Border Patrol Detains U.S. Citizen

Border Patrol Detains U.S. Citizen

>>There are US-born citizens who have been
detained by Border Patrol. And they’ve been held in custody for weeks
at a time, in some cases longer than that. Now the latest story involves an 18-year-old
in Texas by the name of Francisco Erwin Galicia. And apparently, the Border Patrol agents arrested
him, assuming or alleging that he was not a US citizen, even though he was born in Dallas
and he had a birth certificate. He was held for two weeks in US custody, when
his mother came forward with his birth certificate, and he remained detained for another week. And then they finally released him. So the story does have some complications,
which I’ll get into in just a second. But before I do that, if you think this is
an isolated incident, you would be wrong. This is actually something that happens to
thousands of people in the United States. Let’s go to graphic five. So the Los Angeles Times actually looked into
this. Between 2002 and 2017, at least 2,840 US citizens
were listed as being eligible for deportation. This is gross.>>It is gross, and we already know that people
who are from Mexico, other people who are Latin American, absolutely face this. It was a checkpoint in Texas.>>Yes.>>Absolutely face this type of horrible,
where you essentially have to show proof that you are American. But it happens to black people too. And there was a man who, he is of Jamaican
descent, and he sat in jail for three years. He sat in jail for three years because ICE
didn’t believe that his father had the right to be here. So then it was this weird, confusing story
that had to go all the way up to the State Supreme Court in New York before he could
be released. It took three years for an American citizen,
this is ridiculous. And this is a kid. 18 years old, it’s a kid.>>18 years old, three weeks of his life in
detention.>>Going to a soccer event.>>Yes, he was on his way to a soccer event
with his younger brother, who was actually born in Mexico. So his brother remains detained. And so, look, this is such a crazy story because
the mother, there were some issues with fraud. She basically had her oldest son, Francisco,
in Texas. Then when she was pregnant with the younger
son, she decided to move back to Mexico, gave birth to her younger son, and then decided
to come back to the United States. When she wanted to get a travel visa for Francisco,
she thought it would be easier to do so by claiming that he was born in Mexico, for some
reason. So she claimed that he was born in Mexico,
when in reality, he was born in Dallas. And it became a bureaucratic mess. And so the mother takes responsibility for
her wrongdoing. But nonetheless, she provided the birth certificate
two weeks after he was detained, I mean, evidence that he was born here. And they still decided to detain him for another
week.>>But then it all comes down to her being
afraid of what the system was, because he was a legal citizen but she was not. And she was afraid that because she used a
different name when he was born so that she wouldn’t be detained in the hospital, that
if she tried to cross the border with him as a legal citizen, that he would be taken
from her.>>You’re right. Yeah, I mean, her actions stemmed from fear. It wasn’t because she was trying to screw
anyone over.>>Yeah.>>She was concerned about her own legal status. She was concerned about punitive measures
by this government. Which I mean, we can see the type of punitive
measures they take. And besides which, this again is not an isolated
incident. You have thousands of people who were born
here in the United States getting targeted, why? Because of the way they look, let’s keep it
real.>>It is, yeah.>>You think that someone who looks like me
is going to get stopped by Border Patrol, or at one of these checkpoints? You think they’re gonna question whether or
not I’m a US citizen? Let’s keep it real, we know what’s going on. And just yesterday, we talked about how the
Trump administration is pushing for expedited deportations. And the reason why that’s a disaster is because
it does away with due process, and you’re gonna get the wrong people. You’re gonna deport the wrong people. It’s gonna happen. That’s why you need judges. And you need to have a robust system in place
to make sure that you hear people out, and you hear their case. And you make the right decisions based on
the evidence that’s put before you.>>There’s been cases of military veterans
getting deported, veterans of the Grenada invasion, veterans of Iraq even have been
deported. I personally oppose deportation in general.>>Yeah, same.>>That’s just these regular people, immigrants
shouldn’t be deported at all. But the fact that so many thousands of US
citizens are getting deported just goes to show just how aggressive and basically out
of control Border Patrol, and ICE in general, have become in recent years. I mean, if they’re treating US citizens like
that, you can imagine what it must be like for an undocumented person. It’s infinitely worse. At least this man had access to a lawyer to
helped him out and stuff like that. If you don’t have access to any of that, I
mean, it’s just harrowing what you can imagine they treat them like. And it’s just really sad, and it’s something
that has been going on for a long time. And it’s sort of a feature of the system and
the way the system was designed, and->>But if you call it out, then you’re in
favor of all sorts of nonsense that the right wing will mischaracterize freshman Democrats
about, right? They want open borders, they wanna allow terrorists
to come into the country. No, let’s have a real conversation about the
damage that’s being done to all sorts of innocent people in this country, from other countries,
as a result of our punitive actions and our punitive measures in response to immigration.>>And for what?>>And for what, exactly. And the way that it’s spun, it’s about protecting
our resources. But we’re spending so much money to brutalize
people, right, to put them in these detention facilities. I mean, there’s a reason why the stock value
for GEO Group and CoreCivic, the two largest for-profit prison companies in this country,
have shot up during the Trump administration. They’ve become so profitable off of this brutalization. Let’s keep it real. This is not about saving money or protecting
Americans. This is all about pushing this disgusting
racist narrative that the Trump administration banked on, or Trump himself banked on during
his campaign. That’s all it is.>>Maybe we could afford school lunches if
we weren’t busy deporting all these people.


