App Notifies CPR-Trained Citizens to Emergencies Nearby: July WOW Wireless Lifesaver

John Walls: Right now via Skype we are talking with Richard Price from PulsePoint, which is a novel public safety application, that we first learned about a couple years ago
at the wireless foundation VITA dinner and since then the expansion of the utility of the application is tremendous and Richard tell
me about the progress that you’ve made with PulsePoint, first of, what it is and what you’ve done with it over the past two years. Richard Price: Alright, so the PulsePoint application is deployed by public safety
agencies in the 9-1-1 center and it allows the public safety agency to dispatch or alert CPR trained citizens, that are nearby
during cardiac arrest events so if somebody calls 9-1-1 and
reports somebody who’s unconscious unresponsive they dispatch the public safety
resources as they normally would, but at the same time the PulsePoint software
looks to see if there’s any CPR trained citizens that have downloaded the app and opted
in to be notified Essentially, people within walking
distance of the event it notifies them of the event, shows them the location
of the event in relationship to their location and also tells them where any nearby
public defibrillators are and the idea is that they can begin
CPR and get those public access defibrillators out of the cabinet and onto the patient while the crews are still en-route Walls: As I recall this started with the
San Ramon Fire Department or with the first responders in San Ramon, California and since then you’ve, you have really, in leaps and
bounds, expanded the program Price: Right the application has had a lot of
demand, which is definitely helped and forming the foundation to facilitate that we’re in more than three hundred
communities now, across eight states we’re in the United States and Canada. We’re
working with the city of Toronto right now and we have had great success
and have a number of agencies coming up in the near future here so we’re very excited about increasing our footprint and covering more people Walls: Tell me about, you’ve mentioned success stories, do you have any that you can share?
Just to give us an idea about, again the utility of this application and the huge impact its had. Well we just had one recently in Oregon, where an off-duty nurse was shopping, she had her three
children with her, was notified and then walked right around the corner had a man unconscious and she performed CPR with their children right there and
performed CPR until crews arrived and we’re seeing more of those
kinds of stories.We had another event that um…You know CPR is normally only started about twenty five percent of the time. We really haven’t moved the needle
much on CPR for cardiac arrest victims and San Ramon we’ve gone from twenty five
percent to fifty percent so that’s a substantial difference in
the likelihood that CPR will be started and we had an event where we had eight
people at the scene ready to perform CPR, so some people performing
CPR able to rotate CPR physically demanding people to meet the cruise coming in
and to go from one out of every four times to eight on one incident. It’s a lot
different with the cruise arriving to see so many responders ready to
assist encouraging other rescuers. They were actually clapping to a hundred
times a minute, the beat of CPR to encourage those other rescuers and
people certainly have more courage when there’s more people involved. You know
when you’re by yourself it’s harder and bringing more people to the scene I
think will help people have the courage to engage. Walls: Kind of gives crowd sourcing a different
meaning doesn’t it? Price: That’s exactly what we’re
doing, as you know, crowd sourcing good Samaritans and you know it’s amazing that only recently we’ve had the technology to be able to do this. People are carrying their cellular devices they are CPR trained and we add so much
more value to people who are CPR trained. We use them so much more
efficiently. Instead of them having to be in the exact right place at the exact right
time Now, because they’re carrying their devices. They only need to be nearby Walls: Richard it’s a fantastic application and
we wish you all the best and continued success and I just want to speak on behalf of the Foundation and the Executive Director Athena Polydorou that we’re very proud to be a part of PulsePoint in some small way and again we wish you all the best down the road. Price: Thank you we certainly appreciate your support and look forward to working with you in the future. Walls: Thank you.

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