Banks Too Big To Jail, Hacktivists & Citizens Not

Banks Too Big To Jail, Hacktivists & Citizens Not

jess’s apartments missing something
rather curious about the banks recently of the head of their criminal division
is labor or any drizzly told frontline and a documentary but in any given case i think uh… on in prosecutors around the
country being responsible should speak to regulators she speak
experts ’cause if i bring a case against institution a the result of bring that case to
something there’s some huge economic effectively
creates a ripple effect so the subway counterparties and other financial
institutions or other companies that had nothing to do with this are affected
badly so factor we need to know and understand so in other words they are too big a
jail uh… if i an expert comes it tim burger
and tells me i hate look this will cause a ripple effect and it will hurt the
global economy if you do the job and you’re s bankers who are criminal fraud or criminal money laundry it as a test be seated uh… that could hurt the economy so
back down do not do your job waitressing so hair colour with in for the senate
judiciary committee yesterday may ask you about that the same eric holder who
earlier was saying i can drop a drone on you for your regular citizen padhai
trials truck stinkin trials i don’t need i’m right and is executed but what does the bankers this is what
he said is that i’m concerned that the size of some of these institutions
becomes so large that it does become difficult for us to uh… to prosecute
them when we are hit with indications that give you prosecute if
you do bring a criminal charge uh… it will have a negative impact when the
national economy press given the world economy and i think that is a function of the
fact that some of these institutions have become too large and mainstream in actual senate testimony isis well you have tended to large but what
can we do so it’ll hurt the global economy so we’re not going to do our job get out of jail free card here you go
use exactly like not only do we not prosecute for pass
crimes weren’t telling you right here in public we’re not gonna prosecutor enterprise how bad i toss now do they feel same way about regular
citizens was interesting ’cause their goal was also asked about their
sports where they pursue the case against them he’d even violate the law they claim you buy a lady determine
service contract in a private contract he had that he downloaded documents too
fast you know he didn’t even make them public spoke booked his name crime was
downloading documents too fast they threatened in japan thirty five years in jail do you think that was appropriate to
turn into older uh… doesn’t try to use odd that the government would uh… indict someone for crimes that put carry penalties of up to thirty
five years in prison and million dollar fines and then offer
my three or four months prison sentence well i think that’s a good good use of
prosecutorial discretion to look at the the conduct regardless of what the statutory maximum
sworn to fashion a sentence that was consistent with but what the nature of
the the conduct was i think that what those prosecutors did in offering three
four zero two six was consistent with with that conduct three don’t consider
this a case of prosecutorial re-try misconduct no i don’t look at what necessarily was
charged as much as what was offered in terms of um… how the case might have been resolved isn’t that amazing no it was good prosecutorial discretion to charge a guy who didn’t actually
break the law with a possible thirty five-year
sentence and at the same time on the same day he
just said on wall prosecute any bankers remember hsbc did money-laundering for
the mexican drug cartels needed money laundering for al-qaeda you got a lot of rock as well as your
time bakery or free to go that is brilliant prosecutorial discretion but
if you are every citizen a new download documents all too fast
and we call you how active s all we need put you in jail for thirty
five years ways as well we probably would have put
him in for laughs well are you not merciful you see that right there is a
perfect microcosm of what’s wrong with our justice system because we don’t have
one is to polina consistent no justice for us and the bankers get what ever they want anarchic turned gel our top law
enforcement officer goes out and tells the senators of this country i will not
prosecute the buyers


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    Hopefully one day the headline will read "Humans Too Many To Jail Them All, All Laws Have Been Suspended Indefinitely"… What a laugh. When are people going to wake up and accept the it, This is the system that was created,This is Capitalism at its best, and don't take no bullshit for and answer like its and imperfect system, bullshit it just does not work, its out dated and the people deserve a new free and fair system to live under. Governments suck idk why anybody would want to be president

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    "You vote for your party and not for your country" – I really like that. It's a sentiment that marks almost all forms of democracy and/or loyalty to factions that I've seen. To be devil's advocate, would you say that this is what motivates all who follow political parties and that by doings so they believe they are serving the best interests of their country?

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    Frank Later

    Basically, the US is back to a medieval feudal system, only instead of counts and dukes they have banks and venture capitalists.

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    Eric Powers

    we will start making massive computerized banks where human interaction in money handling is eliminated

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    Excellent! Let's call it Lobby: two people working in conjunction take on the role of the corporations and the government, and two other people working in conjunction take the role of the general public. The team with the most money at the end wins! Oops…somehow I think the corporation/government team is going to win every time. Is that how the USA game is supposed to work?

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    Sean Hayes

    How does this not encourage banks to make more shitty trades that ensure they're so fragile that they'll bring down the world economy with any hiccups?

