Armed Militias Taking Trump’s Call For Civil War VERY Seriously

Armed Militias Taking Trump’s Call For Civil War VERY Seriously

Over the weekend, Donald Trump had tweeted
out a tweet from pastor Robert Jeffery’s appearing on Fox news. Here it was, it was,
….If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they will
never be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country
will never heal.” Pastor Robert Jeffress, @FoxNews
And a lot of people obviously at the time, you know, kind of freaked out about this,
Oh my God, Donald Trump’s calling for civil war, except again, and I kind of read it wrong
with the wrong inflection. Let me repeat it. “…it will cause a Civil War like fracture
in this Nation…” So even Jeffries, and I hate to even have
to kind of defend it this way, wasn’t saying there’s going to be a civil war, it’s gonna
be a civil war like fracture. And yet the country was fractured at the time. But Donald Trump has not just in this quote,
he has repeatedly warned that there would be civil war if he was impeached. This tweet in particular, just what knit. So I was content to let it go. I didn’t feel like jumping into this fray. That’s why it’s Thursday and I’m just now
talking about it because there are some new developments with this. Apparently the armed right-wing freaks in
this country don’t think it’s just an idle threat. They think it is a legitimate call to arms
by the president of the United States. Here’s what the oath keepers, the far right
militia group posted on social media. Here’s the money quote from that thread. This is the truth. This is where we are. We are on the verge of a hot civil war like
in 1859 that’s where we are and the right has zero trust or respect for anything the
left is doing. We see them as illegitimate too. Okay? All right. Maybe that’s not necessarily a call to arms. You may say, well, let me continue with their
follow-up post. The militia that’s us can be called forth
to execute the laws of the union suppressants erections and repel invasions. All he has to do is call us up. We will answer the call. The oath keepers said they are ready for a
civil war and that is why Donald Trump has repeatedly used that term when talking about
impeachment, when talking about the Mueller report, when talking about anything that may
remove him from office, he has mentioned civil war multiple different times and he knows
exactly what he’s doing and he’s getting the results that he wanted because it’s not just
the oath keepers out there. You also have the Minutemen project and the
uh, United constitutional Patriots who when Donald Trump was talking about sending troops
to the border, guests with these two groups did, they grabbed their guns against the law
by the way, and went down there to the Southern border and they were going to shoot people
as they crossed. They were there to bolster ice. Even though that that’s illegal, you can’t
actually do that. But they were ready to, they were there, they
were armed and they were ready to pull the trigger. Just like what the oath keepers are saying
today, these threats from the president cannot be taken lightly. It doesn’t matter if he’s quoting somebody
on Fox news. It doesn’t matter if the quote wasn’t actually
calling for a civil war. These groups don’t see it that way, and that’s
why this is important. That’s why I’m talking about it today, because
they are ready and they are armed and they will do anything to protect Donald Trump,
even if it means an armed insurrection here in the United States, which they claim they
want to fight against, but there is no insurrection happening. What’s happening is that we’re following the
letter of the law for once in this administration. We’re getting to the bottom of things. We’re trying to root out and stamp out and
permanently banish corruption, but that’s not how these people see it. They see it as an attack on their president
who lost the popular vote by over 3 million votes, and they will do anything to make the
Democrats pay for making their president look like the corrupt criminal that he truly is.


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    liberty son fortunate son.

    3% are with Trump .🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸my brothers in arms….🇺🇸🇺🇸 this guy dont know shit putting millitia down. U need to do more research on my brothers. Get it right buddy..🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😎😎😈😈

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    John the Average Gamer

    It will never happen because the U.S military with end it in one night also it just one rich man who didn't get want he wanted so fuck trump

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    Trump cultists are SOOO clearly nervous & butt-hurt ….
    South Park saw this coming in their movie titled…
    Fractured But Whole


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    John Smilanich

    I think you guys have it backwards, its the democrats that have antifa, blacklives matter, blackpanthers ect. All Republicans i know belive in god and fallow his laws not donald trump's. And for this clown to say that Democrats are trying to stamp out corruption tells you what an illegitimate fool he is.

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    The electoral college was created by the founding fathers in the constitution so that there would equal representation. If they didn’t more populated areas could rule over less populated areas. The fact that you are trying to get rid of the electoral college overthrow trump and enact mob rule means you are unconstitutional, a traitor to the nation and a power grabbing tyrant. We are a constitutional republic after all, not a democracy.

