Any Volunteers? The Risks of E-cigarettes for Young People

Any Volunteers?  The Risks of E-cigarettes for Young People

[Music begins] Researcher 1: Some say
e-cigarettes aren’t dangerous. Researcher 2: But science
shows nicotine can harm teens’ developing brains— Researcher 1: No matter
how they’re exposed. Researcher 2: Let’s do an
experiment to find out. Researcher 1: Here’s a teen who
won’t be using e-cigarettes. Researcher 2: Now, we
need one willing to risk their brain development. Researcher 1: Anyone care to
volunteer your kid? Researcher 2: Anyone? I’m Dr. Vivek Murthy,
U.S. Surgeon General. Your kids are not an experiment. Protect them from e-cigarettes. [Music ends]


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    castello west

    Teenagers will experiment! They will smoke! If you're not promoting vaping to smokers, YOU ARE PROMOTING SMOKING! Smoking for youth and all ages is at an all time low! #vaping!

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    Fr. Jack Kearney

    Of course we don't want kids vaping, but you don't help prevent that by misinformation about how vaping can help adult smokers. Vaping is an evidence-based tool for smoking cessation that doesn't use tobacco. Please check out your counterparts in England who use science here instead of politics.

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    Eugene Harris

    Is this all you got? The surgeon general's anti e cigarette announcements should be directed at kids and adolescents. For example, I am looking for something to show my son that gives more convincing evidence of the harm of e cigarettes. The videos I have seen from the surgeon general are pretty lame in this regard… and dissappointing!

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    Jesse Hook

    Oh gosh.. I hope my comment doesn't get removed for not agreeing with your fantasy.

    The description states that "science shows that nicotine can harm teens".. care to elaborate on that? Which study? How about adults, does it harm them?

    A question: A person who smokes, should continue smoking, or switch to e-cigarettes? Everyone knows NRT's only work with about 10% of people who try them.

    While I do agree, if one has never smoked, they should not start using any nicotine-products, I strongly disagree that smoking and e-cigarettes can be compared 1 on 1. There's too little incommon.

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    Nicotine, nicotine, nicotine…. The most "dangerous" thing about vaping, and the least "dangerous" thing about smoking. Nicotine in some dosages provides mild euphoria, better concentration and alertness, pain reduction, reduced anxiety, and it has some medical benefits as well. IT ISN'T CANCEROUS. Researches say that nicotine is no more harmful than coffee, why don't you start propaganda against coffee? The addiction factor is another story and could be debated. I've smoked a pack a day for over 15 years and I couldn't go through a single day without smoking cigarettes. I started vaping about 3 months ago and I've had ZERO cravings for tobacco cigarettes ever since. And now after 3 months my cardio is over the roof, I feel great, and my teeth are becoming whiter. Please talk to your friends from UK, they know what they're doing, and you don't.

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    Andrew Hart

    Given a choice between having them vape or smoke, it's no contest at all. Vaping is far safer. Quit burning and inhaling tobacco over three years now, thanks to vaping.

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    Edward Norton

    SURE I'd volunteer MY kids. I bought all 5 of my kids their e-cigs .. ALL 5 of them! They all use PG liquid which has no nicotine in it. You people kill me talking about this destroying minds. I wonder how all the scientists throughout the world that are credited with their miraculous inventions & all the praise of how great their minds were. Oddly enough they were grown up in a time when not only was smoking the norm from 9 on up but was prescribed in many cases by leading physicians!!! Amazing, simply amazing.

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    Shameful misleading propaganda. If the case against ecigs really had any merit, then they wouldn't have to resort to this nonsense. Truly shameful and misleading.

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    P H

    Maybe you guys should have a discussion with the FDA. The very government organization that allows traditional tobacco products to stay on the market. Do you know the number of people that die each year from traditional tobacco products? Yeah, it's a big number.

    I agree that underage people should neither smoke or vape. That is a message that should go out to the parents. Without proper parenting, you are fighting a losing battle.

