Hello? Big Bang! who is this? It’s me, Archer! Oh my god, what now? It’s my day off, Archer I’m not asking you for anything, it’s all under control here I just want to know if you can check my room for something Okay it’ll be quick, right? Yeah, yeah, but just check and see if there are some punching arrows behind the door What are punching arrows? It’s an arrow with a boxing glove on it What? An arrow with…why don’t you just punch with…okay, never mind There’s none of that here anyway, good bye. No, wait, what is there then? I don’t know, an arrow with a bag of flour… To blur the enemy’s vision… Pistol arrow… To shoot people if necessary… Target arrow? Which makes no sense and also an arrow arrow? Is this some kind of joke? No! It’s no joke, do I laugh at your ability
to destroy an army with the snap of a finger? So please don’t laugh at my
arrows! they make sense when together Oh yeah? How do you use a lighter arrow and a rag arrow together? I shoot the lighter arrow, then the finger arrow to light it at the same time I’m shooting a hand arrow, which is holding the bottle arrow What?! Meanwhile, the alcohol arrow is pouring its contents inside the bottle arrow The alcohol arrow is not inside the bottle arrow? How is that even physically
possible? Then when the hand arrow is holding the bottle arrow that now has the alcohol that the alcohol arrow poured into it the lighter arrow that was triggered by the finger arrow and we have a molotov cocktail!! Then why don’t you just get a Molotov arrow? A molotov arrow? What arrow combination could I make with that?? what can you possibly combine the finger arrow with? Well..the pistol arrow isn’t gonna shoot itself! Well there’s no punching arrow anyway.
Isn’t that what you wanted? Oh can you check the…the…closet? No wait! No, no, don’t don’t look! Just just feel with your hands do not look inside that closet Big Bang! I’m trusting you! Oh god, I think there’s an arrow…I don’t
know, I don’t think I should put my hand in there It’s kind of soft, but it’s hard at the same time Is it a vegetable arrow? Tell me there’s
a vegetable arrow and tell me this is an arrow, please! No, no, no, no, no, don’t look
Big Bang! It’s nothing, I swear, please do not
look, for the sake of our friendship You know what, I don’t want this day off anymore. I’ll be right over

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