like wow, that’s That is a big commitment like that’s not just you know writing something on a paper like “yeah sure I want to be British” That is a— that is a full commitment, and I’m excited to eventually get to that stage Which if you subscribe to me still, I’ll probably update you on that In, like, what, a year and a half or so provided nothing else goes wrong. However indefinitely to remain. That’s what i’m going for now I’m doing a lot of paperwork I had to read an 86 page document and fill it out and go to a solicitor and all the other fun stuff But the one thing that’s unanimous across countries is when it comes to migrants is the knowledge test the test that shows Do you really know where you want to live? Is this really where you want to go? You got to do a lot of memorization, okay, a lot of memorization I have made videos about the citizenship test in the past most of them have been comical for instance I made a video on Chai’s channel like a year or two ago…”American takes the British citizenship test” I mean it was just a joke it wasn’t real his questions were things like who are the Spice Girls? And I’m like I don’t know posh, baby. Sex. I don’t know okay, that’s not really that relevant. However, this one is legit Okay, #notclickbait, I’m about to take an actual practice exam. Am I gonna take this with low effort? Absolutely not. I take this very seriously. This is my livelihood I’m very excited to eventually become a citizen of the UK and so if you’re unaware the citizenship test is based on a book called Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents… third edition! From the home office now I have read this book thoroughly during my commutes And I’m halfway through reading it a second time before finishing it the second time I decided Why don’t I take a practice exam for you too? Now before you go running out to your nearest Waterstones to pick up your copy of Life in the UK, I’m gonna spoil it for you I really don’t think you should read it unless you are legally obliged to. It’s not the best book But it is interesting. Some points I like, some points. I disliked. For instance, the book starts off in the Stone Ages. …What? It’d talk about hunter-gatherers and long houses and…you know, I learned about this in fourth grade. I never thought I’d have to learn it again I guess maybe I’m taking my education for granted And there’s some countries that wouldn’t learn about the basics of, like, human life on earth? Who knows? Maybe I can also say the continuity is good, okay They’re like, you know, you started out in the huts, and now we got kings and queens battling. That’s cool. I love history by the way And I do understand if you’re moving to a country you should know all the history so I very much appreciated like War of the Roses, William the Conqueror, like, King George, King Henry VIII, all that cool stuff Yeah, it’s memorizing facts and dates and things, but I quite enjoyed it. I quite enjoyed that a lot There are some other cool things I found in the book such as the chapter on The Shadow Council. The party that has the most seats in parliament is declared the winner and then they set up a prime minister, you know, secretary of defense, secretary of education, but what you may not know is that the losing party also has their own councils: secretary of defence, secretary— except. They’re the shadow. The Shadow Council, There’s a shadow secretary. There’s a shadow Prime Minister. Ooh! That just sounds really nefarious. That’s so cool I never learned about that ever and now I’m gonna be thinking about, like, Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehog, you know, in Parliament now “You’ll never get my Chaos Emeralds! I’m the fastest!” That’s basically how the government works You can really tell the age of the author of this book though as so much of this is written as Someone who’s not even British just kind of looking in to their own culture Maybe was written that way on purpose for people of other cultures, but the way it talked about social media Which was just very foreign which was like some people in the UK enjoy social media They use Twitter that use Facebook to catch up with their friends Okay Sure the strange portable talks about Entertainment in the UK how do British people stay entertained well in Britain they go out to places called night clubs(!) Which are primarily open at night(!) I kid you not that was in the book, and I I was just marveling that like oh night clubs are open at night I really hope that’s on the test because I’m gonna ace that okay. I’m gonna be like my clubs at night. What is it? it’s a club
whispers: at night lot of the stuff in the book did seem like nonsense to me and stuff that I really shouldn’t have to know such as famous British painters in the eighteen and nineteen hundreds sure and also famous film directors from England from like the 1930s Why what what is that what I doubt? 99% of the British population could name me at least two of these painters that I have to memorize But if that’s on the test and we see this going forward I’m gonna fail that bit. Okay. Cut me some slack, now without further ado I am going to take the test right now and just so you’re aware I passed this test if I get 18 out of 24 of the questions right or more Let’s see how I can do if you want to play along please in the comments leave me how many you got right? Let’s go question number one. Who is Queen Elizabeth Two married to I could have said “Queen Elizabeth the Second” I’m fairly certain Queen Elizabeth the second is our current queen and I do not know much about the marital affairs of the currents a family and others princes and kings I should know this more in detail, but I’m pretty certain out of these options. It’s Philip. I just feel like Philip is Is the current husband right we’re gonna click that I don’t know if it’s going to move on to the next question I clicked it yes, Philip. Oh Philip was right boom What is not a fundamental principle of British life driving a car looking after the environment? Treating others with fairness or looking after yourself and your family Driving a car is not a fundamental principle principle of British life no one in London has a car. Let’s just go with driving a car boom two for two folks I hope you’re following along. This – this is a lot easier than I thought it was gonna be. Which flower is associated with England? the Shamrock, the thistle, the rose, or the daffodil? boy I feel like I’m one who wants to be a millionaire, and I’ve done a stacked deck And I’ve read the answer, so we’re gonna go with a rose *DING*
