Ancient Aliens: Aliens on the Civil War Battlefield (Season 9) | History

NARRATOR: Charleston
Harbor, South Carolina, April 12th, 1861– at 4:30 in the morning,
Confederate cannons fire on Fort Sumter. Three days later,
President Abraham Lincoln declares that an
insurrection exists and calls for 75,000 volunteers
to put down the rebellion. The American Civil
War has begun. People on both sides assumed
that there would be one great battle that would
decide everything– the winner take all. But that doesn’t happen. People actually came
out from Washington with picnic baskets and
champagne to watch the battle. NARRATOR: But this war
would be a horrible war– cost more American lives
than all other wars combined. 750,000 people, it
is now believed, perished during the war. It was not just the future
of the United States that was at stake. This was a war over different
philosophies of government, with the fate of a people
caught in the crossfire. And according to ancient
astronaut theorists, there may have been even
more at stake than we know. New York City,
April 19th, 1861– responding to President
Lincoln’s call to action, the 7th New York Militia
travels by steamboat to Annapolis, Maryland. While in route,
they witness a very strange occurrence in the sky. While these men and
sailors were on board, they saw what was described as
the moon suddenly soaring clear into the sky and around
it, clearly defined, three circles of light. Now, of course,
we know that it’s not possible for
the moon to change position in the sky that way. And looking at this
sighting as it was reported, this would have to be
classified as a UFO. If UFO sightings
represent encounters with alien spaceships,
then it seems certain that UFOs were
watching over America during the Civil War. NARRATOR: Is it possible that
the men of the 7th New York Militia really did
have an encounter with some type of
alien craft, just days after the start
of the Civil War? And if so, is it a sign
that extraterrestrials had an interest in this
turning point in our history? There’s an intriguing pattern
that we see within UFO reports, and that’s an increase in
sightings when wars break out. First World War, Second World
War, Vietnam, the Korean War– they all had their
UFO incidents. And another example is
the American Civil War. CHRIS PITTMAN: It
could be that aliens might simply be interested in
observing historical events. It’s also possible that
extraterrestrials might be trying to influence
the course of events, or simply to warn
people in some way. NARRATOR: While there were
numerous UFO sightings reported during the Civil
War, even more common are stories of soldiers
encountering strange beings on the battlefield. It happened all the
time in the Civil War that soldiers reported
seeing ghostly figures, or ghosts of famous people. Soldiers reported seeing
all kinds of strange things when the heat of battle was on. NARRATOR: Also
reported were bizarre dreams and premonitions, some
of which proved to be prophetic. One of the most notable was
published in a Kansas newspaper on March 27, 1862. According to the account,
General George B. McClellan, chief of the Union armies,
was visited in his sleep by the ghostly figure of
George Washington, who warned him that
Confederate forces were closing in on the capital. The vision, reportedly, caused
McClelland to change his plans and fend off the attack. There are many
soldiers and politicians during the Civil War
that had premonitions– premonitions of death. Nathaniel Lyons, at the
Battle of Wilson Creek, actually said,
“Today, I will die.” And he is going to be shot in
the chest during the battle, trying to rally his men. NARRATOR: But what can explain
all of these bizarre incidents? Ancient astronaut theorists
suggest that the strange dreams and UFO sightings are evidence
that extraterrestrials were, in fact, present in
America during the Civil War. DAVID CHILDRESS: It would seem
that, throughout the history of this planet, certain
civilizations and nations have been watched very carefully
by the extraterrestrials and nurtured by them. And in ancient times,
this could well have been the Egyptians, and
the Chinese, and the Sumerians. And really, in our own era, it’s
the United States of America that is the country that
these extraterrestrials are the most interested in.

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