Bloomberg Says Young People Who Support Bernie Sanders Are Stupid

Bloomberg Says Young People Who Support Bernie Sanders Are Stupid

In December 2016, about a month after the
2016 presidential election, former New York mayor, Michael Bloomberg, appeared in an interview
where he talked about the fact that Bernie Sanders could have become the Democratic nominee
and he probably would have had a pretty good chance of beating Donald Trump. But the problem is, according to Bloomberg,
the youth vote didn’t show up for him and had they done that, they absolutely would
have voted for Bernie. Now, Bloomberg wasn’t telling us this to be
one of those, Bernie would have won folks. He was telling us this as a warning and the
warning is that young people, young voters are too stupid to know that Bernie Sanders
is not a good choice. Here is what Michael Bloomberg said and these
comments at Oxford University School of Business. I don’t mean to knock young people. I wish I was one again. But young people listen to Bernie Sanders
and they said, yeah, Democratic. That’s good. Socialism. Yeah. Yeah. That’s the social media stuff because our
kids no longer learn civics in school. They no longer study Western history. They no longer read Western literature. We’re trying to change and dumb down the system. And if you don’t know what happened in the
past, you’re going to have to relive it. So Bloomberg thinks young voters are just
stupid. You’re stupid because you think socialism
means Twitter and Facebook. Now, I have never met anyone young or old
who thinks that Democratic socialism somehow refers to social media. I mean, maybe a scripted character in a sit-com
who is designed to be dumb would think something like that. But actual real people out here in the United
States, regardless of their education level, I don’t think that they think that, Michael. Here’s the problem with people like Bloomberg. He doesn’t understand why young voters are
attracted to Bernie Sanders’ ideas and the idea of Democratic socialism. They do, young voters, understand that we’re
not talking about communism. We’re not talking about full blown actual
socialism. We’re talking about Democratic socialism,
like what they have in many European countries where constituents are guaranteed healthcare. Many of them tuition-free college. And yes, they may pay a little bit more in
taxes for those things, but overall they save money because the government provides more
services. And those countries are consistently ranked
as happier and healthier and economically more powerful than the United States. That’s what the young people understand. Why? They may not be learning it in school, but
they are in fact out there reading, Michael. They’re reading articles, they’re studying
this. They have more access to information than
you did at their age and believe it or not, they’re using it. Sure, young people like all of us, when we
were those ages do stupid things and now unfortunately they get to post those stupid things online. We didn’t have to do that as kids, but we
would have had they existed. And some people will clip out those little
videos of, you know, the cinnamon challenge or whatever, you know, thing is of the day
and say, look how dumb young people are. You want them choosing the president? You’re going to pick out like six people out
of a country of more than 300 million and say, well, they represent all young people. They’re awful and stupid. We can’t trust them. No, most young voters are educated. They know what’s happening and more importantly,
the reason they gravitate towards this Democratic socialism like that which is preached by Bernie
Sanders is because capitalism has never worked for them a single day in their entire lives. That’s the hard truth that people like Bloomberg
don’t want to accept. He has been a huge beneficiary of the American
capitalistic system, made $60 billion off of it. The rest of us, we went to college, got tens
of thousands of dollars in debt, graduated with our degrees, and then struggled to try
to find something within that field and when we did find something, either it wasn’t a
good enough paying job or just didn’t work out. Job left, job went to another country and
they’re trying to replace us with a gig economy where everybody is a contract worker. Yeah, Capitalism has failed young voters and
people like Michael Bloomberg who have been rare to be the beneficiaries of capitalism,
will never understand the appeal of paying a little bit more in taxes to get a lot more
back from the federal government. But that doesn’t make the young voters stupid,
it makes them aware of their own situation and the failures that people like Michael
Bloomberg clearly illustrate for us.


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    Elizabeth Jones

    Sanders and Warren chewed your lying Trump Twin Ass Up and Spit you out like the big green lougee you really are .
    Sanders 2020🇺🇸👍. Who is stupid now, Slime Ball.

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    daylight moonlight

    No he doesnt think they are stupid. He thinks education is lacking to educate them about what happened in the past. Tot knowing about something that isnt even priorized during scool time is far away from stupid.

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    J Engelmann

    Goonberg needs to sit down, and spend his money before his timer runs out. That'd be my top priority as a billionaire with a foot in the grave. Coffins have no shelves, see Koch Bro 1.

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    Tim Boyle

    You are the only authority, or witness, I heard make the slur, "BLOOMBERG THINKS YOUNG PEOPLE ARE STUPID."

    I would have liked to hear the evidence on the subject (but from your tirade I understand that that is not possible).

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    Al W.

    look, I agree with you in most of the things. He should win the youngsters… But as a Swiss, I think in this specific "Berni-socialism " thing, Bloomberg is right. I think like always, the middle way, is the right one: The European keywords is: social capitalism. Greetings from Zürich.