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    Yes, ICE is filled with racists, and yes, ICE has detained many U.S. citzens (at times even Tejanos) of Spanish speaking ancestry based onnthe way they look.


    I don't blame ICE in this case. I don't give a shit about the mother's motivations. Her fraud upon moving back to the U.S. after the second child was born gave ICE legitimate reason to question the birth certificate's authenticity.

    This one is on the mother, not on ICE.

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    Philippe Armbruster

    Let’s just keep it real: if you elect arseholes into power you can’t be surprised when the system treats you like shit. That’s what arseholes do

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    Zhou Xi

    Send all those Fenian Paddies back to Ireland I say. Anyone who has at least 25% Irish Catholic ancestry needs to be deported ASAP.

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    The freest of speech

    If he's a US citizen why didn't he just show them his ID? Unless he left his identification at home and then went down to the Border to get himself some attention. Yeah that sounds about right.

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    Marco Peña

    I would like to know if they are going to arrest tourists too.
    You know, people leave their papers in the hotel's safe.

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    Angel Sanchez

    this country is going downhill which I love by the way I just hate the law that is taken our freedom very slowly

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    Tristan Moreau

    To all the conservatives who dont like illegal immigration because they "steal jobs" or whatever… Why not just give them an easy path to citizenship? That way they cant work for less than minimum wage, have to pay taxes like any other citizen, and if they commit crimes can just get locked up like any other criminal. You can even strongly pressure them to learn english that way, instead of just having them stay off the grid and never interact with society. Is it because theyre brown? Because it really seems like its just because theyre brown. Correct me if Im wrong. Or maybe if you stopped the drug war they might be able to regain control of their home country from the drug lords and wouldnt be forced to flee, and would be able to join the first world.

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    The Bob

    I'm absolutely shocked and amazed here…. People saying sue…….. In your own story you said it was because the mother committed fraud…. 23 of the time he was detained (according to your story) was cause they didn't show proof. Then I'm sure the next week was then going through what reset they had to do to release him.

    You guys don't give any facts at all… You will tell 110 if the story. And it amazes me how many people believe it…..

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    TE BE

    Racial Profiling, and discrimination is everywhere in the US. Blackface should be aloud if to get the first hand experience. Of being out of your house while brown or black. Like that video of the fine ass white girl that gets catcalled; Put things into perspective. Put on some black face and… mow your lawn. Or anything at all, just sit on your porch. See the looks you get, how people react. Cross the sidewalk, or be extra friendly. Like "I'm not prejudice. See?". Trying to reassure themselves.

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    margaret johnson

    the alleged prolifers want 1 million more children born in the usa every year, but can't abide letting a few thousand immigrants come here. "there's not enough room". yeah.

