BN0191-55L Citizen Promaster Diver……. DCMStore

BN0191-55L Citizen Promaster Diver……. DCMStore

hello everyone welcome again to today we corresponds to do the technical analysis of
this citizen model that is the BN0191-55L this clock is from the promaster line diver is a professional diving watch brand that has a resistance of 200
meters It is totally in steel
with a cover in blue to your strong for
define the we can see let’s run again the features obviously
It is a coral watch we can see there the brand all the
squares on the dial marks us without they say copper
there comes what is Driver for 200 meters resistance
has unidirectional bezel dater and for time measurements in case of
who are diving and mark the size of the box of 44
millimeters and the clock
one of the things or qualities that it handles citizen is that being eco driving more
for diving means that the lid back we will never open it for the
change of batteries which will guarantee the hermeticity
of the clock or total go we’re never going to have water filtration problems in
this sense the crystal is mineral anti reflective
and has a double insurance pin yes now I am going to show you our
technicians we proceed
Yes now one of the questions that many people ask me
Customers is how much it measures the belt
we proceed to measure how much the belt this data is very important and more for
the case of museum because the strap covers 22 centimeters
come on we can see yes
then it’s for a doll I can tell you a maximum of 22 centimeters
that citizen protects his watches very well in this situation or whatever
very good here in normal size you’re going to cover and you’re going to have to here you what
just some hole we come here now the cover
the measure of 44 millimeters that gives citizen
it’s without the crown and here we can see them we are watching from 10 o’clock to 4 o’clock
to make sure and there are the 44 millimeters
no crown because I mention this because Many of the clients also
ask me is the measure with crown and without crown this is the crown
adding the crown this model goes up to 46 46 with the crown
the crown is fully integrated practically integrated to the body in here
good now we pass make an approach to the clock so that
can see the characteristics at the level macro and can see a little more details
this watch is beautiful we can see there
that the hour markers and the hands are fluorescent
obviously at the level of tremendous fluorescence here
we also see in the 12 o’clock position they are marked with fluorescence
let’s go turning the clock a little let’s see what the crown is
we have a hallmark of the line 17 promaster time
the mine for more good that look for nice finish has it’s an audience
very beautiful just like the cornea we already saw that it has its citizen brand
this is called safe
one two
three levels of safe saws one two
and you have the 3 to 1 that are these buttons for
other than the clock under any condition obviously here back in the
Well, all the features of the clock we can not have a
approach why the same belt no no
it does not prevent it but good and the characteristics of the watch the caliber that
is with which we can locate instructions online if necessary proceed to now if the analysis
technical or programming the clock as we already say this is a bevel
unidirectional here you can go to position it
at your dive start so you can start to me that’s the function of the bevel
unidirectional the programming of the clock is based on
the crown all the crowns as well we know they have zero position
which is when the position 1 is to take out once and the
position 2 is obviously draw twice It has two positions because it is our
clock that has door date as we can see here then let’s start to
program the crown
it is coiled which means that it is like if it were a screw this is a
feature of dives watches then first you have to turn it
if you see there you are turning and there they heard a small click where
the tail was released now yes we can play the programming I’m going to pull it
once I wanted to remove the approach let’s pull the crown once
we wait for the clip to come out and you already felt the click then
we started to program what are the days
if they see I’m turning well in the bottom part and it starts to
change let’s suppose we’re on the day fifteen
and I’m done, we’re on day 15 put back from position to
position 0 the crown obviously after twisting it as a
screw and we said and there it is programmed the clock
with the date now we proceed to adjust the hour we say that from position 0
let’s pass the 1 that is the date and let’s move on to both we have to
take out the crown twice to adjust The time and there he had a little stronger
click If you do not go on the click as you want,
feel when they are manipulating the clock
and let’s suppose now which are at two o’clock
we return to position 0 we adjust the crown with a screw as we said
and here is our eyes in function I remind you that we are
authorized dealers in mexico the citizen brand go with a guarantee of
5 years You can visit our page
mentor look for the bonus because they can have between 5 and 10 percent
then the 75 guarantee is included years in the instructional
in his career against and that I’m going to go through here just to what includes we send everywhere also the
world we have the most payment methods insurance
If you want to visit us on our page and
We send to any country we have customers around the world
We thank you for visiting us and let’s hope we are honored with a like or
if you like to register to our page our channel so that they receive the
new the new technical analyzes Thank you


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