*excited noise* When is st. David’s Day? now I know That st. George is the patron saint of England and I know that st. David I’m fairly certain is the patron saint of Wales with the ole Andrew up in Scotland and St. Paddy Patrick coming up on the 17th of March Oh, ho that’s that option obviously not the 17th, but the 1st of March st. David’s BOOM Representing Wales ok. Wales part of the UK. Thank you for the answer Let’s go which of the following is part of the UK know this ok I was laughing, but we got Wales. Yes the answer is Wales. Let’s just Canada?! Canada’s my favorite part of the UK (/sarcasm) Channel Islands I believe I believe That some of these options are part of what used to be the Empire You know which which is now part of the Commonwealth, but Wales that’s part of the UK I really thought this was gonna be harder ok this content was supposed to be Challenging such as the che one with the Spice Girls, but we’ll move on. Where was Robert Burns from? here we go I don’t know who this is Wales, Northern Ireland Scotland or England I’m gonna go with Scotland because old Robbie Burns sounds like a good Scottish name *DING*
oh boy *clapping* We’re just We’re doing ok when did the first Christian communities up here in Britain 3rd and 4th centuries first a second century is 4th and 5th? Oh my god, 2nd 3rd. This is such a rough question They’re all so close to each other ok so ideally you know Jesus time was you know first century I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be second and third it could be third and fourth But I’m gonna go with second and third I think it took a bit of time to get to the UK I’m not really certain on this one. *BUZZ* Oh third and fourth *clap* Rookie mistake okay next which to our British overseas territories do we have the Falkland Islands, Hawaii pfft Ireland or st. Helena now I know that Hawaii is a US state so that’s obviously not it now. I have to just pick two of these Ireland is not an overseas territory I’m pretty sure that’s quite offensive as an answer, so I’m going to pick the Falkland Islands and st. Helena check it *DING*
BOOM pshh pshh pshh No dabbing in the UK sorry what palace was a cast-iron and plate-glass building originally erected in Hyde Park London England to house the Great Exhibition of 1851 okay, we have the gold Palace the dream palace the Crystal Palace or the Great Palace now I know that Crystal Palace is a stop on the Underground and it’s nowhere near Hyde Park It’s quite south and you don’t want to go there I believe that was for a different type of exhibition don’t really think that’s it unless it was erected in Hyde Park And then they moved it to the current location, but pretty sure that’s not it I do not know the answer this I’m gonna be very honest I’m gonna go with the Great Palace because golden dream sound a bit fake *BUZZ* Oh God It was Crystal Palace Wow so it was built in Hyde Park That’s really annoying because the Crystal Palace is the only one that I recognized out of these so my mistake Didn’t know it was erected in Hyde Park, though I learned something today should have known who was the first Briton to win the Olympic gold medal in 10,000 meters? oh God I was really cocky at first. I don’t know what I was thinking David Weir, Mo Farah, Sir Chris Hoy or Bradley Wiggins now Wiggins is a lovely British name I’m not gonna mock the Wiggins however, Sir Chris Hoy He’s got Sir there, and I feel like if you were the first person to win an Olympic gold medal in 10,000 meters You’re gonna be a sir right you’re gonna be knighted. I’m gonna go with the Sir option If you knew this don’t lie to me okay, you tell me what you’re picking in the comments for this one this one’s difficult Sir Chris Hoy *BUZZ* Oh its Mo Farah I was so far away from the crowd dancer I wasn’t it was right there gosh dang it Mo Farah Making Mo/more mistakes. Let’s go which two British norm actors have recently won Oscars this should be easy For someone that cares about film. I don’t really uh Colin Firth He’s a good one Tilda Swinton, Leonardo DiCaprio -didn’t know he was British- Jackie Stewart don’t know who that is so I got a pic – I’m definitely picking Colin Firth we’re gonna throw him in there and The next one for me is a toss-up. I’m really I’m gonna be honest see the Jackie Stewart or Tilda Swinton I can’t believe that this is this is the test but we’re gonna do it I don’t know I’ve never heard of any of these to any of these names besides, Leonardo. I’m gonna go with Tilda. Oh Boy, thank God I was getting real scared who built the Tower of London? Londoners Obviously options Henry the eighth Henry the seventh William the Conqueror or Oliver Cromwell. I don’t think it’s Cromwell I’m gonna put that out there. I know some things about Cromwell. I don’t think he built this I Don’t think it’s Henry the eighth I know he used it a lot so which makes me think either William the Conqueror who denominator with Henry this the seventh Not doing good folks at this point. We’ve got eight correct, and we’ve got four incorrect I’m still two for one, but that’s not good enough. Okay. We we need to step up the pace. Where is Cenotaph located skyrim what Trafalgar Square Dorset white Paul or Wiltshire Yanks Cenotaph is definitely not survivable square I it can’t be it can’t be that’s London Dorset beautiful area is that where the Cenotaph is Whitehall? I don’t think Jack has anything to do with Cenotaph, and then we have Wiltshire