BN0200-56E Citizen Promaster Titanium 200 Mts …….. DCMStore

BN0200-56E Citizen Promaster Titanium 200 Mts …….. DCMStore

hello everyone again welcome
back to DCMStore today it is up to us to do the analysis
technical of this citizen model that is the BN0200-56E this model belongs to the
family pro master and I comment the Features is a totally clock
in titanium both in box and in strap we see that he plays two tones one here this
line is a chromed silver tone and a tone ideal polished silver completely black
luminous in the dark tremendously in hands and all the times
located at three hours resistance to 200 meter water dry drive dater
located at 3 hours measured in cash 45 millimeters
and bring this one day unidirectional and being more advanced in diving and
handling the titanium gives a plus tremendous we already know that titanium is
like those 5 times less than steel then when you wear this watch
you realize that you do not feel that what three very well let’s measure the size of
the belt many customers ask us this fact
and the belt size is coming from a field 22 centimeters let’s now measure the size of the
cover and we are located here from 10 a 4 hours and there are the 45
millimeters of character sizes do not forget to mention it has a crystal
anti reflective mineral we are going to make a approach to see detail of the
beauty of this model we started with the anti reflective mineral crystal come as
reject light no matter how strong it is so that the cover is always
wearing at all times It is beautiful in the design of this watch is
of the most elegant dive we see the dated at 3 o’clock as already
we said luminescence on hands of hours and minutes and all the works the
luminescence is tremendous these watches full black dial the cover
tells us that the present can be 200 meter water and titanium
completely this mobile is beautiful suci carla strap we see here the two
tones that I mention the two implant one chrome and one solid we come to the
Citizen Double Secure Signature Brooch we remove the first one then there are two
buttons and it opens already this the rear leg with technical data that
gives us display of the clock as the caliber with that we can find the
destructive goods it is so beautiful this 9
very well let’s proceed to program the clock and in this case is the crown has
two positions since it has halo date Once out, the time is programmed
program twice out forgiveness halo once outward it
schedule the date both times towards the time is going to be programmed outside
remember that since this is a clock dive the cabbage the crown is threaded
we must first remove the crown you have to unscrew there and it came out and now
yes I will pull once out there that click sense and we can move the
date let’s leave this clock on the day 7 ready we keep the crown and it’s
scheduled the card has achieved twice the crown out 12 feels more
strong the click and we can already program it
let’s leave this clock to 145 we keep the crown screwed
remember this process is very important because if you can not you lose the
electricity and well this clock is already programmed in
date and time and is ready to be used
Well you already know us we are please
search us on the net This watch includes a guarantee of
5 year old citizen in addition to his instructional and an eco drive box I’m going to
pass it by here quickly and good and nothing more quickly three points that
I want to comment on the number one is that Please look for the discount coupon in
our page this is for them to achieve better printing if they have not demanded it
one comment and another I’ll get it by this my number the next point is that
We send express to all Mexico this means when your day passes
the next day you already have between invisible length
and the last point is that our page is prepared with payment methods
more secure worldwide what means this we have hundreds of
customers outside with europe asia oceania africa america the american and is
very simple is because the clock is going insured until it reaches your country and
your home I hope you liked it this video and please if you do not give a
like a like I would be very father or better still subscribe to our channel


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    OES 25

    Very well made. Bracelet is amazingly good. Bezel is weird and different, but functional.

    Edit. If anyone has this and is worried about the bezel action. It wears in after a while and gets much better

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    Rosendo Alejandro Larrea Cortes Muchas Gracias Por Elegirnos.
    Guia Estafeta 3415015167 Va Hacia San Pedro, N.L.

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    I likes the Citizen's Clock. I have a question. Can you tell me the difference between the bn0200-56e vs bn0200-81e clock?

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    Ulises Aldana Gracias por Tu Confianza.
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