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    Angel Adriel

    Starting to sound more and more like Alex Jones every day, good, he is waking up to the Globalist agenda!

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    Angel Adriel

    This is not capitalism, this is Authoritarianism. Real capitalism is what caused this country to thrive, it means competition. The Banks want no competition, they want it all for themselves, they want to be God, but really take after Lucifer.

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    Sleepy .Time

    if i listed everything i find at fault with America in the last ten years i would fill a large size book, if i had to pick one reason it would be how we have allowed big money to take complete control of our country and how America can and will sink the global economy when our fast and loose banking practices that are held above the law

    only in America do you face less jail time or none at all if you just steal enough money

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    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Countries

    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Towns

    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Neighbourhoods

    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Schools

    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Classes

    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Sports

    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Anything

    Anti-Whites say there should be no White people

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti White.

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    Send the bankers that laundered money for cartels down to Mexico with a HD camera, and hand them over a cartel that rivals the ones they laundered for. Tell them to upload the video to blog del narco and they can keep the camera. Replace bankers with new competent ones and show all the bankers the video before they are hired. Problem solved.

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    The Nihilism Dance Machine

    Dude. Anti-racist is a codeword for not liking racism. I'm both anti-racist and white.

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    Well, there's hardly anything more stupid than your racist newspeak. It's fairly amusing to see the sudden "anti-white" spam all over the place, knowing only rasict dumbfucks like yourself would even get interested in this. I find your retarded crusade ineffective. 🙂

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    There should be no "White Countries". If a country defines itself my color of skin, it's a fucken' nazi Germany. Or it's african populism (that sometimes actually is anti-white). Both are pretty bad, I don't think you won't to copy either, even tho there's a chance Hitler is your idol.

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    Charles Henderson

    Now what the fu*k is that supposed to mean? I was telling a joke using a line from firefly. You said something totally out of context. Besides, I would never take revenge. It is not the jedi way.

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    Daniel Sullivan

    When the liberals and libertarians both realize they are on the same team on the important things (such as these banksters, wars, drone strikes, drug war etc) real progress will be made, but until then the msm will keep dividing us.

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    Cenko Lino

    As if any of those goyim slaves, aka politicians, could do jack shit to their zionist masters, who control the banks..
    America is truly a fucked up place, where a handful of elitist bankers rule over 320 million people.
    Land of the free…my ass. You guys are nothing but goyim slaves. Thank god, i live in Europe.

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    Randy Baumann

    We are Empire America your culture will adapt to serve us and our agenda. We will destroy your way of life you will be assimilated you will be leave in the one God you will go along to get along. Your lives as it has been is over Resistance is futile. If you fight back we will kill your leaders your children and after we have destroyed your way of life the reaming people will be Empire America drones this is the way of the future.

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    Devin Morgan

    monopoly laws are there to break up company's that are to big to fell to brake them into smaller company's so they can't have a financial impact of the markets so why don't we brake them up Oh yes the big company's own the government with lobbyist that bribe them yes bribe don't forget the courts gave company's the same rights as a person and a person can't give money for the senator or house for there vote but the lobbyist can now they are bribing are they not

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    I don't want to sound like the tea party insurrectionists but it will take a violent french style revolution to make changes in this nation. Income inequity is getting bigger,people in debt,the wealthy elite taking in more wealth then ever,poverty is getting worse. At some point the American people will explode in a violent spasm of rage.

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    Our current system IS a form of Capitalism. Therefore I fail to see how Capitalism is not at fault. Just like, for better or worse, Socialism bears some responsibility for creations like the Soviet Union even though it was arguably a bastardized form of Socialism.

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    Waz ramzi

    captalism is merely a free market system where entrepreneurs receive much of the profits for taking risk and innovation. Socialism fails because there is no incentive for innovation. Even Karl Marx appreciates capitalism as the most efficient and innovative system in history. Theres a reason why much of soviet union products was inferior when compred to the west. That is why when west germany was booming, east germany was crashing. Its unfettered capitalism and monopolies which is the problem.

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    Sack of shit does not even BEGIN to cover it. We're back to feudalism. He angered the nobility, so off with his head. But the masters will not be jailed. Economy has ALREADY failed. It only benefits the masters. There is now no rule of law. So they wont jail themselves to preserve a system which benefits only them. So they're above the law. NO RULE OF LAW! Not just no democracy, NO RULE OF LAW! And when I try to get my friends into TYT they say Cenk is too aggressive! Why is no-one else angry?!

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    loc zaтorι

    @awakenedblckteen1991 There have been stories reported that National Security has been preparing their officers for that day—widescale civil unrest.

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    Systemic fraud will be unsustainable for the long term. Look forward to another bankster bailout. I doubt the public treasury will ever recover in the next round of free money to the rich. Goodbye America. The leeches sucked her dry.

