Best and Worst Dressed Celebs at E! People’s Choice Awards 2019 (Dirty Laundry)

– The 2019 E’s People’s Choice Awards are going on as we speak. – Mmhmm, and you get a
little bit of everything. You get movies, you get
TV stars, you get music, and you get social stars. – Mmhmm, but above all that, we have to talk about the fashion. – Oh, yes, because this is Dirty Laundry. (smooth music) – [Woman] All right, first
up we have Tana Mongeau. – [Drew] Tana Mongeau. – [Emile] This is a mood. – [Drew] Jessica Rabbit. – [Emile] Mmhmm. – Her makeup looks amazing. I love a good red lip. – Yeah.
– She’s crushing that. Her hair looks great. – The dress is just a little meh. – Yeah.
– I don’t know. – Nothing too special. – Whatever, she looks great. This color looks amazing on her. – It’s very festive. – The lips of it all. – Mmhmm.
– Juicy. – Her makeup looks incredible. Like, she really has this look done right, because it’s not too much makeup. – It’s definitely not as
crazy as she usually does. This is actually pretty normal for her. – Until the boob grab. Tana gives a full blown Tana
Mongeau on brand boob grab. – There she is.
– Yep, there she is. I missed you, Tana.
(laughing) – Then, we got normal Tana. – She heard us in the future
talking about how, you know, sophisticated and sheik she looked. – We were like, wow, she’s grown up. You gotta stay true to who you are. – This is my favorite
version of Tana, you know? – [Madeleine] I mean,
Sam and Colby, very cool. – [Sinead] Yeah, they’re the coolest. – [Madeleine] They look like a band. – Sam and Colby. – Yo, yo, yo, yo! – Don’t ever do that again. (laughing) – It’s funny to see Tana
Mongeau and then them, because they were not going
to the same event in my mind. – Right. – [Sinead] Very much like
an emo rock band here, but I actually really like
their style in general. – [Madeleine] Totally. – [Sinead] I think it’s
very normal young guy style. – You know, I like when people show up casual to carpets like this. It was a very big mix of looks. We had people who were in gowns, and then people who were in jeans. – I feel like there’s no
rules for this carpet, though. This is one of those carpets where you don’t really have to wear any specific type of thing.
– Right. – I like that even their hair
swoops in towards each other. – Yeah.
– ‘Cause they’re like, we came together, our
hair touches at the tip. – I do kinda feel like
they’re coordinating too. Right?
– Yeah. – The darker, it’s like angels
and demons situation, right? We got the lighter look,
and the edgier contrast. – They look very trendy and cool. Even though it’s casual, you
know they worked hard on this. – Right, right. – [Madeleine] Hello, KJ! – [Sinead] KJ APA looks so good! – Is he wearing contour on his cheeks, or is his cheekbones just perfect? – I think they’re just
sculpted from the gods. – I like a dapper man. – I am here for this. – I love a good colored suit. – [Emile] Guys, especially
at these type of award shows, can have more freedom to
do whatever they want, and I like when guys take risks, because I don’t wanna see
another boring black suit. Like, give me some variety. – We see him mostly as Archie,
and even on his Instagram, he’s in like T-shirts, and sweatshirts. Obviously, we love a good ab moment, but I also love a man in a suit, and I’m not out here complaining. This is great. – Somebody did him right by telling him these colors look good on him, because he takes full advantage. – It kind of like, he has the red hair, and he’s like ombre-ing it
down with the baby pink suit. – It goes really well with his hair, his complexion.
– It does. – Everything about this is unique. You don’t see this color often. You don’t see guys trying to pull off, it’s not super bright. – I love the shoes, I love a good boot, and that color, grayish tan
boot is really in right now. – I love this color. I think it’s perfect. It’s so not fall. It doesn’t fit the season whatsoever, but I don’t even care,
because he looks great. – I don’t think anyone’s
looking at him thinking, mm, this is not seasonal, KJ. – This is not a seasonal palette. – Not seasonal, Kayge. – [Dani] David Dobrik showed
up in his regular clothes. – David just looks like he
was like, I love Chipotle. I forgot that I had the
People’s Choice Awards, and I’m here. – I don’t want you to
come to an award show, and change who you are.