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    Hey IDIOT!! It's not against the law to defend our borders and our elected POTUS. You're nothing but a COWARD.

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    Steve Riedle

    You know. Us democrats have guns and know keenly how to use them. I’ll have the Cops do the shooting for me but I can defend myself as well. These trump attacker OKeepers should re-read what oath they took. It’s about Country, not Trump. USA USA USA. Trump is a commie you fools. Putin lovers just like Trump

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    Kendrick Cunningham

    When the Black Panthers wanted to protect their community they put a end to it quickly. But these malitias are allowed to stockpile weapons in train. Am I the only one that thinks that's crazy. I mean a black panther or anybody affiliated with them has never committed a mass shooting

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    mr. T

    Joe and Hillary are doing a good job of making themselves look like dumbasses, they don't need Trump's help. Quit being sore losers and making a bunch of bull shat up about him. If you could work with him instead of against hi, maybe you could get something done. There is not enough law enforcement in this entire country to stop an uprising if it comes to that.

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    We are in a war but it is a class war. It’s not liberals vs. conservatives. It’s a war against the elite class that own the 6 media conglomerates. Anyone challenging the elite class, like Bernie, is vilified.

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    Chong Dowdy

    Civer war in America why not , you must ready to fight with liberals deep state swamp food stamps leadership American are ready to fight for build walls southern bouder walls! ! It's not play games this time why not are you ready for fight civil war? ??

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    Kelli Kell

    He was lightweight threatening the country and provoking a war between the right his- base and all perceived left and the rest of the country. The man is a threat to domestic safety!! Period!

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    you know the sad part is militias actually follow the laws, its their land that immigrants cross over, and everything you mentioned they do legally. literally nobody is getting shot at, they arent fuckin dumb this dudes biased far left

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    Roha Waha

    The Facts on Guns in America , And who owns them
    The number of guns in America is estimated to be between 350 and 400 million guns.
    1. All law enforcement Federal, State , County and City own about 6 million guns
    2. All five branches of the military own about 7-8 million guns .
    3. During the Obama administration alone the American gun owners purchased 4 Trillion rounds of ammunition , it is estimated Americans store about 8 Trillion rounds of ammunition .
    4. Americans own approx . 20 million AR 15s , 7-8 million AK 47s and another 20 million semi automatic military surplus rifles.
    5. American private citizens own more firearms , than the rest of the world's militaries combined .
    6. American conservatives own approx. 330 million guns of which 45 million are semi automatic military style or military surplus rifles.
    7. America has approx. 20 million veterans " 90% of are from middle east conflicts "
    8. American conservatives could easily field a 20 million man armed force of military age , fully equipped and supplied . Current military membership is 2 million with a force of 750,000 actual combatants .

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    jossie brady

    I'm not surprised you see how Trump acts like a corrupt child his followers are no different so it's okay for them to say Obama is not a legit presidentbut we're not supposed to say that Trump is not a legitimate president that's hilarious

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    Dan Mooney

    First of all Oath keepers aren’t nutwing right wingers their merely American’s who recognize the growing socialist threat and your totally misrepresenting the militia’s. Yes we should have militia’s. You also insinuate that being right wing is somehow wacko racist. Oath Keepers are NOT a racist organization but concerned citizens that are prepared to fight for their country if need be. With the coup against our President happening right now we need many more “right wing” militia’s. Militia’s are constitutional and expressly necessary when treason is in our government. Let’s not demonize the term “right wing” it’s not a racists term that’s merely what the leftwing socialist mainstream media created to discredit the lawful and constitutional militia’s. By calling Oath Keepers right wing wackos your playing right into the lefts propaganda. The left wing groups ARE a real threat to our national security and to our communities. Oath Keepers helped maintain security and protection of property in Ferguson in 2015 and they were greatly appreciated.

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    Omg, these ridiculous morons! Will someone please just assassinate this twit (Trump) because he's bad for the world let alone the USA…. Please, he's nothing but a horrendous person calling for disgusting acts to be done! Kill the orange fuckwit!

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    Self perpetuating outcome – complaining like this about trump and his admins dog whistling, is having the EXACT same effect (right wing extremists taking up arms) on the right, only doing it amongst left leaning listeners which simply bolsters the lefts fury over losing the election (heaven forbid the DNC should ever choose a qualified, uncorrupted candidate) and subsequent urge to … ermmm… IDK…become overly litigious because they’re feelings have been hurt? Lol I don’t have any idea what lefty’s would “take up” during a civil war???

