Best Online Dating Sites for Senior Citizens

How would you like to learn an easy way
to meet new people in today’s technology-driven world? If you’re a
senior citizen, stay tuned to the end of this video because I’m going to show you
seven different online dating sites available to help you find love again.
It’s never too late to find someone to be with whether you’re divorced and
getting back into the dating game or newly single due to the loss of a spouse
or simply haven’t found “the one” yet, there are millions of people just like
you out there looking to meet other senior citizen singles. The dating game
has changed a lot in the past few years and there’s lots of new ways to
meet people. If you’re new to online dating and aren’t sure which dating app to
try, I’ll give you some tips to get you started. You just need to find which site
meets your specific needs. Hi, I’m Jim Costa. I’m a videography, photography and
technology guru and I created this blog to help you to become a #techsavvysenior. My tips and advice are useful to anyone, but my specific focus is in
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tuned to the end to get my absolutely F-R-E-E DSLR and mirrorless camera cheat sheet
that’ll have you shooting photos and videos like a pro in no time. From
friendship to romance, here’s a roundup of the best senior dating sites.
Number one is Senior Match. Senior Match is among the top leading dating sites
for senior citizens. As a platform catering to singles over fifty, the site
maintains a consistent age range for mature singles. Beyond just romantic
dating, Senior Match accommodates all types of partnerships including platonic
friendships. Whether you’re looking for travel mates or activity buddies, you can
always stay young at heart. The site also caters to people looking for
companionship, helping seniors find their new life partner. No matter what type of
relationship you seek, Senior Match is dedicated to a facilitating happy
fulfilling social experience. Number two is Our Time. If you’re 50 or over, Our
Time is a respected online dating website with a huge database. It’s owned
by People Media which includes two other platforms: Senior People
and Seniors Meet. As a member of Our Time, your profile will automatically be
uploaded to these other sites at no additional cost.
The features are simple while a single pool is anything but snobby. Mostly
filled with friendly down-to-earth folks, it’s an online environment that feels
inviting, especially to dating newcomers. Number three is Zoosk.
You may not have heard of Zoosk, but they’ve been around for a while. With
over forty million members worldwide, they have a large community of seniors
that makes up a big part of their site. If you’d like to explore more, Zoosk
gives you a lot of different ways to meet people. You can search for specifics
and use advanced filters that match the age, religion and location where
you’re interested in. You can match quickly and see who likes you back or
you can get set up using their matching algorithm. Overall, the site identifies as
fresh minded and comfortable, perfect for the average senior curious about what
the dating world holds. Number four is Elite Singles. Sophisticated and
intelligent, Elite Singles caters to exclusive singles, including a vibrant
pool of senior citizens. The site maintains very high standards for their
users and 82% of their members hold a bachelor’s degree or higher education.
Needless to say, they cater to educated and mature singles. To build a profile,
daters must complete a detailed psychology test. The results create a
filtering system to provide you with ideal matches helping you save time and
energy sifting through hundreds of undesirable profiles. Overall, Elite
Singles is true to its name, keeping things elite for seniors looking for
love. Number five is Match. You’ve probably seen their lovelycommercials
but because match has been around so long, it’s pretty much the tycoon of
online dating, serving millions of singles. A huge part of their dating
database includes senior citizens. Match has a lot going for it. There are a ton
of features to explore and the signup process is fast.
To find potential partners, the site shows you daily matches so new
possibilities are always seen. Once you set up a profile, you can get in touch
with hundreds of seniors including those outside of your country if you’re
planning on traveling. Number six is Over 50 Date. Over 50 Date is an online dating
community for singles who are 50 and older, but unlike other dating services
the site does not require you to spend hours completing questionnaires. Keeping
everything light and easy, Over 50 Date gives you quick access to your
matches. Number seven is eHarmony. Most of us know it. eHarmony is a long-standing
dating site, but did you know that it caters to senior citizens? With over 33 million
registered members, it’s easy to find a new love partner. The automated pairing
system on eHarmony is highly respected for its excellent matchmaking technology.
Like magic, seniors can find the best possible partner based on the
information they submit while creating their profile. The success rate is
actually pretty high. Five percent of all US marriages in the United States
actually come from people who met on eHarmony. The registration process is
straightforward but pretty long since they match you with people based on how
you answer a series of questions. Once you register, you can start browsing
profiles but messaging singles isn’t available unless you pay an extra cost.
Over all, the site identifies as a place for people who are serious about
relationships. At any age, love can be found. Make sure you choose the right
senior dating site that best meets your needs. Every platform has their own style
and caters to certain types of singles, so join a site that celebrates the same
values you care for most. My question of the day is, “How did you meet your last
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