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    jane dais

    Black people please note this rich white man orders other white men to abuse black man on the streets. Black people stood no chance against such powerful forces and was jailed because the police says they looked suspicious. VOTE BLUE BUT NOT FOR BLOOMBERG.

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    Colin Ross

    Right Bloomberg – a really, really STUPID, sophomoric and puerile attack. What a douche this prick is. All young people pay attention: Mike Bloomberg is part of the evil establishment. Bernie is your best choice. Trust your eyes, ears and intelligence and screen out all of these evil doers like Bloomberg, Trump, Moscow Mitch McConnell, Devon Nunez, Jim (I like boys)Jordan, Max (DUI/ASSHOLE) Gaetz, Doug Collins and all the other Republican swamp monsters.

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    Bernie will take the "chance" out of being successful in life, because now luck has a lot to do with how your life progresses.

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    Ines Flores

    Here we pay more taxes and we don’t have nothing.America people are sick and tired of capitalism, you paid more in taxes and don’t get nothing.

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    Edward Graivier

    Hey, Mike, it gratifies me to know you are concerned about civics no longer being taught in our schools, but that happened because of your right wing, your conservatives, your GOP, your 1%. And no doubt you , Mike, you yourself. All gifts of the Reagan Revolution. All designed to keep you oligarchs in power. What better way to prevent the young from becoming actively involved with governance of this nation than to not to teach them about how to be good citizns. So if you think they are dumb (for the record: they are NOT), chalk that up with your team intentionally dumbing them down.

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    socialism/social media stuff — Bloomberg pulled that one out of his ASS!

    Also, what's with this business about them "no longer learning western history and western literature"? Sounds like the inane, stupid ramblings of a two-bit racist to me!! What nonsense.

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    Miguel Martinez

    I always believed that trump & Bloomberg want to created another middle east war with Iran, because mostly they r doing it for money for sure but mostly war, these 2 will do anything to created a new war economy.

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    Cristhian Baca

    Show this pendejo we young people will fuck him up in the polls and in the day of voting for our new president Bernard Sanders…. #Bernie2020

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    Sandra Hicks

    Bloomberg is the Dumb one💁🏼‍♀️ He really think we didn’t know He(Bloomberg) & Trump are working together and Bloomberg is just running on a false Flag(Democratic Party) Don’t fall for Another Billionaire (Bloomberg) Trump and Bloomberg are Bestie’s and physical pic are showing up😎

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    Little Mikey is gonna get his big mouth in big trouble if he doesnt watch his tongue. Many younger people dont like being called "stupid".. Hes playing with FIRE and hes Gonna get Burned..

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    Brian Irvin

    Sooo were the young people in the 60s wrong about their gov't leading the down the wrong path on Vietnam? Or protesting the Iraq War? Young people are always on the cutting edge of ethics in politics in America.

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    Armando Garcia

    I have no idea why he would run? I would vote for him if he wins the nomination, but why would we want another out of touch billinionair? How well did the last one work out?

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    Duncan Bryson

    I keep replying on social media – social inclusion is not socialism. I'm in the UK and though it may struggle I wouldn't swop the NHS for privatised health care. Nothing is FREE, we pay when it's deducted (along with income tax) from our wages. It's free at the point of delivery.

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    Big AL

    I got this off Facebook:    When they say Bernie's policies are extreme, this is what the response should be.

    1. It is EXTREME when the tax code has given us a unhealthy and unsustainable economy where 1% of the population has 80% of the wealth, an economy that is responsible for the largest homeless population and the largest prison population in the industrial world.

    2. It is EXTREME when most of the world has healthcare for all it's citizens and we have a profit from sickness system that costs us twice as much for insurance and leaves millions uninsured or under insured

    3. It is EXTREME when our government spends more then the next 9 countries combined on weapons of war and never asks how are we going to pay for it. It is EXTREME to have a 23 trillion dollar national dept which was mostly caused by military spending on pointless wars which have cost the world countless lives and created millions of refugees and untold numbers of emboldened terrorists. It is EXTREME to send our young men and women to risk their lives in wars that started before they were born.

    4. It is EXTREME to bail out banks who still engage in dangerous unregulated speculation with their depositors savings while foreclosing countless Americans from their homes.

    5. It is EXTREME to ignore signs of environmental collapse happening now all around the world while subsidizing companies who have helped cause this crisis.

    6. It is EXTREME to have companies that make billions in profits and buy our politicians while paying little or nothing in taxes.

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    D James Morgan

    Bye bye bloomy! You don't call a potential voter "stupid!" Certainly not an entire demographic! May I be the one to stick a fork in you? You're done!


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    So it's a choice between Bloomberg, the real life Montgomery Burns, or Bernie who wants to make peoples lives better?