– Right. – Like, sometimes, it’s
like if this is how you are, just be who you are. I love it, because when you see him, he still seems like he’s David. You don’t wanna like go to an award show, and then, all of a sudden,
they look like super stuffy, or out of character. – I agree. – I liked it. – David always dresses like this, even when he hosted
the Teen Choice Awards, he was super casual. So, I’m not super surprised, but I would love to see
him in a suit sometime. – Love his hair. What is he using? What is the curl cream that he’s using? He needs to let me know,
’cause I have a son, and we need some help
in the curl department. – I love a good disposable camera. Did you have those back in the day? – Of course. – I have so many disposable cameras that I never actually developed, and I wanna see what’s on there. – It’s very on brand for him. If he were wearing a suit, it would look like he was trying too hard. – Sure. – Instead, he showed up
on brand, in character. Is he wearing a bracelet from last night? – Is he wearing a Livestrong bracelet? Can we zoom in? – Is that like a VIP wristband
from the night before? – Yeah. – He’s starting Kabbalah. – [Dani] Doug the Pug! Okay, wait a a second. I see Doug the Pug, but I
also see a big diamond ring. Hello. – He looks great. – He looks so great. I love pugs so much. They’re so cute. – Doug the Pug really showed up. I’m sure he had a great stylist
and publicist being like, you need to look like Gaston. Let’s be real. He could show up naked, and
he’d be the best dressed. – [Drew] I wonder if he
likes wearing clothes, because my dog loves clothes. – Really?
– Yeah, she like– – ‘Cause some dogs hate it. They’ll like, tear that off. – Yeah, a lot of dogs
hate it, but she’ll like, shove her head into it
when she sees a sweater. – He looks like a middle aged man. – Literally, you took the
words out of my mouth. I was just about to say he
looks like he’s 65 years old. – This is a perfect example of why we don’t need Botox in Hollywood. The more wrinkles, the better. – Is he wearing Versace? Is that a Versace? – Tell me that’s like, a Gucci belt. – It’s gotta be Versace, Louis Vuitton. – I’m guessing that’s not from BarkBox. – I think the look could have been great without the bow tie. You have this nice gold
leash, and you have like, the gold vest, and this nice
accessory piece right here, the chain hanging, and then you
ruin it with a blue bow tie. – The blue and gold are
both very royal colors. – They are. I just don’t think it works. – What a big year for him. – Honestly. – Do you think he’s
telling all his friends? – I think he’s honestly
wondering why he’s not at home in his bed licking his butt.
– Licking his butt. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Drew] Oh, yes, Bretman. – [Emile] I like that hip hop. – [Madeleine] He really can do no wrong, because whatever he wears, you’re just like, sure! – He was nominated against
James Charles, Jeffree Star, some of the biggest, biggest
names in the beauty industry, and he came out, and he won
the People’s Choice Awards, and he is dressed like a winner. – It just shows, right? It’s not even about the clothes. It’s like, how you wear the clothes. – Yes, 100%. – First of all, his outfit’s amazing too, but he just like, stands out. – What are we dealing with here? This is a metallic snakeskin blazer. Yes, his outfit is great, but all I really wanna do is stare at his flawlessly chiseled makeup face. – Oh, my god, I know. – He’s got some almost Victoria’s
Secret makeup happening. A little white in the corner of the eyes. – Again with the eyebrows
that are like, ridiculous. What’s up with all these guys?
– It’s a great year for men’s eyebrows.
– Right? – I love whenever people do
the little highlight there. – [Sinead] And because
his outfit is so silvery, shiny, whatever, busy, the
glam and the accessories, they do a good job of
letting the clothes shine. – Sure, okay, yeah. – He’s wearing diamonds,
but it’s very elegant, and very thoughtful, you know? – Yes, I do.
