Hi guys, I’m sure you guys missed me,
right? You know how I know that? Because I’m the last living being on the planet after a religious war and you are now all dead and rotten I bet you guys miss being alive… yeah, but it’s actually not so bad as being in a bunker alone in an apocaly ptic future. I’ve been through something like this before This is not the first time I’ve watched everyone die That’s right, you heard me, the whole of
humanity was once decimated and to tell you this story today I need to tell you how: Big Bang became the most powerful man in Megalopolisville Big Bang wasn’t always the Big Bang, you know? The strongest and fastest man in the world and the first in command of the Society of Virtue He was once just an ordinary guy like you, he also had a shitty job like you He was also fucked over by his friends and thought he was a loser and yeah he had no idea he was a loser either Big Bang before it was called Big Bang, was called Wilson and he was always a different child, a child who just didn’t fit into
our world because he didn’t understand how things worked But our story starts long after that. In the old days things were very different Bullies weren’t just kids from high school, adults also did a lot of bullying just for fun And they usually didn’t like gays, blacks, Asians, women Indians, dwarves, Jews, atheists, redheads, Latinos fat, intelligent, unintelligent, etc… but
there was one thing they liked less than all of this: Wilson, who was already in his early forties and working in a government quantum physics lab Wilson spent his entire life studying and trying to understand how the world worked Maybe that way he could finally find a way to fit into it.. Find his place and math and physics seemed the most obvious way to do that Hey, why are you here? I’m… I’m…finishing your report Oh you think you’re too good, right? Do you think you’re better than me just because you’re doing my job
for me? Because you’re smarter than me? Because you know how to tie your shoes?? No, not at all! I think that you think it’s time I gave you a raise and a promotion, is that it? Every week was the same but the only raise he ever got was from the bags under his eyes that looked like a plum or his lip that grew like a cabbage but that day something different happened Someone was lurking in the
shadows… Oh yeah I bet you didn’t see that one coming, right? Who would this bald woman be? If you’ve ever watched a movie in your life, you know that when the maintenance guy shows up He’s mostlikely a very enlightened karate a kung-fu master or Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting With every blow from that mysterious woman, with each movement, it became clear that this was not an ordinary person And at that moment he was able to see the universal language of nature He was able to understand the language of his own life and realize that everything he searched for his entire life was right in front of him That was incredible.. can you… maybe… teach me? But what she sees in him it’s quite
different and she just disappeared, just like that leaving Wilson with more doubts and more alone than before He knew that his whole world had changed at that moment and that he would do anything to be a
part of that new world or at least not be part of this world anymore and when I say anything, I mean anything Oh shit! I bet you thought there was more, right? Maybe if I wasn’t here talking to you right now The irony right? And what did she see in him? Well… I know what she saw and I guarantee you have no idea what it is Well, I’ve been in this bunker alone for
over 15 years and half of this food is at least five years past its expiration date Don’t worry, in the next video you’ll
finally find out how Wilson became the Big Bang! Okay, that’s it, goodbye!

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