Blue Habits | Episode 1: Palau, featuring Fisk Johnson | Oceanic Society

Blue Habits | Episode 1: Palau, featuring Fisk Johnson | Oceanic Society

(ocean waves splashing) (soft chiming music) – [Fisk Voiceover] I’ve been
diving virtually all my life. I’ve had the opportunity to
grow up around the ocean. And have a chance to experience first-hand the amazing wonder that is under sea. It is truly like being
on a different planet when you’re down there
and the diversity of life that you see is just amazing. (light strings and chimes music) Well we’ve been diving
the last couple of days here in Palau, speaking with
the president yesterday and, you know, they’ve taken incredible action to preserve 85% of their seascape. You know, this is one of the
most remote areas in the world. And I mean, we’re in the
middle of the Pacific here and it’s pretty pristine diving. But you can still see plastic
waste on the beach here. That plastic that comes
through in droves comes from, you know, a thousand miles away. A lot of that doesn’t come from kind of the local area itself. The ocean plastic issue
is a problem I’ve seen, you know, my entire life. I’ve seen it get worse
and worse and worse. When you think about the
sheer quantity of plastic that’s in the ocean today
and the effect that it has on sea life, it’s mind boggling. Nearly every sea bird on
earth is eating plastic. By 2050 there’ll be more
plastic by weight in the ocean than fish by weight. How’s that for a scary thought? (upbeat, pulsing, percussive music) The exponential growth of,
you know, single use plastic has been frightening. It brings to the forefront how important this ocean plastic issue is to solve. (peaceful music with water lapping) No business has a zero
footprint on this planet. With SC Johnson, you
know, close to 95% of our products today are reusable,
recyclable or compostable. Being an environmentalist is
something that I grew up with. My dad was an avid environmentalist. I think his inspiration rubbed off on me so it’s been part of my DNA. (peaceful music and water lapping) And I love what Oceanic Society
is doing and we’re thrilled to be able to provide
some support to that. The time is right to
help build the momentum and awareness of the issue. (spa-like music and water lapping) What matters most is whether we live up to the expectations of your children. And, you know, I want
my daughter to be able to take her children 40 year from now, to go see the incredible
things that, you know, we’ve seen the last couple
days under water here. If we don’t do something about this now, it’s gonna be to late. (spa-like music and water lapping)


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    Cathy Permut

    from dave eberhardt not cathy- so proud of the Society- went w them to Palau-on the boat w Robin- am sad to think re this video- yr children will live w more and more destruction- given a species that can elect a trump or a sissi – i am for (non violent) sand in gears, militant civilly disobedient free range did i say radical resistance- it has to be forceful- we are on the way out but some of us resist

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