    Yeah you aren't going to win this Mike.

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    Lilo Emyoung

    Bloomberg can put a cork in it. A racist billionaire … Reminds of someone….who?! 🤔
    Ah yes! We already have a racist, misogynist, bigoted, and alledgedly “billionaire”in the WH.
    Thanks Bloomberg but no thanks, we are not stupid, you are a drumpf 2.0 version which we do not want. 🤢🤮

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    Terry Beaton

    Bloomberg's sole billionaire mission is to muddy up Saunders and keep him from winning. Saunders wants to take a lot of money away from Bloomberg and his .01% friends. In the end, someone will simply kill Saunders before he gets that chance. A Socialist president in America?? Kennedy was killed for less.

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    Alex Amerling

    Fuck Mr. Stop and Frisk. If the DNC names him the nominee, I'm going full on independent. Hell if Bernie doesn't win it, I'm thinking about doing that anyways.

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    Cray Fish

    Bloomberg's supporters are just as stupid as Trump's supporters. They all think Billionaires loves them. The only invites they will ever get from the Billionaires is to support them with their votes or to clean their toilets.

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    It's not that they're stupid. It is a scientific fact that the human brain isn't fully developed until the age of 25 and it has become more and more clear that many of Bernie's supporters are under that age. Not fair to call them "stupid." Maybe a better word is "under developed." That being said, most of us eventually make it past that age and we become wiser with time.

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    PM 3736

    Soft Brained Billionaire who didn't see obvious Ass Kicking until the 15th out of 20 shoes was shoved up his ass doesn't have much room on comparing degrees of intelligence

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    Louis Morejohn

    Question: WHO IS THIS MAN? 
    He made speeches praising republican nationalists, viewed black people as inferior to whites and was adept at exploiting mass media. 
    He made a significant effort to include the previously alienated Christians.
    He developed a cult of one-man leadership that focused media attention and national debate on his own personality. His regime promoted this lavish cult. 
    He passed legislation that favored the wealthy industrial and agrarian classes, including privatizations, liberalizations of rent laws and dismantlement of the unions.
    He imposed tariffs that promoted widespread inefficiencies.
    He gave government subsidies to farmers, which pushed the country further into debt.  
    He spent large sums of money on prestige projects. 
    He progressively dismantled constitutional and conventional restraints on his power until he was the only person setting government agenda. 
    He aligned himself with powerful foreign dictators.
    He was overthrown and shot to death.
    Answer: Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini as documented here:

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    James Timlin

    To make it simple for Americans, Bernie wants to model the USA after the GREAT COUNTRY OF CANADA. Health Care for all, reasonable tuition for post secondary education, lower drug prices, common sense gun laws, a country that believes in science and climate change, a woman's choice to choose what is right for herself, no gerrymandering to rig elections for example the Republicans, does not suppress the vote of minorities, believes in equality for all, and does not have the money from corporations or what you call super pacs influence our voters. American Democracy that Americans preach to the world is a frigging joke!!!! Trump will get reelected as he got elected in 2016 with less than 50% of the population supporting him and with Russia's help. Land of the free? Land of Laws? Equal Rights? NOT! America is a joke and in another four years a laughing stock of a country! I wish the Canadian Border Patrol would screen Americans on IQ and EQ because we do not want them diluting the Canadian Gene Pool. America has a population of about 367 million people and the world's population is 7.8 Billion people so they are slowly becoming insignificant. Leader of the free world? NOT!

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    Jerry Rodriguez

    Once again, all this proves to me is that BILLIONAIRES,…ALL BILLIONAIRES,… are just greedy and that's why they are BILLIONAIRES.

    They aren't administrators, and are most definitely not qualified to run a country that has SOCIALIST PROGRAMS, when they CLEARLY don't believe in SOCIALIST PROGRAMS… Hint, hint, Donnie Trump,…

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    Troy J

    Early primary voting has already stared in many states!
    How and when to vote for Bernie Sanders (by state)
    Share this info!!

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    meaux gendron

    Anybody that believes Bernie is has to be Young or Stupid… Socialism isn't Free Stuff, Facebook, Twatter or Insta-Whatever… If you want "free" you have to take Medicaid.

    If you are on Medicaid you don't get Medicare and Medicare ain't Free…
    Bernie's plan is a lie at the root, even before you start doing the math…
    Remember that there is no such thing as a family policy under Medicare… There are premiums for your coverage, and then there are additional premiums for your wife and family's coverage…

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    William Marshall II

    We didn't have the propaganda the people in the 50's and 60's had. We can talk to people who live in places like Canada and learn that universal healthcare is good.

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    Ragtop Chevy

    Vote Dem end up with a socialist government , look what happened in south America . Think twice and look it up . Please don't vote in commie,s you will screw all of us !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thang Hoang

    This is infinitely worse than "basket of deplorables" comment, because it basically an attack on the most loyal Democratic supporters.