– Nothing crazy, I love it. – I’m about him as a person, as well. His videos make me happy. – [Loryn] Cole Sprouse. I just love everything about him. He is like, spontaneously funny, and can wear a suit. – Okay, so Cole Sprouse
also did the pop up collar with the suit thing. I’m here for it. – Cole Sprouse has a very
unique sense of style, and I’ve always loved it, honestly, because it’s always been in my opinion, very sheik and sophisticated, but a little bit different
than anything else, than anybody else is wearing. – Are those zippers on your pant leg? What are you doing there? I don’t know, but it’s Cole Sprouse, so I’m like, oh, that must
be the cool thing to do. I like it. – [Emile] I don’t like it. – [Drew] Why? – I don’t know. The suit’s fine. I think the shirt, I’m not here for. Like, three shades of blue, and no. – It was a very interesting choice to pair the same color tie with the shirt. – Yeah, I don’t see that often. – But I like it. It’s also a very bright electric blue to be paired with the blue suit. It’s weird, but it’s great for him. – Him and KJ got together and was like, you’re not wearing a
pink salmon suit, right? ‘Cause I’m gonna wear a royal blue. They talked about it for sure. – Joey King looking like a
rainbow doily, loving it. Very shiny, very sparkly. New Year’s Eve, birthday cake. That’s where I’m going with that. – This dress, I think I
love it because it’s on her. You know?
– Yeah, I get that. – I think it looks so much
fun, the pop up color, the whole style of the dress
with her hair and the earrings. I don’t know if I would love
it on a hanger by itself, but I like it on her. – I don’t love that the
dress kinda looks like, if she turned it over, it
would be the same thing. Like, the dress is like a time turner. – Yeah, one of those– – It’s like the dress has
a bell here, and here. – It reminds me of you know,
when there’s a blooper, and you put the color bars?
– Oh, my god. – It kinda reminds me
of that in a great way. – I don’t know what it is
about the bottom of the dress that doesn’t make me as happy
as just the top of the dress. I think I like the design. I almost wish the bottom wasn’t
doing the exact same thing. – It’s not bringing you joy. – No, but the top of it’s
really, really freaking cute. – My attention keeps
getting drawn to her legs. Like, she has fantastic legs. – Good legs, good legs, good shoes. – Her hair grows very fast. – I was gonna say how the hell
did her hair grow that fast? – Do you think it’s fake? – I don’t know, but if it’s
not, what is her secret? – What vitamins are you taking? – Her hair, like, this a good,
we could call this a bob. – A lob.
– A lob. – One of those long bob moments. – Her hair, the makeup– – Oh, yeah, the makeup. – Her lips are so bomb. Beautiful, beautiful. – I think she’s cute, and I like that she
didn’t do jewelry here. I like just the earring and the side hair, and the fun dress. She’s so young and fun. – Also, Kissing Booth 2 is coming out, which I am so excited for. – Yes, yes, it is. – That movie makes me
feel some type of way. – What it make you feel? – Heat down under.
