Bernard? Are you here? Dick? Frederick Welcome to the cave! it doesn’t look like a cave… In fact it looks a lot like a wine cellar it’s because the other place that actually looks like a cave has no air conditioning and no wine That makes sense… I’d like to show you something if you don’t mind All right, as long as you remember that I’m 14, okay? Okay, okay, I’m gonna die aren’t I? Can you do it quickly at least? No! Of course not All right, can you at least drug me first? I’m not gonna kill you! I just want to know what you think about the outfit I don’t really know the right answer Dick… Frederick I’m gonna fight crime! Okay, why are you wearing that outfit? To scare the criminals? Dressed like a rat? Does that make any sense? I’m just asking People are afraid of rats People are more afraid of needles than rats. Are you gonna dress up like a
needle? Are you going to be sarcastic? I’m just saying that whatever you plan in
your head, doesn’t work in reality People’s biggest fear is to speak in
public. Why don’t you hire some extras to go with you, so you can all be an
audience for thugs? You don’t like the outfit okay… I’m just not sure if it will have the effect you’re looking for. Are you wearing makeup? It’s not makeup, it’s ink I put on my eyes so they look dark and shaded Isn’t that makeup though?
Where did you buy this? An ink store or a makeup store? Have you seen how the mask looks without it? It’s even more ridiculous! And you have a wing too.. It’s a cape! Look forget it… I thought you think it was cool but… I just don’t’s a cape but it looks like a wing, doesn’t it? . Why would a rat have a wing? Why would a rat have a cape? And be 5 feet tall? I’m 5 3! Look, that wasn’t my point, I was just trying to make a surprise You surprised me, you did! I don’t thinkcthere’s anything you could do that could be more surprising than this. I adopted you, Dick You’re not an orphan anymore.. I understand that but why?! Why?? Because I was trying to support you! I was trying to give you a normal family Dick ! Are you aware that you’re dressed like a giant rat in a wine cellar with a fourteen-year-old boy I am aware of that Dick! Sorry… Thank you for adopting me… seriously… Whatever Dick… Um…thank you Do you… Want to see your outfit? WHAT?! you

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