Becoming a Mature Citizen of the World – Thomas Hübl

Becoming a Mature Citizen of the World – Thomas Hübl

What we really need in this time is people who see people who presence and people who participate in the current process. What I mean by that,
we call this social or global social witnessing – to be a witness of our time.
And the witness of our time means that I’m precisely watching my feeling awareness of being a responsible citizen of this world. When I see the current processes
and I feel whatever I feel or I’m aware of the fact that I stopped feeling, then I am very precise
with my inner state because i believe
the collective shadows – and a lot what we
see at the moment in the world is collective
unconscious dynamics that are being
surfaced strongly in order to come
into the light. And even,
however it looks like now, and it’s important
how it looks like, but it’s more important how much I can stay
in a state of responding – my response-ability, my ability to respond
to the current life circumstances. And/or I see that I
actually shut down my interior and
I cannot stay connected, or I don’t want
to stay connected, or I see how
I start resisting the current process
in the world. And I think a lot
is at stake at the moment and there are many,
many strong dynamics happening at the moment in the U.S. –
but not just in the U.S., I think for the whole world
also – crucial times for Europe and crucial times for the global community. And we always said in the courses
I think two things – that the complexity
is simplicity in the right cup. Complexity is simplicity in the appropriate cup. And whatever seems as a complex system is complex for a cup that
is too small. The complexity is simplicity
when the cup is big enough. Which means, if there’s too much water for a pipe system either there is
too much pressure in the pipe system or the pipe system breaks. If the cup is too small and there’s too much fluid it will overflow and the cup will not be able to to contain the fluid. But if the cup is big enough, if the base is big enough, the complexity of the system can be hosted and actually appears
less complex but more simple. So a lot of what we do
in the work is that when we work
on the base and on the grounding
we open the cup, we create a bigger cup, a bigger pipe system, a bigger container or base in order to hold the complexity of our life. If a company grows
very strongly and the complexity grows, but the base doesn’t grow it’s unhealthy. The base needs to grow with the growth
of the company, otherwise inside many
people will be stressed, will be burned out, will have all kinds of symptoms. I think one aspect in my own development is to see because
we are going from one big age in society into another, into a new age in our society, a lot of information comes in. This information comes
in as energy, this information comes
in as light, as a raising of vibration, but this information also
comes in through technology, through the speeding
of bits and bytes in our technological systems and in the communication and high-tech facilities and capacities that are growing very quickly, so it creates a lot of pressure onto the human system. And that happens
for individuals, that happens collectively, that happens also in many,
many structures in the world right now. So we are facing a
very strong insecurity, I believe, in our base structures because the base needs to grow. And if the base needs to grow, the tendency to
become regressive is very high. So we are facing two
levels of stress: a strong integration stress and we are facing a
strong evolutionary stress. Because there is an upgrading of information that creates a lot of pressure onto many,
many people. If people are conscious
of this process they can channel this energy through their base into the world and increase the
game board of the world. If not,
we actually become regressive and we actually go back
in space and time into functions that are prior to our current state of development. This is true for individuals but this is also true for the collective systems. We will see a strong regression. Therefore, I believe – especially the people that
can hold an inner space, that can stay grounded, that can stay in their
natural discernment, that can have a
multi-perspective inner capacity, that can stay related
to the external environment, that can practice presence and staying connected
to innovation, to have a future. I think that’s where
we need to apply all the aspects
in order to respond to the current life
circumstances from a mature self. Because if the income is threatened, if our life base is becoming
more and more insecure, if there are more
culminating factors of insecurity in the world, the first tendency is actually to regress and to try to hold onto all the functions
and structures in consciousness. The newer functions
in consciousness are less stable than the primary functions
in consciousness. So my survival instinct is much more stable than my inclusivity
and my multi-perspectivity and my second-tier
consciousness, or however we call it. The higher facilities
of my consciousness are newer in evolution but they are also less
likely to be stable. Therefore,
we need to create colonies and communities in the higher spheres in order to stabilize them, because the connection is the only thing that stabilizes it. The more fragmented
the world becomes, the more the higher
functions disintegrate into former functions. And that’s a pendulum that keeps swinging
through the ages. In thousands of years, we see the pendulum of
progress and regression, and progress and regression. The only thing that
can help us not to fall prey to
that pendulum is first of all, an inner state of presence so that I can let
this pendulum move through me, stay connected, but not be reduced to it. The second thing is that, in the moment I contract and shut down also, I also have no future. Because in this
shutdown stage, I disconnect from
the higher creativity. I actually have only the tools of my past to deal with
the current moment, and the tools of my past
just got us here. They didn’t get us further
down the road. So that means our time I think is about presence, about an alive participation that every one of us will need to become a grown up,
mature, citizen of this world. This means that
we don’t wait any more for other people, other organizations,
or other structures or governments
to take care of the stuff that we
need to take care of, but that we take – every one of us – takes care of their own script, of their own blueprint, and of their own challenges that come along our way. I don’t need to
look for work, because anyway a lot
comes along my way. And if I take care of
what I need to take care of, and if everybody
takes care of what they need to take care of, many things will be taken care of. I still believe that we
are not living in a real democracy or
whatever the system, however the system is called, that a mature self will create. I think we are not there, because there are too many
regressive tendencies. There’s too much
outward projections of energy and power, and that leads to a crystallization, an external crystallization of power that doesn’t create a
healthy system for everybody. To summarize this, when I start to become
a global social witness, to become a witness
of our time, and not continue to
perpetuate the indifference that I might be part of, and that indifference contributes to a lot of things that
actually don’t want – but actually through
my indifference, I want it. That that indifference
are unconscious spots that I don’t even need
to be aware of. Sometimes I might say
but I’m not, and I’m a very,
very conscious person, and I want to participate in the world. Yes, but in moments like now, when I really tune in
and maybe in some moments, I cannot tell what I feel. I feel dissociated. I feel stuck.
I feel stagnant. I think when we surface through an authentic… not that I should
feel something, no. If I feel numb inside, at least I’m aware that
I feel numb inside, and that the numbness
is a function, either an individual or
a collective function of consciousness that is already part of
the collective karma. I believe when we all together put more and more energy, and that’s a bigger part
of this course, when we put more
and more energy into the revelation, revealing the collective
unconscious dynamics – how we agree together as a culture to suppress some of the major traumas
and shadows of our history, and how they are still alive
in us every moment, and what kind of
effects that has. So that’s how we can, in a way dissolve this pendulum. Otherwise, energy always needs to
fulfill its birth impulse. If there is a lot of Holocaust
energy in us, it will need to fulfill
its journey. If there is a lot of racism, or slavery trauma,
or other traumas, or other big scars,
or apartheid, or the war in Syria,
or many collective scars our tissue,
the tissue of life is full of collective scars
that hurt, or sometimes even
don’t hurt anymore. That’s even worse. That because of the individual and the collective stuff, we started to build a house that we need to live in that is not healthy, and we call it culture. We think in the moment
we will get up and dismantle those functions, which is happening already now because there are more
and more people that are doing great
consciousness work all over the world, so this creates a strong
evolutionary pressure. And I believe in our times, we are living through that pressure and that it needs everyone that can stay conscious
and present in it, and also deal with the inner stuff that comes up in order to know what’s the right action
in this time.