– Ooh. – [Madeleine] Ah, yes. – [Sinead] The Kardashian
ladies look incredible. – [Madeleine] America’s favorite family. – Yeah, no. I love this so much. Somehow, they really go well together, but all of their outfits
are completely different. – I love that they are
all kind of coordinated. It’s like silvers,
grays, blacks and whites, which is obviously the
colors of the Kardashians. They’re the queens of E, so
obviously, they came to slay. – [Madeleine] Kris, whatever. She’s dressed like money, and she’s wearing it on her shoulders. I get it. – I would dress like this. I think it’s very easy for her to dress younger and whatever. We’ve seen her do it, and
it hasn’t been my fav. This is my favorite,
because this is so sheik, and so sophisticated, and
she looks great, always. – I don’t think Kris can do wrong, just because she always looks
like I’m that, you know? – Right, she can. She can not go wrong. – Kourtney, love this fun pantsuit. Very Christmas lights,
but she’s got the great, the girls hanging out. I think she looks very cool. – Kourtney for once is actually not the least interesting to look at. For me, she might be the
most interesting to look at. I love this. Her body looks unbelievable. – This is really, really cool. I like this a lot. It’s the type of outfit
that’s perfect for a carpet, ’cause this can’t be worn to many things, other than like an event
that’s like over the top. For a carpet, this is what I wanna see. – Right, right. – Kourtney’s my favorite. – The boobies looks incredible. – Have you found that Kourtney’s gotten better looking over the years? She continues to look better
and better every single year. – I think she’s always looked good. – She has, but I’m just
saying, she looks incredible. – Yeah.
– More recently, she– – The glow up. – Yeah, like, it’s just insane. – It kinda looks like she’s
going to the MTV Movie Awards. Like, she forgot which
one she was invited to, but I like it. She’s showing her bra, which is great, ’cause she has a kid, and
she’s like, I’m a cool mom. – [Dani] Khloe looks flawless. – [Loryn] It looks sheer. – [Dani] Oh. – Is it sheer? – Is she revenge bodying
through the dress? – Look at that, look at that! It is sheer. She looks like she’s wearing a gold, metallic bikini bra
underneath a sheer top. That’s actually two pieces. – [Madeleine] Oh, that’s
like, wedding ring finger. – I don’t pay attention to that. I have a ring on my wedding finger. – What does that mean? It’s too small, no, no, no. – Yeah, you’re right. – That’s not a Khloe diamond. – That’s confusing, though, but I will say she has to know
that’s gonna start rumors. Rumor patrol. Ooh, actually maybe.
– Every Wednesday. – She is showing her hand. She wants people to talk about it. She has it on her leg. She could have used her other hand. – She put it where the
slit in the dress is too, ’cause she knew everyone was
gonna be looking right there. – [Drew] But Kim, girl. It’s like a green snakeskin. – You look like you always do. – Yeah, true. – This dress looks like
something you’ve worn before, your hair looks like, pretty the same. – I’m always nervous about snake print, but I’ve recently just like this year, kind of gotten really warm to it. – More open. – Yeah, because I think
if it’s done right, it can look extremely
sophisticated and sheik. It’s one of those things,
if it’s done wrong, it could be like an absolute tragedy. – You know Kim Kardashian’s not rolling up with some cheap snake skin dress. She said this was Versace. – Yeah, it’s really, really cute. I love the fact that it’s
like turquoise, you know? – It’s very pretty. It’s got the really
pretty almost eyelet cups. – The double straps, yeah. – Drew, how do we feel
about the split dress thing? – At first, I wasn’t crazy about it, but I like it on her. I think mainly just ’cause it makes the badonkadonk just accentuate. – It definitely pops. It’s kinda like you’re gonna
see me when I’m coming at you, but then when I’m walking
away, you’re like, damn! – I like it more now that I see the back. I think I was a little bored
when I just saw the front, and it was the snake skin. This is more interesting to me, and I think it gives it depth. It gives us booty, it gives
us a nice shine on the booty. – Does this mean we’re
allowed to mix patterns again? – I think so, if Kim’s doing it. The shoes are really nice too. – [Loryn] And they all
went really well together. They all just looked great. – [Dani] She’s rocking her wet hair look, which is my favorite. – [Loryn] Me too. I love the long black hair on Kim. – [Drew] Win! – [Emile] Zendaya. She can do no wrong. – No wrong. It looks like a two piece. – It looks very comfortable. – God, I love her. – Right off the bat, this
