Brexit and EU citizens’ applications for settled status (the deadline) ❗️🔔

Brexit and EU citizens’ applications for settled status (the deadline) ❗️🔔

– Hi this is a video for EU
nationals living in the UK. I’m Tom Bradford, I’m
a lawyer and barrister and a partner at Freeths, the law firm. I’m making this video
specifically for EU nationals to address the deadline
that applies to them in relation to applying
for settled status. Let’s have a look at the chronology. So Brexit Day is on the 29th of March 2019. Then we have the 31st of December 2020 which is the end of the transition period but the deadline really,
is the 30th of June 2021. That’s the one that you’ve got to bear in mind in particular. What you have to do to
apply is number one, be a EU citizen. You must be an EU citizen or a family member of
an EU citizen to apply. Secondly, you must have
continuous residence. So five years continuous residence. If not, then you may apply
for pre-settled status and I’ve made separate videos about that. If you check out this video, Settled Status and Brexit Your Options. That deals with presettled status as well. The position in relation
continuity of leave is that your five years
will not have been broken if you have been in the UK
for at least half of the year. So you’re permitted 180
days absence per year or if you haven’t been out of
the UK for more than one year for a good reason. So you’re permitted to be out of the UK. Absent for one year for a good
reason like work or study. Number three, the cut off date
for residence must be met. So if we go back to the chronology. You can see the transition period is up to the 31st of December 2020. As long you as an EU citizen
are resident in the UK or you entered the UK before that date, the 31st of December 2020 then you will be able to apply. Either you’ll be able
to apply in this case for pre-settled status but
then you’ll be able to go on and after you’ve accrued five
years of residence in the UK you’ll be able to apply
for settled status. The key thing is that if you are applying either for settled status
or for pre-settled status you should be applying
by the 30th of June 2021. If you don’t make an application, then you’ll be in the UK
unlawfully from that date unless for example you
decide to naturalize as a British citizen and I have made a separate
video about that here which goes through the steps on that including applying for permanent residence which you can do now, pre-Brexit and then applying to
naturalize as British citizen. So the fourth test is
applying by the deadline. As I say that is the 30th of June 2021. If you’re here on the 1st
of July 2021 in the UK without having made an
application for settled or pre-settled status and
without having naturalized as a British citizen, then
you’ll be in the UK unlawfully. The nature of settled
status is it’s going to be something like indefinite leave to remain as far as we can see. Now that is going to be
indefinite leave to remain after the deadline and
after the transition period so when we start 2021 we will
have a new immigration system with new immigration routes open. But the EU Settlement
Scheme is specifically for those EU nationals
who are present in the UK by the 31st of December 2020. So I hope that helps. I have various other videos in relation to settled
status and pre-settled status and how to deal with your situation. If you’re an EU national and you need to regularize
your status in the UK, ahead of Brexit then please do subscribe and click the notification
bell to get my updates as I release them. If you want a consultation, do drop me an email my
contact details are here and I’d be happy to assist. Thanks very much.


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    Tom Bradford

    ☎️ Feel free to call or email me: 📞 0044 845 128 6986 📧 [email protected] I am available to speak with you about settled status in a free initial telephone consultation with you on a private and confidential basis.
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    As EU national that moved to the UK in 2011, I've been self-employed part of the time and self-sufficient the rest (but haven't worked 5 years in total). I am IT contractor on short-term contracts paying £300 to £350 a day, therefore I don't need to work most of the year. What can I do to stay legally?

    I've tried getting permanent residence as self-sufficient but was unable to provide insurance certificarte. There are many opportunities for me in the continent, a lot of uncertainty here in UK. Is it okay if I come back in 2 o 3 years after UK decides what to do with us? Shall I still have chances to get residence then? or I need to wait here? I was waiting for years, since the referedum.

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    Jesse Duodu-Owusu

    When the UK leaves the EU, then it will no longer be part of it, will it? Do you think that we EU nationals will face deportation if we haven't applied for settled or pre-settled status by 30 June 2021?

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    Jesse Duodu-Owusu

    Excuse me, Mr Bradford. Do you think that British citizens have to pay a £6 fee to travel to other EU countries? British passports will go back to blue from October 2019 to make them look like American passports, won't they?

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