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    Capitalism and "free markets" are 2 different things. A capitalist system does not have to be a "free market" and a "free market" doesn't have to be capitalist.

    "there is no incentive for innovation:

    Of course there is – to keep improving your own quality of life and making production more efficient or easy. The same as there always is.

    Soviet products were inferior to Western products because the Soviet govt discouraged using some new types of technology and focused on quantity.

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    "why when west germany was booming, east germany was crashing"

    So why is America, the most capitalistic country of the West, crashing while the more socialistic countries of the West such as Canada, Australia and Scandinavia are fine?

    "Its unfettered capitalism and monopolies which are the problem"

    The problem is these things are encouraged or not seen as a problem by most capitalist "free market" enthusiasts. Capitalist "free marketers" see unfettered capitalism as a good thing.

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    And believe that the "free market" will magically cause monopolies to become unprofitable.

    Capitalism and State Socialism are both naive and unrealistic philosophies IMO.

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    Waz ramzi

    Monopolies are usually as a result state not exercising competition laws the fact that people are generally stupid enough to buy things big corps and while not supporting local indie. They become so large that they start to inflate their prices and because of branding are able to maintain a fan base despite being overpriced. And example is Apple where their products are considered overpriced relative to their competitors but because of PR, they command a large margin of the personal tech market

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    Agree whole-heartedly, but the problem is most capitalists who are "free market" enthusiasts believe that competition laws are anti-laissez faire. They have faith that the Invisible Hand will work everything out and naturally drive monopolies out of business. They would accuse you of supporting "fuzzy socialist" ideas and argue that laws to curtail monopolies interfere in the free market and create monopolies.

    Not that I agree with them but they would accuse you of being anti-free market.

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    Rule of law in US is selective. It doesn't apply to everyone. Politicians are excluded, corporations are excluded, and rich are excluded.

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    Waz ramzi

    hah sure, but the same capitalist would not complain after recieving billions of dollars worth of bailouts and subsidies. Capitalists are very much in it for themselves, they would use neolib/socialism to get what they want, while brainwashing the populace into thinking a lil bit of socialism would destroy America. This is why i said most people are too stupid to see thru the hypocrisy.

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    Waz ramzi

    If the elite were recieving bailouts from tax payers, it would be called protecting America's future, if the American public were to be protected by competition law and more stringent environmental and food regulation , it would be called communism. In conclusion, most of America is too brain dead to see the blatant hypocrisy and the subversion of their democracies by corporations looking for loopholes and profits. Neo feudalism is here

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    So America can't prosecute the bankers because it might affect the economy but they can use drones on people without any trial….
    I think the latter might solve the former.

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    Wolf AU

    My view is that an independent group should look at each of the major banks, see what the consequences would be if they were to be sanctioned or jailed, and if the result would be catastrophic, they need to be forced to break up.
    To big to fail/jail = too big.
    As an aside, I find it amusing how much many republicans love the idea of free market and view it as near infallable, yet despise the concept of natural selection and survival of the fittest (which are exactly what the free market is).

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    Holding criminal bankers legally responsible for the crimes they have committed will destroy the economy?

    How's that Eric Holder? Where is your rationale for that?
    Where is your rationale for leting HSBC off the hook for MONEY LAUNDERING drug money while you insist on sending private ziticens to private prison for possession of weed?

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    As soon as you say a company is so large that it can't be prosecuted without significant international economic impact that is when it is time to make some new Anti-trust laws and break those companies down to a size that can be prosecuted!

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    dick dickerson

    no that's wrong completely wrong, Iceland got over it!!!!! what he is saying there is the bankers might retaliate over breaking away from there power!!! get it right.

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    Ryan Notyourbusiness

    Ok, so you are doing these illegal things for the greater good, so you say or seem to think. That's fine, whatever, you have the money. Just don't send me to jail for violating bullshit rules that can't stand up to a good debate. If you get to rake in billions and billions under the table and you feel you are doing the right thing, fine, but let us be potheads or gay or poor or black. You know who else is two big to jail? Half of the U.S.! See amendments 2,4,5,6,8,24,26

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    If that's true, then it needs to happen so that EVERYONE can see why letting it get to this point was a bad idea.

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    Expert…Tim Geithner…HAHAHA. More like a man whose opinion can be purchased and modified to work with the bankers.

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    Im guessing what all this means is that banks are floating this country on money obtained through about….98% dishonest means. and if they brought it to light (sure we would have justice) but our country would also fail in seconds..

    If we seek justice we pop the bubble and we go down….. if we do nothing we are back to being cattle…. a catch 22 if i have ever seen one.

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    Gary Goodman

    Banks are corporations with plenty of qualified (and maybe a tad more honest) persons ready and willing to step in to keep the institution going. Why would jailing, as we did during the Savings and Loan crisis, a few dozen corrupt executives bring down the economy?

