Anvil Hornet Heartseeker Review – A Star Citizen’s Buyer’s Guide

I’m gonna tell you everything you want
to know about the all-new anvil Hornet heartseeker and we’re starting right now welcome to a star citizens buyer’s guide
what’s up citizens this is SubliminaL here and today we’ll be discussing the
features functions and benefits of the hornet heartseeker and compare those
features amongst competing ships so you can make an informed buying decision
we’ll cover a brief overview review stack comparisons go over weapons
discuss components look at the exterior take a tour of the interior review pros
and cons and finish up with my thoughts on the ship being reviewed if this is
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the heartseeker is designed for pilots whose true love is the pulse-pounding
thrill of a harrowing dogfight Anvil’s limited edition heartseeker is the one
for the true combat diehards loaded with top-of-the-line near military spec
components and for imposing bey ring laser cannons this fierce Eradicator
homes a legendary combat proficiency of the super hornet to give you the
ultimate edge in space combat anvil aerospace is a terror based spaceship
manufacturing company providing ships for the military and regular citizens
anvil aerospace has made some of the best dogfighting shifts in the star
citizen universe the Hornet heartseeker is one of two Super Hornet variants the
base Super Hornet is also available stay tuned from our review on that at a
later date the heartseeker is currently flight ready it is not currently
available to purchase on the pledge store but when it was it sold for one
hundred and ninety five dollars on average it sells for a hundred and
ninety dollars on the gray market it is not currently available to purchase
without the UEC with that out of the way let’s see how it compares to other ships
you might be considering for comparison I have selected the following 10 ships
the Google sheets document with the data is linked in the description if this is
your first time here check the document or pause the screen for an explanation
on how I selected compare ships the heartseeker comes in at around 78
thousand kilograms it has a max crew size of two the Super Hornet series are
great to pilot fighters as a cargo capacity of 0 SC you to be expected only
one ship on this list has SCU storage it has 8000 hit points across its body it
ranks low here but it is not far from 4th place it shields can withstand over
8,600 hit points of damage it does well here has a sustain gun DPS of almost
1400 and a burst DPS of over 1500 it’s combined missile payload for under 2800
ranks in 9th place it has a fuel capacity of about 67,000 fuel units it
has a max job pitch rate of 55 degrees per second this is pretty slow but it’s
to be expected for a medium fighter as an SCM speed of 189 m/s and his top
speed of over 1,200 meters per second ranks low but is only 8 meters per
second away from first place its quantum drive has 47 mega meters per second
quantum speed so travel from $4 our chart fork will take you about 14
minutes and 59 seconds it has a QT range of 60 Giga meters so it can travel from
$4 R to arccorp 1.4 times before needing to refuel let’s talk about its firepower
hold the firepower the heartseeker packs 3 size 3 hard points and one size 5 hard
point on the nose and the wings we have one size 3 m5 a laser autocannons each
one m5 a is size 3 has 318 energy damage with 65 rpm for a total of 345 DPS and a
3200 meter range on the top it has one size 5 s5 very Punk mount this mount
holds a size 4 m6 a laser autocannon one m6 a has 555 energy damage with 56 RPM
for a total of 518 dps and a 3800 meter range for missiles the heart seeker has
two MSD 3 to 2 missile racks with two rattle or twos each rattle or twos are
sized to our infrared have a 698 mix damage a 1.2 6 second lock time and a 40
400-meter lock range this is a total of 4 missiles
for the components the standard components available in the heartseeker
are as follows it has two size one polar coolers that provide 400,000 max cooling
each one size one Sun flare powerplant with over 2300 max power generation per
second to size one for small shield generators with over 4,300 capacity each
and last but not least we have one size one eels quantum drive with a 47 mega
meter per second quantum speed and a 10 second cooldown let’s take a look at the
exterior the first thing you will notice is the new white base coat and red
accents to separate itself from the regular super horn as well as the pin-up
girl under the nose is a size 3 m5 a laser autocannon right of this is a huge
vent and retro Fester’s at the top of the heart seeker you’ll
notice the massive size 4 m6 a laser autocannon under the vents our missile
Bay’s that are hidden when the ship is off under the portside wing there is a
second n5a at the rear of the ship you’ll notice
the massive main thruster the starboard side of the heartseeker is equipped the
same as the port side now for the interior will climb into the copilot
seat first the copilot seat has two MFDs and
features an ejection system let’s step out and into the pilot seat the pilot seat has a whopping six MFDs
and a radar the pilot seat does have an ejection
feature I would say it’s pros are the amount of hardpoint is impressive for a
fighter the sizes of those hard points are great you get three size three and a
size four it co capacity is awesome the ability to bring a co-pilot in a medium
fighter is a useful and underused tactic and the copilot turret can be used while
there is no copilot its cons are low sustained DPS and burst DPS due to the
new 3.5 laser autocannon stats subpar missile payload but I think this is to
balance for the size of the hardpoints and due to the width between the two
wing guns it is possible to not be able to hit a close target with all four guns
however in the new flight model it is not wise to participate in close range
circle strafing I think the heartseeker is a great medium fighter ship it has
the ability to pack a punch unfortunately due to some changes to the
auto cannons and alpha 3.5 it has amounted to many and missile buyer
suffering from buyer’s remorse to all who feel this way I have two things to
say this is an alpha and buying a ship because of the weapons is not wise
because changes will almost certainly be made also the feedback surrounding this
nerf is negative and it could be possible that a buff is in our near
future we’ll have to reserve judgment until after 3.5 is released if this
happens the heartseeker may be the best medium fighter in the game I’ll be sure
to update the pin comment if this happens those are my thoughts what are
yours the next ship in my review series will be the misc reliant Anna I would
like to know your thoughts on it the new Hornet heartseeker and what ship you’d
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