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    big dick

    ins are robots they act the way the president wants them to act ice come to my house when Obama was president n they where nice n just left with out taking me if they come now I would be in Mexico by Sunday lol

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    PM 3736

    The funny thing about being evil is that it often reduces long term higher yield profits for quick short gains. So sure you make 1000 dollars today at the expense of 100,000,000 in a year or two

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    Travis Bickle

    Why don't any of you "smart" TyT hosts mention all the counterfeit ID, social security numbers, etc., that we know these "nice" people are using? And tell us why CBP or any law enforcement may be suspicious of them. How about we just turn all of them over to TyT and you empathetic, sympathetic, bastards/bastardettes take responsibility for them? Then if they murder somebody, break the law in any form, we hold you responsible for it? Deal?

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    Kevin G

    How can a veteran of the Grenada or Iraq wars get deported since it should be easy to prove that they served their county? And can an illegal alien join the military?

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    Kevin G

    If you can't deport illegal immigrants then that is equivalent to having open borders. It seems that the only people that can be kept out are those that try to come in legally. If that is the case then it is best to sneak past the border and be an undocumented illegal immigrant, hence you can stay since The Young Turks believe that nobody should be deported without due process.

    So what proportion of illegal immigrants will get to stay after due process whom successfully got into the country by sneaking through holes in the border? If it is less than 10% then it seems best to build a wall, defend the border and force illegals to come in through ports of entry whether they have papers or not. That should reduce the fake asylum seekers.

    Having many illegals in the country isn't safe for the illegals if there are criminal organizations that can exploit them.

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    Alexcia Wood

    More and more stories that show how incompetent ICE is. There is no reason at all that Americans should end up on their lists.

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    Anna are you literally retarded? Your guest just said "I don't support any deportations at all" that's the reason why we attribute those "silly arguments" to all you libtards. KEEP CATCHING THEM DONALD!

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    Timothy Campbell

    Anchor baby she shouldn't have used false documents. What's sick is Nancy polizi committing obstruction of justice for telling felony illegals how to hide. Vote demakkkrants out.

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    Blake Fin

    Sometimes US Citizens of Mexican descent who are involved with smuggling/immigration violations will lie and claim Mexico hoping to get deported so not to face criminal conviction as a USC.

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    Immigrants shouldn't be deported at all? Is idiots like that ego give ammunition to the right wing idiots.

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    Renard Leblanc

    This is AAAAwesome… now, we just need to find some guys to round up every d-bag wearing one of those stupid red hats, and kick them out of the country, without checking their ID. That's, clearly, the rules they want to play by, so let's get cracking!

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    4 YOU

    There is no Ethnicity …To the Christians we all came from the big G…
    And scientifically speaking we all came from Panea…we are all one peoples.
    Too much sun and a different kind of diet for so long gave some just a different skin melanin count…Race is just a made up nonsense thing…got it…

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    Terry Stolte

    You freekin dims are so worried about legal citizens, why don't you do something about our homeless, veterans and the poor that live in ghettos you dims are supposed to have compassion for, you've allocated billions to ghettos, for decades and ghettos are no better today than they were 50 years ago. Get off your LYING high horse and do something for our people and stop funding ILLEGALS that break into our nation, use it to their advantage, then spit on our generosity. Do Americans right not criminals. You take children away when a citizen who commit crimes, what's different when ILLEGALS commit a crime? DIM pukes.

