Ask Baron: Why Use Dual Sticks for Star Citizen?

Ask Baron: Why Use Dual Sticks for Star Citizen?

“I use a single joystick and couldn’t imagine
what you need two for.” Okay, so, let’s try to visualize this, let’s
use our minds. I’m going to make myself a little bit bigger
for the process. No, that is the jar. It’s so big. Benny illusion ruined! I need to make that all one graphic. Okay. Aww, Brusky, one thousand, that’s ten bucks! Thank you so much I appreciate that. Thank you for the tip, you are brilliant sir. Absolutely brilliant. Okay, let’s visualize this together. Come with me on a spiritual adventure. So we have a joystick, this is my left-handed
joystick. This is what I use instead of a throttle. So, on a throttle, what you might use for
strafing is something like this HAT switch that’s on top. You press it up, you press it down, you press
it left, right, when you press a button that is not analog, what happens is you get either
a zero or a one to represent input. Meaning your thrusters are either not moving
or they are blasting as hard as they can. Okay, if you want to try to get any sort of
fine movements out of your thrusters you have to sort of rapidly tap it in order to get
the movement that you want. Instead, what I have done is I have attached
all of my thruster movements to joystick axes, which means I can get as fine a grain of control
as I want over them. So instead of just blasting off to the right
or to the left or down or up, I can just sort of slowly start sliding right, slow as I want
to, or as fast as I want to, really keep doing that, it means I can do smooth landings by
sort of strafing down very slowly and then strafing down faster. It means I can take off really well, it means
I can flow backwards really well as well, so I can maneuver my ship as precisely as
possible within the confines of Star Citizen, you’re not gonna get finer control over this. This means you get better maneuvers and stuff
over your ship as well, so I can pull off flight maneuvers that make it seem like I’m
flying decoupled, like I’m flying without any sort of flight assist, simply because
I’m transitioning between like forward and backward and side-to-side strafing so smoothly,
that you’re pulling off maneuvers that it’s impossible to do otherwise. It’s great control. So, the advantage of a joystick or a HOTAS
over mouse and keyboard is you get more control over your vessel. You’ve gotta maximize that if you want to
make up for lack of mouse aiming, which is a real hindrance when you’re flying head on. So the best way that you fight a mouse user
is to be as maneuverable as possible and stay out of their line of sight while being super
accurate with your joystick as well to try to bring your heavier weapons, your heavier,
non-gimbaled weapons to bear and try to fight that way. So, it’s different schools of thought, but
that’s the idea. Also it’s a lot more immersive, it’s more
fun I think, to have two joysticks. I was a big HOTAS guy for a long time, I used
a Warthog and I couldn’t imagine any sort of reason why anyone would want to use dual
stick, and then I actually tried it one day because the T16000M was on sale and I thought
“What the hell, I’ll make a video on it or something, we’ll just use it.” And I haven’t gone back since, because it’s
that big of a difference, it’s really good. It’s kind of like flying without TrackIR vs
flying with TrackIR, once you get to try it out, you never go back.


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    L.S. Don

    i use an x-56 rhino to play sc so i can see where he is coming from as both my throttle and my stick each have an analog stick i have assigned my translation movements to though i would like to point out that having easy access to and use of throttle management is as nearly as invaluable as smooth translations i most commonly fly my M50 Interceptor which relies on both smooth translations as well as steady throttle management

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    Gustavo dias okagawa

    Joystick on the left hand and mouse on the left with ginbals weapon, all the same weapon for maximum aim! Unbeatable in arena commander, talking from experience here… Add Razory84 to friendlist if you are dual stick or hottas and want to test your skills against pure aiming skills! See you in the verse!

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    Great video. I have a question though. I have an X52 Pro HOTAS setup, but the USB cable is coming from the throttle and there isn't one from the stick. You connect the stick to the throttle via a round serial cable. Is there an adapter for the round serial cable to USB adapter you know of that would allow me to use the X52 stick as my right hand stick? I love the stick, but the Throttle being required for the stick to function messes it all up. (Not to mention not being able to plug the stick in separately via USB.

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    great vid, so what joystick out there now is the best for space sims? Saitek is in a bad place atm with the take over by Logitech, there doesn't seem to be any high end stick geared to space sims with twist, the warthog and gladiator pro don't have twist correct? I wish we had a x52 pro built with the level the Warthog is T_T

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    Cell Chaos

    been playing for two weeks, played first few days with keyboard then switched to dual stick. Never going back!

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    Legend Carisso

    Why do people say these T-16000m are so cheap? They're listed on practically every main site for about $100 – $150 a pop. : That doesn't really classify as a "less-than-$100" setup to me.

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    honestly its either keyboard and mouse or dual sticks for combat nothing gets anywhere near that. top pilots fly only like that
    with hotas people gonna suck dicks

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    General Turd

    Coming from Elite Dangerous and waiting for Star Citizen to get further along… Why duel stick over Stick+Throttle for Star Citizen? Most Elite players just map the trusting to hat or thumbstick on either the trottle or joystick.

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    I love using dual sticks, and just can't do without it anymore! Only thing I wish from SC is that I could control all my MFD's using just the joysticks(HAT Switches) like one can in Elite:Dangerous.
    Makes controlling your ship feel so much more immersive not having to switch controls.

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    I bought the T16000 FCS pack and I'm pretty happy with control as the throttle has an analogue for the left index finger and the analogue rudder paddle managed by the pinky and middle finger. But I have been wondering about the difference people experience with control using an extra stick on the left hand Vs the FCS setup ? And how to manage gimbal weapons in the middle of all of that as I have not gotten that right so far

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    Lesson learned: Annoying to go sideways full speed. I want to go slower, so i bought a $70 joystick to use instead! 😀
    Wtf, to replace a single knob for a $70 joystick is such a wa$te. Think of the homeless man, have some heart.

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    steven hunley

    i have dual t16000m and they dont work :"( many people get them to but i just cannot get them to work when i try really sucks

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