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    Connor Flynn

    woot woot 25 million anti-communists decapitated i cant wait and im sure your morals reinforce this acts of killing people who dont agree with you.

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    Sorry I fucked up. I meant not to hope for karmic retribution in the afterlife but to seek justice in this life. I took you for a passive religious person that prays and hopes wrongdoers burn in hell while doing nothing about it.

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    Charles Henderson

    Hey dude that's a good idea. now get off of youtube and go organize in your community. I know how hard it is because I've done this before. Put your actions where your mouth is.

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    starwatcher sun

    the little people are going to have to stand up there are more of us than them

    Holder is a moron. WHAT FREAK'N PLANET did he come from

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    Brutus Kahn

    You are so unbelievably stupid. If regulated capitalism does not count as capitalism, then america is not capitalist, contemporary capitalism is vastly more complex than your twisted black and white image of it. Your point about people becoming so rich that the law can't touch them… about every member of every communist party? Rich and corrupt just like the capitalist ones, it's human nature not economic systems. And are you saying there was no poverty in the USSR? Read a book.

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    Brutus Kahn

    oh wellin that case there has never even been a communist nation and that makes you a supporter of a society written about about 180 years ago that has been attempted many times and resulted in genocide each time. I live England, where everyone pays huge tax and that means even a homeless fuckhead on the street has the guarantee to safety and healthcare. It's a shame he's there in the first place because all the systems where in place to help him. Put down the manifest, come to Europe.

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    Given that I also live in England and am faced with struggling to pay vast amounts of money for the opportunity to improve my life, I say fuck your taxes as they certainly don''t go towards helping the working class, let alone the people much more impoverished than me in this country.

    You can praise your capitalism when the companies start paying their taxes and the system actually works.

    The idea doesn't work until capitalism is thrown out of the equation. Communism is perfect without greed.

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    I'm pretty confident we'll have a communist planet in the future. People are getting angry with the divide between rich and poor. Occupy is a sign of how things are looking up.

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    right well no surprise really its not like we haven't heard about these types of things before . what does surprise me is that there are people out there that think they elect their politicians or that the politicians that are in that position have any real power . they are owned by the rich just like we all are . if you don't know that by now then you haven't been on you tube long enough .

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    why not make laws that no corporate entity can get so large that its failure would pose a risk to the rest of the economy?

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    Anti Hypocrite

    It is the same there is no justice in America with an bankers get terrace money to attack America and when the Justice Dept. encourages it that makes them terrace and traitors to America. It sounds like blame ass excuses because our Justice Dept. are just suck ups. And does the Justice Dept. think that the world economy is doing great ? Maybe someone to give the Justice Dept. a little memo that the world economy is not doing some good because of the Justice Dept.

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    Then you need someone t take the law into thr own hands hunt these Bankers Down & hang them in public talking has now become overrated

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    The documentary "The Untouchables" from PBS about this:

    "pbs . org/wgbh/pages/frontline/untouchables/"

    Enjoy being enraged.

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    actually Romney openly represents the banksters, Obama started out representing a poor district, and sold them out to the banksters that exploit them, that alone makes him worse

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    Edward Cassidy

    Hey didn't that crazy Alex Jones guy talk about all this for years. Oh that's right, he's one of them crazy conspiracy theorist. He's been telling you the banks own the world. And of course most of us didn't believe him. This proves these people are puppets to the puppet masters. Alex Jones you not so crazy after all.

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    MrCanYouDigThat T

    the democrats are crooked, the republicans are more so and these are the only two viable choices we have,.

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    The ironic thing is that the actions of these banks that are "too big to jail" is that they harm the economy more than their prosecution would.

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    1 year later and Eric holder is saying the exact opposite statement that there's no such thing as too big to jail. Let's see if he walks the talk now.

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    Matt Juve

    Can you just start calling these bankers economic terrorists like they really are? Let's see how fast the patriot act disappears when the people funding campaigns are subject to the same set of rules.

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    Felix de Villiers

    A comment of mine here has been dropped. I will repeat it here: I can't believe such info was censored.
    Comey was on the board of directors of that bamk.
    HSBC was also a sponsor of the Clinton foundation.
    FBI agents believe there was a deal between the Clintons and Loretta Lynch but since Obama has put more whistle blowers in jail then any President before him they preferred to speak anonymously. Lynch also had a job with the Clinton foundation.
    How can anyone have any faith in the American justice system when the heads of these agencies conducting these investigations are extensions of the institutions they were supposed to be investigating? This goes way beyond a conflict of interests. How can the department of justice and the FBI be expected to conduct an unbiased professional investigation knowing of the extent of this extremely incestuous relationship between the HSBC, the department of justice, the FBI and the Clintons?

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