Anvil Valkyrie – A Star Citizen’s Ship Buyer’s Guide

Anvil Valkyrie – A Star Citizen’s Ship Buyer’s Guide

I’m gonna tell you everything you want
to know about the anvil Valkyrie and we’re starting right now welcome to a
star citizen’s ship buyer’s guide what’s up citizens this is subliminal
here and today we’ll be discussing the features functions and benefits of the
anvil Valkyrie and compare those features amongst competing ships so you
can make an informed buying decision we’ll cover a brief overview review
stack comparisons go over weapons discuss components take a tour of the
ship review pros and cons and finish up with my thoughts on the ship being
reviewed just an FYI the images you’ll be seeing or of the Liberator edition of
the Valkyrie offered exclusively during a past citizen con it is the same with
an exception of the exterior color if this is our first time meeting be sure
to check out some of my other reviews in this series now let’s get to it the
Valkyrie heavy drop ship is a troop transport designed to safely deploy up
to 20 armed troops along with a single vehicle into combat zones armed with
multiple turrets and side guns it can provide heavy overwatch to deploy
troops clearing a safe landing zone it is manufactured by anvil aerospace at
arab a space ship manufacturing company providing ships for the military and
regular citizens the anvil valkyrie is currently fight ready it is not
currently available for purchase on the pledge store when it was available it
sold for three hundred and seventy-five dollars and on average sells for three
hundred and thirty seven dollars on the gray market it is not currently
available to purchase without the UEC with that out of the way let’s see how
it compares to other ships you might be considering for comparison I have
selected the following 10 ships the Google sheets document with the data is
linked in the description if this is your first time here check the
description for an explanation on how I select and compare ships the anvil
Valkyrie comes in at 75,000 kilograms it has a max crew size of seven
unfortunately its massive cargo hold does not support the transport of
standard containment units it has over 22,000 hit points across its
body one of the worst ships on this list its
shield generators can withstand almost 14,000 hit points of damage
has a sustained gun DPS of over 2000 it has a burst DPS of almost 4,000 the
anvil Valkyrie does not carry missiles its fuel capacity of 7500 fuel units is
absurd the 300 I has 8,000 fuel units for comparison it has a max shell pitch
rate of 60 degrees per second has an SCM speed of 200 meters per second
it’s 1085 meter per second top speed is at the top of this list it takes 17
point 2 5 seconds to reach that top speed it’s quantum drive has a 74 mega
meter per second quantum speed so travel from $4 r2 Hurston will take you about 7
minutes and 14 seconds it has a QT range of 107 Giga meters so it can travel from
Portales are 2 Hurston 3.3 times before needing to refuel and finally leaving
hearses atmosphere will take you about 4 minutes and 8 seconds now let’s talk
about its firepower huh hold the firepower the Valkyrie packs one size
three hardpoint with one PC to dual s3 mount with – sighs – scorpion g2 15s for
the pilot one scorpion has 30 physical damage with 900 rpm for a total of 300
dps and a 1200 meter range it has two-man turrets one at the top and the
bottom these turrets come with two size three mantis GT – 20 s the GT – 20 has
30 physical damage with a thousand rpm for a total of 500 DPS and a 1400 meter
range it has two door turrets located on the port and starboard side these
turrets come with one size one yellowjacket GT – ten each
Yellowjackets have fourteen physical damage with 800 rpm for a total of 187
DPS and a 1200 meter range and finally the Valkyrie comes with two remote
turrets for the wings these remote turrets also have one size three mantis
GT – 20 each now for the components the standard components available on the
Valkyrie are as follows it has two sides to grade C military class arctic coolers
– sighs – grade C Millett reclass Maelstrom powerplants – sighs –
grave sea military class full stop shield generators and last but not least
we have one size – Great Sea civilian class Odyssey quantum drive let’s take a
look at the interior the Valkyrie has a massive cargo hole big enough to
practically fit in Ursa rover – tumbrel cyclones – dragon flies or noxes and
even a merlin snub fighter moving on to the left we have a portside deployment
door with the GT 210 next we have the first troop bay where
we have 10 troop seats past this we have room with access to the bottom turret next we have the final troop bay with
another 10 seats and to the left we have the starboard side deployment door with
another GT 210 now let’s make our way to the ladder that’s more cleaning than my
last girlfriend to the left we have a head and further left we have a set of
bunk beds on the right we have another bed what looks like a small galley and
more beds moving on we have access to our remote turrets on the left we have
the portside remote turret access and on the right we have the starboard
side remote turret access backtracking a little we have access to
the top man turret now let’s head towards the flight deck the pilot seat comes equipped with six
MFDs and a radar the Valkyrie does not come
equipped with an ejection feature I would say its pros are a huge cargo bay
big enough to fit all of your toys enough room for all of your friends and
half the server to fit comfortably and enough guns to properly suppress the
battlefield of any ground operation its cons are a terrible fuel capacity with
fewer fuel units and a 300 I it’s amazing it can make a trip to the
surface and back the lack of energy weapons makes it hard to take down
anything with shields I would recommend adding some distortion weapons to some
of the turrets it could be a useful tactic also not having any scu for cargo
is very disappointing I think the anvil Valkyrie is a great drop ship and should
be essential to every organization after all with the current state of the PU
this game is only what we make it inter or ground screw muscies or org versus or
ground ops are a ton of fun the Valkyrie may have its pitfalls but in the end it
serves a purpose and it serves the purpose very well I’m looking forward to
reviewing its main competitor the vanguard hoplite after that a head to
head will be on the horizon Plus look at this thing Abraham Lincoln would be so
proud the next ship in my review series will be the constellation Phoenix I
would like to know your thoughts on it as well as the anvil Valkyrie down in
the comments did you like this review like it subscribe by hitting the bell
check out some of my other reviews in this series and comment what ship you
would like to see featured in the next episode of a star citizen ship buyer’s
guide until next time citizens I’ll see you in the verse you