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    Yvonne Bartfeld

    What we really need in this time is people who see, people who presence and people who participate in the current process what I mean by that is to be a witness of our time..
    "Complexity is simplicity in the right cup"

    Listening to Thomas Hübl – and replaying and replaying….
    finally a breath.
    Resonating into the breath, consciousness and the collective scarring, the pendulum swings and releases.

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    James Moore

    Thank you. Deep clarity from a fellow mature human being. Thank you for modeling and giving clear guidance in this pivotal moment.

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    Sybilla Rulf

    I find this interesting but also a bit too abstract and conceptual, not practical enough. It is what it is , but at least it is clear he cares. We sure need more of this

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    Martina Kleister

    sehr gut erklärt,und beruhigend für mich.ich spüre diese kollektive Unruhe und Unsicherheit unserer heutigen Zeit und will das verstehen,was hier vor sich geht.und da kommen nicht gerade angenehme Dinge an die Oberfläche!!Aber ich will offen sein dafür,und verstehen…nicht,wie Viele….da kann man nichts tun…das kann nicht die Antwort sein!

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    Elaine Hughes

    Krishna to his brother after losing a battle: ”In failure lies the seed of success, in sorrow lies the kernel of happiness, in defeat lies the power of victory and in delusion lies the spark of enlightenment. Do not despair.”

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    I would argue that the grounding of the higher function can only actually occur in the regressed state. That is to enter back into the world, not a spiritual community where there is immense false safety. Because as long as the regressed issues as not fully integrated, then as soon as a big challenge comes it just collapses. The issue in my view is we think that we can develop the capacity to be present in the actual world by creating a false spiritual world with other spiritual people to practice in. But actually what this does is creates the false foundation upon which our "higher" functions" are built, and therefore as soon as we hit a crisis point in actual life it makes it more likely to collapse because it was just built on fake foundations and we run back to the spiritual safe community. I say learn to be in the regressed state, and do it in the world, with all the threats society poses to you and attacks that come, and that is the quickest way to actually reach a higher functioning which is stable.

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    Joy Rigel

    Feeling this so much.  2 people have directed me to you this week so I am going to post this here and see what unfolds.  I had a vision come through me 2 years ago called Dance the New Dream.  In summary, when we combine our awareness and move together with one shared intention we create a giant force of focused energy that can infuse the energetic field or ‘interface’ of our world with a new pulse. I believe the shift in consciousness can be NOW.  We just need to realize it and sync up.  Please please view this detailed plan if you feel this at all. You can find it here.
     And connect with me if you have questions or would like to sync up.  <3 #dancethenewdream

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    mary ann carrlton

    Technology is screwing me over right now.
    I can access my email address simply yet I can’t access files on a simple basic level, so those controlling this technology is not sharing with my email address. Hhmmmmm the kindergarten child will tell me that my email is being hijacked.
    Adults that hijack other adults emails for fun have deeply troubled brains.
    I want my email to work now. Ok cosmos roll this out …..

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