Announcing the Schiller Institute for Integrated Science and Society

Announcing the  Schiller Institute for Integrated Science and Society

We are so excited about the Institute for
Integrated Science and Society. It’s a new way of doing research, a new way
of teaching, a new way of learning. It brings together students and faculty from
so many different disciplines. The scientists, the physicists, and chemists,
and mathematicians with engineers to collaborate to solve these enduring problems. And we’re also bringing together the Shea Center
for Entrepreneurship, and we’re trying to find things that can be brought out into the
world and create new opportunities. And that alone is exciting, but now when you
add in the humanities, you add in the English and philosophy and theology and history, you
bring on yet another perspective of what has mattered to people in all walks of life around
the world. That can be uniquely brought by all these
diverse perspectives and connected throughout the school in a way that this isn’t some institute
off on the side. It is integrated deeply within every part
of this school. What we’ve seen at Apple and I think what
BC really embraces is this integration of science and technology and humanities, to
not only ask how do we solve something, but does it matter? Will it help people? Will it change lives? And I think that’s one of the hallmarks of
what makes BC so great, service to others, and that’s what I love about Apple, that’s
what love about Boston College. What I hope for the future for the Schiller
Institute is that there’ll just be this continued history of students wanting to come to BC
to be involved in whatever the current day problem is, and just this continuous momentum
of new students coming and taking their knowledge out into the world. It’s very important to us that this institute
not only evolve in a new methodology for learning, but it tackles problems that matter to all
of us around the world, and focusing on areas such as energy, health, and the environment
are critically important to everyone. And if you add to that that this is about
how it matters in society, you can just think of the incredible opportunities passionate
students are going to have to make a difference in the world. I hope years from now, there are going to
be some amazing future world leaders who came from BC and came from this institute because
they learned the process of brining together diverse perspectives to solve important problems
that matter to people. And that will happen here at BC, and it will
continue in their lives as they graduate and move on into their careers, and they continue
to do that wherever they are, both here in Massachusetts and around the world in communities
that are desperately in need of help from all of us. So, growing up, one of our sons would always
say, “Why is it when I leave a school, it gets even better?” And I said it’s because of the experience
people have at the school that they want to make it even better. And Phillip had a great experience at BC, and
this is one of our ways of making it even better for the next generation. In the end, it’s going to create students
that are so smart and talented and driven and passionate, and all in the hopes of benefiting
mankind and being of service to others, which is the core mission of the school. So, it’s really about the core values and
missions of BC applied to science, technology, humanities, and solving problems that matter
to us all. I mean, what can’t be more exciting than that? That’s


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    I'm a doctor, I live in Venezuela I would like colaborate with you, It don't matter if I don't you not paid I only that I want is yo colaborate..

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