Berkeley students help senior citizens

Berkeley students help senior citizens

(upbeat music) We’re from the Berkeley
Student Co-Operative. We partnered with the city of Berkeley and the Chancellor’s Office at UC Berkeley to get a grant to do this Helping Seniors in their Homes project. Garden work, yard work,
painting, decluttering in their homes. Things that students are able to do, but as seniors they might
not have the physicality to do anymore. It really beats spending
the weekends in the library, you know, like actually getting out and being active and doing something good. It feels good. Being an international student, I think this adds an extra
layer to my experience, allows me to meet people I
wouldn’t normally be able to meet, and there are parts
of Berkeley, American culture that I wouldn’t be able to just see just living in a co-op. – [Zach] There’s a learning
opportunity to meet with the seniors and forge a relationship with seniors in town. It’s really a bonding experience
for everyone involved. We’ve probably served upwards
of 20-22 seniors already, and we’ve only been
fulling running the program for about a month and a half. I feel great about this. Now I can plant, which I do every year. I’ll have to stay in this
house forever, until I die. I couldn’t do it without this help. (upbeat music)


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