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    John Carosi

    No Goonberg you're stupid. Nobody trusts you. Drop out you oligarch Nazi. You're not going to do to the Dems as what Trumpleforeskinov did to the Repubs.

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    For people like Michael Bloomberg, indoctrinating members of society such that it preserves their privilege at the expense of others is a good thing whereas educating members of society such that it helps others at the expense of the privilege of people like Michael Bloomberg is a bad thing.

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    Gord Thor

    Bloomberg is not the right choice by any means, but at least he understands the country he lives in. Americans in general are not ready for "socialist" Bernie, because Americans are staunchly capitalistic. Yang had a smarter approach with his "Human Centered Capitalism", because it doesn't incite the same fear in so many Americans. The path of least resistance is the best method for positive change. Maybe I am wrong, but I don't think Bernie can win, because he seems to be peaked at about 25-30% overall support. Basically the same as in 2016. How is Bernie going to pass M4A by forcing millions of Americans off their private insurance? Has this ever worked in other countries, or did those countries "phase into a single payer system over time"? Bernie's and Warren's wealth tax has not worked in other countries which tried to implement it. College in the US is already way over prescribed, with a 40% drop out rate, because college is only for 33% of the people. How is Bernie's free college plan going to help young people, when most are better suited for trades and vocational jobs? It does young people a disservice to waste their time and tax payers money, to steer more of them into college, when college has always been for only 33% of people. Not everyone does well in school and parents and society are already pushing way too many young people into college.

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    Bloomberg also offered a trap to fund Bernie’s campaign and Bernie said no. Now CNN is talking about Bernie is crazy.

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  90. Post

    Bloomberg is another Trump but, with billions and education. He's a racist trying to protect his money and it's why he jumped in the race to stop Bernie.


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    robert harker

    Bloomberg should have a hard look in a mirror and see what people's perception of a disgusting multi billionaire oligarch really looks like, who gamed the system and got so greedy he couldn't help himself, he doesn't even look human some type of a freak apparition a freak show, it goes to show that he's got all that money but not the brains people might think he has, he got his wealth by gaming and screwing the people he was to support by bribes, insider trading or back room dealings and couldn't careless about people, if he was smart he'd realize that after the first one or two billion maybe its time to call it a day it might look fishy but no he went for the gusto like the piece of shit he is, oh yea he's given a bit out for this and that but hangs on to the vast majority of it. He is the exact reason why capitalism doesn't and can't work without major restrictions to keep it fair for all but garbage like him spend the time stripping the barriers down and brings us to now, he's got to try buying the election to maintain his massive greed machine, I hear he's giving it all to charity when he croaks probably to Hillary and Bill's Perverts for Children Foundation. No him and his likes only got themselves to blame for the communist scurge they have set upon themselves, the cummunist ain't happy just want to get rid of the scurge thats rampant thru Capitalism. Capitalism can operate thru a progressive attitude to maintain checks and balances thru the system if not we will resort back to Communism sorry wrong word socialism or the people making the decisions as a whole kinda like whats been going on oneway or another since human existence and not by a handfull who minipulated it to suit themselves at the expence of all. Capitalism is the side show we choose to live in for now not evolution, if it was evolution you think Bloomberg would be shitting out thousand dollar bills by now.

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    blarg harblarg

    people who don't let me buy political power are stupid…. yeah… that seams logical.
    can that plutocratic fart just rage quite and take his toys home and leave already?

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  95. Post

    Talking is so very cheap. Why not show us the video where Michael Bloomberg called Bernie Sanders young supporters stupid.
    Media houses are the cause of the problem we all are facing now.
    Just imagine this guy coming up here to start talking and accusing someone without a concrete evidence to substantiate for it.
    And yet so many gullible ones here are falling for it.
    This is all bollocks

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    Riad Anabtawi

    That's the attitude of very wealthy people.
    It you don't give them your stamp of approval to run you then you're stupid….you don't t have what they have..then they have the right to lead you, guide you and simply own you by controlling every aspect of your life from water to electricity to health to education etc, etc.
    Stupidity is your description if you don't let them control you.
    How dare these young people believe in social justices…They're stupid.

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    Molly LittleBird

    Haha! What else can you expect from the billionaire who thinks he can buy his way into the presidency? How dare young people demand better?

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    Brian Shock

    The nicest wish I can express for Billionaire Bastard Bloomberg is that I hope he contracts a massive case of COVID-9 sooner rather than later.

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    Jim Miller

    My friend this video is almost perfect in explaining progressive thought on capitalism vs democratic socialism. I am totally going to quote you

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    lykenthropy 96

    Bloomberg thinks that all poor or working class people are stupid and that it's his job to save us from ourselves.

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