is my favorite of the night. I don’t even have to look at anything, but I could just look,
and see like, yep, winner. – Zendaya always wears
dresses or pantsuits, or whatever her outfits are. None of them are ever a traditional shape. She just kinda literally marches to the beat of her own drum. Every time I see her in something, it is a design I’ve never
seen anyone else wear. I love that about her. – She’s one of those people, like, how strongly I feel about Bretman is how I feel about Zendaya, you know? – She just looks so classic
as well with the hair up, it’s very like, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. She’s got the red lip, and
then she’s got a killer body, and I love this one little skinny strap. – This is a really cool dress. It’s one of those things that
can be so freaking elegant, as the same time that it’s
really young and fresh and fun. – I love the illusion of a halter top. This is just beautiful. – She looks incredible. Her skin is incredible. The lip color is everything. The hair pulled up is lax, but also glam. – Her hair and makeup
is just so beautiful, and effortless and natural. She does have the red
pop of color on her lip, but her hair just up like that, she is so naturally beautiful. – I feel like every time
she steps on the carpet, she just elevates it quite a few levels. – Literally also, ’cause she’s tall. – Oh. – Like I said, I have a
lot of respect for people who can wear just earrings,
and be so confident with it, and not drape a bunch of
stuff around their necks, because like, collarbones. When you got collarbones like that– – Her collarbones could stop traffic. – Yeah, it’s next level. – [Emile] I love that lip color. – Goddamn, she’s so perfect. – Her eyebrows, I just need
tips, because her eyebrows, it literally looks like they go in there, and comb and straighten every single hair to make sure it’s perfect. – She’s such a natural beauty.
– She is. – She doesn’t need much
makeup to just enhance what’s already there. Even her earrings are small. Nothing about this is flashy,
and she looks stunning. – [Dani] Also, these shoes,
look how cute her shoes are. – [Drew] Are those Louis Vuitton’s? – Yep, yes. – Queen. – Which matches her lipstick. I’m just here for everything about this. It’s not doing too much,
yet it’s doing a lot. – Okay, Emile, favorites? – Okay, so my favorite was Bretman Rock, because he slayed the look. I love when guys try to
do something different, and not just try, but execute it well. And just shout out to
him, he always slays. This was a great look. – [Drew] He did a very good job. – I can’t pick one. I’m gonna have to go with Brenzaya. – Was that Bretman Rock and Zendaya? – Yeah, it was. – I think you just really
love both of them in general. – I love them so much, but also, like, their outfits were just so
perfect, and just so them. I just like knowing that when
I see somebody on the carpet, I’m like, ugh, this is
exactly the type of thing I would have expected from them. – I needed from them, sure.
– I needed from them. They looked incredible. – I feel particularly to KJ Appa, because he’s wearing this
beautiful, loud, unique suit that I love when my husband does. I’m gonna go see if I can
find that suit at JC Penny in the part of the store I can afford. – My favorites, three way tie.
– Yes. – Tana Mongeau, the
Kardashians, and Zendaya. – [Emile] Oh, in that order? – No, just on a unilateral scale. – Okay, okay. – I love them all equally. You guys looked beautiful! – I feel like Zendaya has my top pick for just all over look. Then, if I was gonna go
in the YouTuber category, I actually really liked Sam and Cole, because I just feel like
they looked kinda of cool, and I’d be like, oh my god, those boys definitely wouldn’t talk to me. Like, they’re too cool, which is just a great style.
(laughing) – I think mine has to go to Zendaya, because she just looked flawless, and I love how effortlessly
beautiful she is, but I have to give an honorable
mention to Doug the Pug, because like I said, I need
more animals at award shows, and he slayed. So, yeah. Doug and Zendaya are probably tied for me. – Woof.
– Woof. (laughing) – I just love a red
carpet moment, you guys. I really do. It’s actually fantastic, and so fun breaking down the fashion, but we wanna know what
you think about this list. Who was your favorite
person on the carpet? – Yep, all the things. Also, you guys, you know that we are here every time there is an award show, so make sure you check back in. Subscribe, hit that bell, so you never miss a
notification when we post. Also, congratulations,
because you know what? Your laundry’s now dirty.

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