AT8020-03L Citizen Blue Angels …… DCMStore

AT8020-03L Citizen Blue Angels …… DCMStore

hello everyone again welcome to DCMStore today is up to us do the technical analysis of this
citizen model AT8020-03L this is from the line blue angels is
playing schedule is a watch has advanced super ha
technologically advanced I will move on to say the features
of the clock and as you go saying I’m going to show you in the
screen or programming because as I tell you how it is very complete if not
I want to take a long time ok the leash as we see is leather skin is in color
blue military with naval blue with a finish
beautiful the box is blue also on the back has the color
characteristic of whites They are leather we have in the box too
the symbol of blue angels we found the data have coast
I think rock as the watch’s caliber in case someone needs to look for them
the instructions online has a chronograph
greater will allow you to start working monograph and is running
normal the clock works with the upper right button and
we tell him to position himself chronograph operation this road
is the one that measures the minutes and the one below the seconds is a 21 second what
measure here again on the top
we press and it starts to work that is our schedule here we see
how are the seconds progressing and here is the mind twentieth part of each
second obviously here are the minutes I’m going to let it work like this so that
move forward and now we stop the chronograph while I continue explaining that other
which are this clock also counts with a ruler and with a slide rule
internal if we can see here and that with this button we can obviously this is the calculation for
pilots can not measure consumption of fuel make gallons gallons
miles in miles and here come some of that data but with the characteristics of the crystal
it’s sapphire anti reflective is the best there is no
you will never scratch this it’s an eco drive because it’s marked
drive comes marked with a resistance 200 meters
with water which is enough to the functionality of this watch
the radio controlled remember that
citizen manages five radio antennas control worldwide and the one that is
here in north america is in fort collins colorado covers all of mexico
covers all of us and all of canada South American covers it more however
the clock can be programmed manually or When they have a trip to this area,
what he does is every day to two o’clock in the morning he looks for the signal to
do a time update on precise shape with the atomic clock that
is the function of the controlled radio another very advanced feature too
is the perpetual calendar that means or some people
who do not know it is that once programming the calendar for example
here the date the clock will know if it is February
then when February has 28 days at next first of March is not going to
follow 28 29 30 32 jump from 28 to first of sea obviously also take
account for leap years on this part we can also see the
days of the week Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday with the initials but in
English for example here the chronograph will stop that is to say
if the indicator of the program is working but here
the indicator of the seconds of the 20 parts of
there for we activate the chrono again
chronometer and it’s still working
house the clock if the stopwatch you want to leave it five or
ten minutes the clock makes rest this hand that goes at a speed
Barbara because it does not make any sense to be
circling 6 only for but as want to still work here by
example and I’m going to tell you to go to the position
zero let’s see how it is going to the zero and the minute returns to the
position the trade timer is ready to
use what
another functional functionalities is that it has a time zone of 26
cities what does this mean if you see here around the dial
for example around here this new york Rio de Janeiro
and if we go around we can see more countries here is tokyo and we can see all the countries that
we can adjust what does this mean
that even if he does not come to your country you have that fall into a time zone of those
for example to schedule the schedule of a country the crown is removed once
ok and here we see that the clock that is positioned in new york ‘ let’s suppose we want to take it will look for a country to sinde
here is endless australia which is positioned at number 27
how we spent it there if they are fixed is already we take out the crown a
time and we started to rotate the we have to take it
to the country that we want to locate the time zone
let’s leave the 5th that if here is Token the clock only starts to
be scheduled to look for the schedule of tokyo It also has on the cover the
energy reserve indicator that is what do you see here of these four lines
They are three white and one yellow right now I put a functionality, we said that
the days of the week are marked here what else let’s let it finish
update to the schedule of Tokyo
to show you how you can ask him also to do can you ask
in a manual way that makes a contact with the antenna was control is with this
button and at the same time is the information of the load level of the watch to let it finish to apply his schedule in Tokyo it was very far While
so that it can be appreciated in that yellow line remember that the anti sapphire crystal
reflective who has marked a stage of their
qualities this watch for the benefits
technological It has a price ratio
with very good technology a very sold watch too let’s move on now to ask for the
load information of the flat the right lower button
they set here our day has already moved and it tells us that it’s level three loading
obviously he needs a little more exposure to light so that the clock will
reach the maximum level only after a few seconds he returns to his position
original As we ask you to update with the
king of control signal that we sting a now look for the position below
he says he is not now with the signal of the control if
we apply it let’s let it return
is in operation again and let’s apply it twice to the bottom if they are fixed to I jumped to the rx there
is doing the function of searching the signal radio wave control if
is looking to update the time it fixed on the pad also completely stop
because right now he is analyzing the wave
radio for now bring the time exact with the same atomic is to explain this watch remember that we are distributors
authorized from citizen mexico this one comes with a five-year guarantee
citizen mexico comes with its instruction in several
Languages and they come with their eco drive box that I’m going to
let me start here Please visit us at and remember to look for your Discount coupon
so that they can still achieve a better price we also remind you
that we send to all parts of the world we get customers everywhere in the
world and we have the most payment methods
worldwide insurance thank you and goodbye to all


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