Art exhibit reminiscent over Brookline senior citizens’ past

The idea of growing older can be can be frightening for some but not for the women of the Goddard House and Brookline Senior Center. There’s a beauty to growing older and that beauty shines through the photographs I feel it increased my self-esteem and my self-awareness Fifty women 65 and up participated in Laura Brody’s ‘The Reunion Project: Then I was, Now I am’, a photography and written combination that gives the ages confidence to explore their younger years to present-day I make diptychs of the pictures of the women when they were young and I make contemporary portraits and put them together and the women write for me and anonymously everything is anonymous there’s no words that are attached to any part of the project So women can write from their hearts. Over a dozen women gathered at the Goddard House to attend their 2017 Open Studio to view the portraits, engage in Q and A, and to hear about the makings of this traveling exhibition. I spent a lot of time looking at older women thinking “I would love to hear your story or experiences, I’d love to have that conversation With a couple of men also in attendance, one asked, “Why weren’t men included?” Brody said she is not against the idea but that men have a harder time opening up Retrospectively thinking about it I think men have a much harder time connecting with their inner lives and expressing themselves. 25 photos were held at the Goddard House while the others hung on the wall of the Senior Center Brody’s project is conducted nationally and she wishes to one day take her idea and camera overseas one place being Taiwan. In Brookline I’m Jatrissa Wooten.

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