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    Edgar Butcher

    another proof that Trump actually doesn't have problems with "illegal immigrants", but is just plain racist piece of a motherfucker

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    Mike Godwin

    Sorry but the problem in this story is the mother and her indecisiveness. One boy born in Mexico,one born in America in which he has two different names a Mexican name and an American name. She and one son are illegal but one boy is a citizen of America. Yet she lied about that to bring him back to Mexico. But now she wants to live in America with both sons. Fear or no fear her story is very confusing it is understandable why ice doesn’t believe her. Her story leaves more questions than answers. Like why is she still an illegal? Why wasn’t her second son born in America? Has she applied for citizenship for her and the second son? Her sons problems stem from her and her craziness not from ice sorry no sympathy here she is the cause of all the confusion

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    Ana Jackson

    Will i be detained & if so for how long??? I am blk american but i am always mistaken for Hispanic /latina because i'm mixed. I speak Spanish & other languages because that & linguistics are what i study. I was also born overseas because my father was US military. All i have is an out of state driver's license & my foreign birth certificate. I have an expired US passport, but even when it was active some (white) ppl refused it as my two forms of government ID. And even expired passports actually retain merit for citizenship. The problem is not many ppl know how citizenship, passports, ID work in America. So how long would i be detained before anyone figures that out???

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    Ana Jackson

    I have had a valid up to date Passport rejected a couple of times by ppl who either a)don't know passports are two valid forms of government ID or b)they literally had no clue what a passport was. I have a foreign birth certificate, a US passport, i look Hispanic (my family is blk from NC, father US military, hence the foreign birth), & i speak Spanish amongst other languages. Since i know that some ppl have no clue how passports, citizenship or IDs work or maybe they were just racists, i am perturbed. Will i get detained if i cross paths with a moron or a racist???

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    Wesley P

    i dont think you guys understand. there are a large number of people here in the usa that hate all immigrants unless they are like English. anyone else they just oppose with their entire being. there is ALOT of real hate in the usa.

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    Ana Jackson

    To many ppl, including those in power don't understand how citizenship, residencies, visas, permits, passports & IDs work so default to skin & language. That's the problem.

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    The two states that have the highest revenue in the country are also the two states that also have the highest amounts immigrants, California and New York. Therefore the greater amount of productive immigrants far, far exceeds the stereotyped philosophy from the right.

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    av brad

    we have lost our rights

    I don't care if your white ,black, yellow or us citizen you are losing your rights
    what I see is a Nazi state of control
    no order no sense
    just a whole nation worried about being arrested or deported
    because ones id or different id is suddenly in question
    us or foreign I think we are all seeing a repeat of time
    my thought is the Nazi won and real freedom is going down a very shitty toilet
    o human rights ……………did I say Nazi……

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    Vander Legion

    we need to start a new party no Democrats no Republicans no Independence just a new party that stronger than all that actually speaks for the people

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    Nancy Janzen

    Helps not to have both an American and a Mexican birth certificate. Also helps not to be smuggling your illegal alien brither

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  85. Post

    This is nothing new, I have herd of Puerto Rican's being detained before, mainly because they would not acknowledge that is part of the U.S.

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    Albertus Vergilius

    Let me get this straight, his mother claimed he was born in Mexico, therefore he ends up getting detained as they were going by what she said, and now there's outrage? The border patrol acted justly

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    Pinky jones

    So an illegal lies and causes confusion for her kid because of her LIES and you are blaming ICE…Wow idiot is to kind a word for these morons.

  92. Post

    Operation wetback. Look it up. This country has never given a shit about being legal, they care about being brown. Let's change that.

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    wayne french

    a comment not related to this video. a prediction 4 you trump is about to sign. 9-11 bill. he will soon take credit 4 jon stewart's work & say he passed the bill &nobody else could do it

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    It's not a mistake. This is a deliberate act to get rid of brown and black people in the USA, regardless of citizenship. Trump wants to apply Birtherism to ALL people of color and it started with Barak Obama.

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    Robert Emery

    They should sue border patrol up the wazoo for this. If they do it'll get them to think twice about their overzealous actions.

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    Adrián Durán

    Im from México and what she did is illegal in Mexico at a federal level and she could go to jail. She claimed his son was born in Mexico so she could use the social services like universal healthcare, education and daycare for free in Mexico. So basically what she did is identity fraud in Mexico and can go to jail and since he is 18 and if he is aware of this now and won't fix it he will also face federal charges.

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    JR GEE


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    Kingy smiles

    No U.S citizen should be held in our country for immigration purposes not one second is okay ever!! Everything is a phonecall away or a click away

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