Becoming a Global Citizen

Becoming a global citizen is not able traveling to every single country on the planet. Becoming a global citizen isn’t even an action. It’s a mindset; a mindset you and I should always have. It’s about being conscious and appreciative of cultures that are different than our own. It takes you seconds to see the differences between us and them. But the more you see and the more you learn, the more you see similarities between the vast amount of people on earth. My name is Juan Barco and I’m a Gilman Scholar in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. While working on my thesis, I’ve been able to interview a vast amount of people of low economic background. And I have to say, there’s no university curriculum that will teach you what these experiences have taught me. Learning about people’s struggles and what they’ve done to fight adversity and problems in life, really shows you the beautiful side of a person. When all materialistic things in life are lost, it’s love, it’s strength, and it’s positivity that will guide you forward, teaching you what’s truly important in life. I’ve also been able to interview local leaders; individuals like you and I who have been able to settle down roots here in Costa Rica. They’ve been working to build organizations aimed at providing health and education services, and I’ve seen the impact that that has placed on people. I’ve had the chance to be connected to nature. Although it’s hot and sweaty every time I step outside, it’s been great to admire the beautiful scenery here in Costa Rica. I’ve had the chance to eat delicious food and dance and listen to local, traditional music. It’s those things that guide you to become a global citizen and I’m glad this experience has provided just that.

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