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    What did you think of this review?
    What are your thoughts of the Valkyrie?
    What do you think of the Constellation Phoenix I'll be reviewing next?

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    Hmmm… not really sure troop transport is an easy class of ship to directly compare.

    The Hoplite is for when you're more worried about air/space forces than actual ground contact.

    The Valkyrie is great if air superiority is already yours and you need to relocate large groups of troops with a light vehicle.

    Too early to tell how the Prowler will play out.

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    Thanks! Hoplite is fun. Can't say anything bad about it, had one briefly and still thinking about buying it back. Phoenix? A collector's item. Like every connie it have exposed engines and ship itself is a huge cumbersome target for it's size. I would not take that ship anywhere outside of a safe space. A bang for the buck and little bit of everything with style if you want to trade and explore though. Just don't get into fights. It's best offence is first strike with main guns and missiles. Been multicrewing one in PvP. Distortion turrets does not help against small targets as well. It would be a danger to larger ships though if left unchecked.

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    Ramone Brown

    Another con is that in order for it to reach its full potential you need a large group, not counting the door turrets you need 4 players besides the pilot to use its full fire power.

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    Great review. Have you considered doing a video on the Retaliator? I've heard it was upgraded recently and few have an idea on what its current stats are.

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    Strider K-JIN

    Another great video. Loving the detail and did not know about the amount of guns you can control. This is almost a flying tank lol looking forward to the Phoenix!

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    Games Dean

    I like the cold hard data with good simple production quality. Best ship buyers guide on YouTube. I'll be checking out your others

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    The PC Pit

    I'd hold off until 3.5. The figures are all wrong now. Also "A large cargo bay" is misleading. It's more like a vehicle bay

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    Outstanding video, I have been watching these types of reviews for a couple of years now and this is hands down the best I've seen. It's detailed and informative and I like the comparison and the review at the end. Not sure how many of these you have but I certainly plan on viewing more.