    It doesn’t matter because both sides are being played by the puppet masters in the middle who are sitting back, fat, powerful AF and happy, laughing allll the way to the bank so to speak. When you detach yourself from the matrix and take a 30K ft view upon what’s happening around the world, it’s actually quite refreshing living with the knowledge that all of this is just a charade. It’s all a game and the masses are stuck in it being moved around the board as nothing more than pawns. Detach folks! Unplug from MSM and do yourselves, and your psyches, a huge favor by doing your own research by seeking out independant voices with no skin in the game. Stop getting your programming from the elite MSM owners and their agendas.

    There is so much happening in this world that most know nothing about because if they did, everyone would unite no matter their race, religion, political affiliation, gender ID (yawn), etc…and rise up as a collective force against these asshats that control this planet! They’re all corrupt, degenerate criminals who use and abuse and then discard other human beings. The health of our species is at its lowest point since finding fire.

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    Casy Leer

    A civil war, Who vs who though, The root of all problems are freemason luciferians cults with other name's,, Where can I sign up to fight devil worshippers,, Don't lie all media's are own by Rothschild,, A known luciferian….

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    Merendo Bereglidditz

    A few nuckleheads might
    put on their cute little surplus
    uniforms and cause some
    trouble, but they will be
    vaporized in five minutes.

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    Wooden Legacy

    The way you spoke of those who are ready for a war made it seem that every person who owned a firearm and was on the right wing was ready for war, already showing that either you purposefully worded it like that to make it seem every firearm owner wants war, or you're just not that smart to look into things, either way it shows you cant really be trusted with news. As well you mentioned the popular vote and the Mueller report, the report has shown that no Russian influence occured in the elections. As well the electoral college is meant to give every state a voice, not just the one with the most numbers, making it fair for each state.

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    Tim Monroe

    Wait what? Trump is a criminal? FUCK OFF! THE Corrupt libtards are going down for years and years of corruption in Ukraine, China etc.. Lots of people going to jail from the democrats and I can't wait to see it happen, IF NOT there will be a civil war and LIBTARDS do not want that! They will be devastated!

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    A Macha

    When president breaks laws in the open and ignores the Congress completely it has already started. Civil war is coming.

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    Brutally Honest MF

    I swore to defend this country from all enemies foreign and domestic… Im no longer in the army but my oath stands. I stand ready to defend my country from any traitor attempt to remove our elected president from office. 3%er

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    scott Kelley

    Most the military and police and folks outside the big cities are conservative. If war was to break out who do you think would actualy win? Lets pray that this never happens because with a nation so divided history could easily repeat its self. Also on another note people need to reasearch whats really going on because the media has every one twisted on the truth. Do your reasearch before you make decisions not go off twisted news and social media propaganda theres deeper forces at work

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    Barry Sack

    The American Communist Party, former Democrat Party, the communist media and their brain dead zombie followers are the real enemies of this nation. Their efforts have been to, brainwash them while they are young and now they want disorder and chaos so as to drive the people into demanding order. They are fighting themselves into socialist slavery. They are doing their best to rewrite the dictionary in order to rewrite our history and the Constitution. You need only to look at what is happening to our 1st and 2nd Amendments to see what the Democrats are doing. The oath to defend the Constitution I took 47 years ago still stands. COME AND TAKE IT

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    Daniel Parks

    You liberals have no need to fear the militia but rather your government. Disagree as is your right but I implore you to pick up a BOOK.

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    rachell smith

    Try to weaponize our intelligence agencies against the people. What the fuck you think is gonna happen. Stop the impeachment crap and if you want the presidency. Take it the right way. Lefty state doing everything like new York trying to get Trump on taxes ,other states trying to keep Trump off the ballot. Idiot libtards trying to get rid of the electoral college. It's on bitches. Take note , cops and soldiers will join our side. Democrats cant win.

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    Scott Ward

    Those fat ass beer guzzling Ku Klux Klan old crapper’s will shoot each other in the foot before they defend their own side of the flag uneducated idiots

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  69. Post

    jeffress a bigot, hate monger, racist, false prophet, Jeffress hates Christians that are not followers of his bible cult. At least we won't have to look for the traitors they willl come out fight and die. A self correcting problem.