    Vaping as opposed to traditional tobacco products? Yeah, it works and it should be noted as such.

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    Weslin Camden

    Kids shouldn't be using E-Cigs, thats a given. Smoking < Vaping < Nothing. If you want to get these points across, be real. Say how addiction is not cool (To vaping as well) or give discretion that if improperly used, battery could heat up or catch fire which kids would be more likely to cause. Don't pull this crap. "Vaping has nicotine.. Do you want your kid to be an experiment?" Thats how you plan to fight this?? Weak. In this tech. age, even kids can instantly look up facts on this stuff, so be transparent and real. You're beginning to harm your cause…

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    This Surgeon General needs to be replaced he has more harm than good!! Dr.s OATH first do no harm,, he must have missed that part!! Believe me I have my reasons!

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    Nisorgoi Sworgo

    It's laughable while they're so concerned about the effects of this particular psychoactive substance on the growing brains, they'd push stronger substances like ADHD medications or antidepressants without hesitation to kids who might not even need them.

    Many teens would volunteer for that empty seat. Teens do many risky things, just like adults, while fully knowing the downsides. Many of them are very capable of critical thinking; they just don't care, they're adventurous and daring. Nicotine MIGHT have some negative effects on the growing brains, but I'll argue that it's not THAT significant. How? Historically most smokers have started out very young and despite the nicotine consumption most of them turned out to be fine mentally. Using nicotine does not produce significant brain impairment, that's why it's been so socially acceptable despite being bad for the health.

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    allTRUisHIM beats

    Is this a joke? Wow, the surgeon general has been pulled into this battle? They are getiing more desperate and pathetic as time ticks. This is how scared the government is of losing tobacco tax revenue from traditional cigarettes that they will attack a new industry that has saved millions of lives in a shorter amount of time than they ever will – made up of primarily small businesses. Why doesn't he mention that vapor products are proven 95% healthier than traditional cigarettes by the RCP. The same organization responsible for warning us that cigarettes were linked to cancer, and guess what? We didn't believe them over fifty years ago and finally accepted their claims just 5 years after the announcement. I hope to see a result where 5 years from now Americans finally realize how groundbreaking this technology truly is – since history is always repeated – With the surgeon general basically spreading misinformation to the public, it is a far more dangerous concept than "vapor" – I think he should stop talking soon or else people are going to be negatively affected from this irresponsible message of propaganda. Honor your medical code of ethics, this is getting out of hand.

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    I can't believe how stupid this was. What about nicotine free e-smoke liquids? Liquids that have gone trough testing will only contain propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine which both are safe and flavoring if one doesn't like it au naturel. Just check that the liquids are tested and certified. Flavorings are the main concern as many of them contain chemicals that may cause harm to your health (if consumed in extreme amounts). So learn about it and vape safely. Of course kids shouldn't use these, but at least it is 99.99999% safer than tobacco. Got me off the death sticks.

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    Chain Vapor

    This entire video represents Harmful and Misleading words against a healthier alternative to smoking instead of facts that not only do not represent the truth or the studies already conducted by reputable entities but also Misleading and Harmful in a way that will affect many smokers that could potentially quit with this alternative proven to be 97% safer then smoking.

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    Newfie Vapes

    Let's see the data. If nicotine is harming teens developing brains I want to see a link to that study. No one wants to see teens vaping. But if a teen is smoking tobacco don't drive them away from a safer alternative such as vaping. Fear mongering at its best.

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    Kaelan Doel

    This is one of the most purposely misleading and quite literally coersive pieces of propoganda I have ever seen in my life. Doesn't make any point and they are using manipulative deceiving tactics to insinuate something that isn't really even a tangible point at all. And to use the name of science in vein! Shame on you

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    Gor-uv HD

    I like how it says anyone volunteer to risk brain development and pretend like no one has when you would have needed to do study's on teens vaping

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