I’m gonna think it’s either Dorset or Wiltshire process of elimination here I Feel like Dorset needs more love it’s gonna. Be well sure isn’t it mmm. Oh. It’s white all Yes, okay, this is actually not good obviously I’m gonna have to read this entire book again right there’s also a lot of practice quizzes, just so you’re aware There’s like eight 18 different versions of this so I’ll be doing multiple of these throughout the week just to make sure I’ve got all of the Possible answers correct, but at this point if I get one more incorrect. I think I think I fail that’s not good Roast beef is a traditional food in which country If I fail because of roast beef What? Irish people like corned beef Scott likes haggis roast beef England likes roast beef right we all like roast beef Why is it gotta be an individual country come on England? Oh, thank god. Thank you England for supporting roast beef. I was just like What a question what a beautiful question v8 in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland the Act of Union? the great union the great governments for the act for the government I’m gonna go with e to the top to the active Union or the great union it’s got to be one of those I’m gonna go with the Act of Union oh Ok ok it’s so why did I have to get somebody wrong initially? You know it’s should’ve taken my time a bit. Which charity works to preserve important buildings? The NSPCC The National Trust the Red Cross or Age UK now luckily as a youtuber every youtubers doing spawns with different charities And I’m pretty sure Luke has worked with the NSPCC. He’s my roommate the National Trust He also has worked with age UK and the Red Cross so hypothetically I should really know this answer. It’s definitely not age Ok Age UK work with senior citizens and stuff Red Cross is usually for charity work when people are Disasters and need help like that, NSPCC. I think has to do with the protection of children I’m gonna go with the National Trust Thank you god save the queen everyone, god save the queen. The UK government hasn’t used the power to suspend the Northern Ireland Assembly That’s not true. That’s not true at all. Yeah. They’ve done that a couple times It’s not been the nicest thing to do What did the Chartists campaign for the right to vote for the working class the right to vote for the 21 year olds the right to vote for women or the right to vote for 18 year olds Uh, I know there was a big deal about how originally the right to vote was just for wealthy landowner I think they had to do with that one. So that’s gonna be the working class I’m just gonna go ahead and I mean honestly if I got one more wrong that wrong Anyway ok ok ok we’re we’re pulling through the skin of my teeth here when is Christmas Eve Okay, we’re just gonna give this one another 24th of December. We’re good. We’re good for that one Thank you. I appreciate this quiz. You know you got me stressing out, then we got Christmas Eve Which flag has a white cross blublack round yet again? Thank you this one I got you my boy Scotty up top Scotland Scotland’s all about the blue and the white okay We’re gonna Scottish boom don’t even have to ask many questions about that. What is the capital of England? Thank you, Queen Elizabeth. You’ve shown your grace upon me the capital of England. I think it’s London Yeah, it’s London Island, which of these is a famous classical music event in the UK Glastonbury some would call it classical music Creamfields the Proms or tea in the park now I’ve been dati in the park that is a festival that I don’t think is around anymore and it took place in Scotland That was a bit of a rave Okay, so it’s either Creamfields or the proms this is gonna be a 50/50 for me the problems I feel like I’m swinging towards the problems but Creamfields Sounds pretty clock down to the minute. This is the one I’m gonna mess up on after all the easy ones I’m gonna go with the problems Okay, okay, we can do it folks which of these UK landmarks is in Wales Loch Lomond Snowdonia the Lake District or Giant’s Causeway It’s Snowdonia. I know this no donia is a big like national park right up in North Wales. It’s beautiful It’s we’re gonna snow Tanya Folks it’s come down to this I honestly thought I’d fail as soon as I got my initial 5 wrong and here we go who appoints life peers the final question the monarch the Prime Minister the Shadow Cabinet we talked about this the shadow cabinet or the speaker Life peers now. I’m pretty sure the concept of a life peer has to do with as You’re a lord during the House of Lords you get to like an act and say this is your peer I think maybe I’m wrong editor Evan. What do you think Oh? Interesting well come down to this it’s time to answer. I wish I could phone a friend right now I don’t know if a friend could help me honestly 5050 would be my best option oh I’m gonna go with the Prime Minister. I’m gonna go with the Prime Minister Life peers are appointed by the monarch to be vice finish test oh We passed the test, I thought that was my six does my six wrong that’s 18, I guess It’s not real obviously, this is a practice test but That just shows me I need to practice a little bit more before I spend no drop 50 pounds on the test the actual test But that was an example that was a practice test. I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. Oh my gosh My heart’s pumping. I can’t believe I did it oh Okay Hopefully when I take the actual test in this month or next month. It will have a similar result Hopefully a bit higher the score Thank you very much for watch and tell me below. How you got it and subscribe to stay in touch with this journey I’ll update you like you said in a month and a half and tell you how I did oh man. This is exciting I don’t know. I’m like pumped full of energy anyway like I said, thanks for watching I’ll see you guys next time check out my last video if you want, it’s fun fun German stuff Finglas for German Yeah, hello, see you later good. Bye

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