Bee Colony Collapse : animated music video : MrWeebl

Bees flying around pollinating flowers
For hours and hours and hours Then it’s back to the hive
Where they’re suddenly All dead
All dead All the bees are dead
Who’s to blame for this lack of bees? It’s not going to be good for you or me
Oh no, no, no I blame Jason Statham He’s in your flower filled fields
Punching bee with his mighty mighty fists Oi!
Where’s my jam tart? Not a single bee is ever missed He’s getting into his transporter car He’s spotted the queen bee from afar
She’s flying higher and higher Statham does flips his car off a train and
a crane Flies into the queen bee
Destroys her brain Does a sweet flip
Lands on top of a plane Does a few more stunts
Calls a few bees ***** As he grind the bodies of their friends and
families to dust Sausage Nigels.

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