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    Ben Schweitzer

    Fantastic Video, you really did a great job. Honestly I have a really hard time justifying the Valkyrie when they're other ships that can do a similar role, Just as well. For example for 275$ cheaper, You can pickup a Cutlass Black which, in my opinion is functionally the UH-1 Huey Helicopter of the SC universe. Of course you don't have the same levels of protection, carrying capacity as you have on the Valkyrie. But honestly, Unless you have some very serious pitched battle going on where you actually need to airlift IFV's or tanks there. I see the Cutlass Black (currently) reigning supreme. Mainly because of the side doors that allow for quick bail out in zero G and while the Valkyrie does have that, With the position of the troop bays being locked behind an Airlock, I'd argue that the advantage of the door (guns) is effectively gone. To sorta address your idea of the Vanguard Hoplite (I used to fly it quite a bit). I don't think they're a great comparison. They way I look at the Hoplite isn't really in a 'Storm the Beaches' type role where the Valkyrie would excel, but rather infiltrating a commando team over long ranges so it can Synergize with the other Vanguards. I really enjoyed the Hoplite, and think it'll be great (eventually) but with the current state of the game, It's difficult to justify 'Dropships' where you can't get out quickly. That's a serious advantage that i'll always praise the Cutlass Black for having. Between the side doors, wide landing gear profile with good ground clearance. It really lets you throw the Black in hard where as something like the Hoplite can't do that as easily. Just my few cents.

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    As a dropship the range should be minimal, as it's made to get troppes down and up from a battle, it isn't meant to be an solo ship it needs a fleet to at it's max.

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    They should have isolated the crew compartment from the cargo bay with bulheads. It's all exposed to vacuum.

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    so what does fuel mean. Anything on how fuel matters?

    Like, I hear these comparisons and all this information and all I'm thinking is: "Will there be a day when any of that means anything?"

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    Andrew Baik

    Holy crap, best ship review i’ve seen. How do you only have 1.2k subscribers? You get my like and a sub! Keep up the good work!

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    as a dropship its a big target, best used as troop/cargo transport for more "safer" zones isnt it?
    i dont remember the proper name/classification for something smaller used for quick insertions in high danger zones

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    your videos out of all sc youtuber are without question THE best! every information iu need in mostly under 10 minutes plus a compact practical fazit at the end. I love it! 🙂

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    Griffin Gaming RPG

    Let me start off saying I ALWAYS enjoy your videos! They are well produced and thought out and give details that can be understood by both the novice and veteran player. I would like to give my "opinion" regarding the Valkyrie and other ships for the most part.

    In general CIG (or Chris Roberts) has made a concerted effort to keep the ships within their roles and/or given them an "Achilles' heel". In the case of the Valkyrie, I think its deliberate that the fuel capacity is low. Much like helicopter drops their role is to get in and out safely and quickly with just enough "reserve' fuel for a little extra time. This is where ships like the Starfarer/Gemini become integral to game play on standby to refuel returning ships.

    Regarding the guns, they are ballistic for a reason… deadly hard suppression. Dropping into a battle zone and having all that lead pouring down on the enemy will be deadly to anyone approaching on foot or in a vehicle. They could have easily created a hybrid adding energy weapons but they didn't (I believe on purpose).

    Often players want a ship (or load out a ship) that does everything and has everything mostly because we've gotten use to playing solo. Chris wants us to depend on each other to accomplish many of the objectives in SC. Like in real life we have a B-1B and a B-2. Let's see how the Esperia Prowler turns out (or even the rework of the Aegis Redeemer) which may have greater fuel range but some other compromise. Time will tell!

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    John Boyd

    This makes me wanna see a Retaliator review. Those numbers in the spread sheet are brutally bad for its size in terms of turret DPS. I didn't realize it was that bad but its tankier than I thought, and it is so slow! It really looks rough on paper.

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    Valkyrie literally is the worst name for a troop transport they could have come up with. In norse mythology the Valkyries were spirits sent by Odin to guide the souls of those who died in battle to Valhalla.

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