Applying for US Citizenship Part 3 of 4

now that you have completed the
citizenship application you can begin preparing for the naturalization
interview let’s take a look at what you can expect
when you are invited to U.S.C.I.S. offices for your citizenship interview one asunto marina two or three please are you want to santa maria yes i am please raise your right hand do you swear to tell the truth yes i do please have a seat managed feeling horrid impassable what is your full name nicholas endemic where were you born inci do you wish to change in name today night tonight would you like your full name on your
certificate of citizenship that would be fine how did you come to this country allocation by my mother and when did you become a permit resident i have been a premier effort and fierce
january two thousand one what is your birthday i was born in june nine nineteen eighty
four how tall are you i’m five-feet exchanges when was the last time you traveled
outside the united states the last time i travel wanting two
thousand five and where did you go and we could she did you stay outside the country for
more than six months i was gone for one month what other trips to take in the last
five years i took to my trips wanted a comedian for four days and i’m not going to cheer for five
weeks what is your address i’ll a bag seventy-four fifty ridgeline
infrequently are you currently employed yes i would add pearson plumbing are you married nandi polished was your husband a u_s_ citizen not my husband was a permanent how many times if you’ve been married only one do you have children my daughter is one year old and where did she live chile sickening have you ever claimed to be a u_s_
citizen have you ever registered to vote in the
united states no ma’am do you pay your taxes yes i do have you ever been in a mental
institution have you ever been a member of the
communist party have you ever been a member of a
terrorist group since becoming a permanent resident at
you ever called yourself a non-resident on any tax return i’m sorry i’d then he appeared creative bigger question did you ever call yourself a
non-resident on your tax return no i did not have you ever committed a crime for
which you have not been arrested have you ever been convicted of a crime
are on friends have you ever going to jail have you ever been a prostitute ever had any problems with alcohol or
drugs have you ever helped anyone into the
country illegally or lied to a government official have you ever been ordered removed
excluded or deported from the united states have you ever served in the u_s_ armed
forces do you support the constitution and form
of government of the united states yet right now do you understand the profiles of
allegiance to the united states yes i did what is the oath of allegiance it means
that i am loyal to this country any film were uh… water alle fight for it if the law requires it are you willing to bear arms on behalf
of the united states neck i would if the law requires that are you willing
to perform work of national importance under civilian direction yes i would okay miss onto maria are you ready to
take the civics portion of the test yet right how many states or their in the union now if you speak eight what country did we fight during the revolutionary war we’d politicking statement white is the constitution if the supreme law ever had if both the president and vice president
died who becomes president the speaker of the house what are perfectly branches of
government the extricated paired with jessica handed to the show white is congress ice house of representatives and if any for how long do we elect each senator or four years that is incorrect it six years but you don’t have to answer them or
correctly who is the head of the executive branch
of government the president what by the first ten amendments to the
constitution calls that there are facts who said did meet liberty or didn’t do
it actually carry what is the highest court in the united
states if the prine court what kind of government does the united
states have a republic what’s special group id fleiss’s
precedent the cabinet okay that’s good i’m going to dictate
two sentences to you here is a pencil and paper please write the first sentence are you ready yes i a m okay idu light living new jersey that is correct here is the next sentence i don’t want to be eight united states that is correct congratulations you let me ask your citizenship test he
will become u_s_ citizens today please check there’s paper and make sure that will be information
is correct if he did please initial you name where indicated signed cover here to my time in this line please write your entirely name and an initial here and also here training you learn passport angry newspaper indicate that you passed your
citizenship test please complete this form also by filling in your name address and checking no in all of these boxes and then go back outside kindly in the
waiting they will pull your name in the next
hour or so and when they do please bring your green card and therefore to the window and you have a devgan and you’ll have to wait for the old thank you very much we have to pay day congratulations that when warner did not hear or
understand the question she asked the officer to repeat the
question because she did not not because she could not understand it

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