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    Russell Brill

    Their president I thought he was our president you need to think about what you're saying you might be part of the problem cuz you're stupid s*** needs to stop before something does happen

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    Roger Baxter

    The well armed militia is what keeps the government in check!! You think it’s these little groups playing war??? There are more gun owning 2nd amendment supporters in our country than there are military and all police agencies combined! If it were possible the Global elite would of taken our guns decades ago!

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    Tracey Stark

    All of them are domestic terrorist organizations. Time to raid and summarily execute all of those pieces of shit.

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    Ronald Johnson

    Donald Trump and the right-wing have a special language they talk in he'll say something just like you said there will be a civil war fracturing but really Donald Trump is calling for a real Civil War if he loses they understand his language it's a code

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    U.S. POWER!

    I don’t support any U.S. president, but I love my guns. I personally believe all of you are fuc** crazy, honestly.

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    Dejan Miljevic


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    Robert Sheehan

    Well dumbass, it was a call to action from trump… it's a call to action from the left wing looms like you …and we will save our country from socialism…and protect this country from I vader… you a lier just like the rest of them

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    Gary Burnett

    They didn't learn there lessons from the first civil war .they must have forgot they lost that war and will loose again they are not smart enough to win haven't they learned that by now that's why they need somebody else to lead them .because they never could think for themselves.

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    Anthony Cornell

    There is many more on the side of truth that also have guns, we're not going to go quietly, so.. Come on with it militias…

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    Ryan C

    A solid reason why I support the 2nd Amendment.

    Question, who is it exactly that doesn’t support it? Oh wait…never mind.

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    Roy Rodriguez

    yes there will be ..come and take it    hey retard he won the election .. get it he is the potus .. beat him in 2020 election .. that's the way its done .. if you want to change it then the civil war will start ..soap box , ballot box , ammo box .. simple win the election ..

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    jon reich

    And guess how this civil war will end…

    The same way it ended for the confederates, getting rolled by the United States military.

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    eaglefly 18

    I've allways been a proponent of the left arming themselves. The right is counting on that you aren't. Be prepared people. You never know.

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    These are the Exact same people who have been stockpiling weapons and wanting a rematch since 1865 re-enacting a war they lost🤣🤣🤣 since the last civil war they have been passing down their white sheets, their hate for people, and their guns for generations. let’s just be real there are MILLIONS of Totally batshit crazy racist, sexist, bigots who long for the days they can hang people from trees and rape and murder people with impunity that’s really what it’s all about they can sugar coat and dress it up all they want but looks and smells like a duck and plus their granddads never put his white sheets away they just been in his closet since he became a Judge

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    mad world

    Shit the government doesn't want to treat it's citizens like third world countries but if they do this it will be the last thing they ever did

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    Captain Obvious

    There are stupid people and smart people. The left says it's the right. The right says it's the left.. but ask yourself if the party you associate yourself with is being honest with you or just really good at deceiving you. I used to be a democrat along time ago back when they were for the middle class, I didn't even bother listening to what republicans had to say cause I was associated based on what served me best at the time. The older I got and more open minded I became I started listening to both sides and I became a republican almost immediately about 15 years ago. You have to listen to both sides to find out which ones are for you and which ones are using you and as long as you are biased and dont care what the other party has to say you'll always be a puppet to one party and will never know if your party is out to help you or destroy you.

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    Talon Morris

    As I read comments I see people insulting the militia men and republicans. Which is funny because America was built by a militia. The news just makes this sound way worse than it is. There is nothing g wrong with protecting our rights. There will be a civil war is the dems keep on threatening our rights

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    Impeach the only man willing to stand up to the corrupt left, intelligent. Name one heavily Democratic area that’s doing well… you can’t.

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    Mike Haas

    Lmao so this is the channel that has all the cry babies on it lol, you people believe that the police and military are going to save y'all but truth be told if you look at the real stats and not the stats you made up most of the police and military are pro second amendment and not going to enforce false laws on its own citizens. sooo all you cry baby, tide pod eating, condom snorting, don't know which bathroom to use leftist need to grow a pair and man up or get out. Feel free to comment all you want just remember I don't respect anyone who actively participates in destroying the second amendment and likely will treat your comments as such. Thanks and have a blessed day

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