British Citizens SHOCKED To Learn How Badly Americans Get Screwed On Healthcare

British Citizens SHOCKED To Learn How Badly Americans Get Screwed On Healthcare

An amazing new video is gone viral on social
media posted by the Twitter account politics, Joe underscore U K and in this video, Britains
were asked how much they think American citizens pay for certain kinds of healthcare. You know,
certain services at the hospital or at the doctor or certain medications. And all of
them were shocked at how badly American citizens are getting screwed with our healthcare system.
Here’s a brief sniff a snippet from this video. Take a look. So two EpiPens. How much do you reckon they
are? $80. $600. $40? I’m afraid not. More? More. A hundred dollars? $150? More. $250
More. Shut the fridge. 300 pounds. $600? What? Why? That’s a very good question. $600 yeah. For me it’s more like just hives and shortness
of breath. So it wouldn’t be like an immediate death situation. But like, so I’ve been fortunate
about how to use it, but it’s something like, keep on me. Like I have my backpack right
now. I have it on me. Cost of childbirth. She’s um, 50 grand, something ridiculous.
Now I’ve blown it. I’ve blown the figures up in your head. And I have an odd cause they’re
large. It’s the highest generally speaking. About 30 grand. Okay. Okay. Reasonable, reasonable.
It’s so, it’s just like now I’m like a what? A benchmark. A hundred $200. Yeah. Uh, the average is about
10 grand. It can go up to 30,000. 10 Grand for a baby? An inhaler. $100. Yeah, you’re
pretty close. It’s a bit more $120? $250 – $350? For an inhaler. Yes. So if you’re poor, you’re
dead. I believe the young woman said it best when
she said, so if you’re poor, your dead, which is pretty much how the United States system
of healthcare operates today. If you’re poor, you’re dead. Her little soundbite, right?
There needs to be a campaign video, but only for the politicians who are actually pushing
universal healthcare. Medicare for all single payer plans. Not for your Medicare, for all
who wanted people, but for your Bernie Sanders types. If you’re poor, you’re dead. And that’s
not an overstatement. That’s not hyperbole. That’s what’s happening in the United States
today. People are having to ration their medicine. They’re having to hop the border both North
and South to go to be able to afford medications to stockpile it so that they can actually
afford it. And again, this is a uniquely American occurrence. Other countries do not pay the
markups that we pay here in the United States. Their governments negotiate drug prices. We
don’t because we’ve made it to where we can’t. We have promised drug companies that we’re
not going to do that because those drug companies are the ones who fund most of our politicians.
The healthcare industry funds them to the insurance industry funds them to the hospital
corporation. Every part of the healthcare system has their dirty little fingers on at
least one politician making these rules, allowing these companies to continue to gouge us at
the point of service. This has to stop and the only way to stop it is Medicare for all.
Not all who want it? Medicare for all period. End of policy. That’s the only way. And you
can’t phase it in either. I’m sorry you can’t. I do like Elizabeth Warren, but her, let’s
take our time. Put her feet up, just gradually get to Medicare for all. Nope, that’s not
good. That’s not good enough. People will still die. So let’s Institute a plan that,
yeah, guess what folks? It’s going to be a little painful at first. It’s gonna be a little
hard to figure out in the first couple of weeks and after that, everything should be
okay. Change is hard sometimes, but not as hard as losing a loved one because they couldn’t
afford their insulin. Which would you rather have a couple of weeks of confusion about
healthcare or sticking someone you love in the ground because of the price gouging from
big pharma.


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    I'm dying of prostrate cancer because I'm not qualified for medical insurance, I'm not disabled, and I'm not employable. But hey, don't worry. Trump is cutting my food stamps so I'll be starving before the cancer gets me. Welcome to America.

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    My 84 year old mom voted for Trump and deeply regrets it, but she is also against any "social" program like Medicare for All and doesn't think kids should get free college, as she came from the generation that picked themselves up by the bootstraps and didn't see a real need for higher education. I don't argue with her, I just say,"sigh,well mom whatever were doing now is not working" which she agrees.My family has double insurance and the cream of the best do to husband working for the government, and I also get Medicare. Sometimes when I see a bill for a visit it just blows my mind that they are billing the insurance companies 350-700 dollars a visit! I personally don't agree on open borders and free medical to adults, only children. It's going to take some real start policy changes to really work, but we have to try.

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    Even if you have insurance, or Medicare as it is now, healthcare can be too expensive. I'm on Medicare now and can't afford my care. I often resort to taking Fish Antibiotics because that's way cheaper than doctors visits plus the prescriptions. Yes, I know that's not a good idea. But for certain ailments such as UTI's, I feel safe enough diagnosing myself. It can kill me if I don't treat it all, so Doctor Google and Fish Antibiotics have to do sometimes.

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    Terry Stormo

    In doing research on alternative medicines for my family I have learned of the use of WD40 for arthritis pain, Dog dewormer for cancer treatment, animal antibiotics are cheaper than for humans Moringa for eye problems. All of the people without healthcare are learning to take care of themselves. We don't need McTreason to give us anything.

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    Yep. Republicans hate the poor. They lock them up for being poor. If they die then Republicans don't have to jail them.

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    Chris Murray

    Holy Shit !!!!! Looking back, I’m so pleased that when I lived in the States for a few years I never needed medical attention !! I am in a good position financially but I have MS (Multiple Sclerosis) which thankfully hasn’t had too much of an effect on me,as yet, even though I’m approaching fifty. I would be screwed if I lived in the US !!!
    I’ve benefited from the NHS my whole life but I’ve also paid my taxes which in turn benefits others who, for whatever reason, haven’t and I’m cool with that !! It’s called social responsibility !!

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    Ot Gman

    But, but the billionaires need their tax cuts! Moreover, dangerously stupid Trumptards have warned us about the extreme dangers of Democratic Socialism, especially the cost of human right to life when billionaires and corporations stand to lose money if lives are valued and saved.

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    Diego Luke

    Had a kidney transplant and cancer. Medication is ridiculously expensive because I have a chronic disease. So I moved to Italy. It's so great now 🙂 Ciao Ciao

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    I am Australia and i am appalled and saddened at what at what is happening in richest most powerful country on earth, i had gestational diabetes when i was pregnant all my insulin the test strips the needles and the testpen everything was for free the government paid for it every month i didnt pay a dollar.

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    Kilgore Trout

    Any lawyers out there ? I'm not a lawyer and I've got a legal question: If we know that someone is going to die unnecessarily in the near future, and we can prevent that death and yet do nothing, are we complicit in manslaughter or even murder? By extension; if we know that 30,000 to 50,000 people are going to die unnecessarily in the future and we can prevent it (by passing Medicare4All) but do nothing, are we not complicit in genocide of our own people ? That my friends is the bottom line on healthcare in the good 'ol USA, it's genocide ! You can argue about intent 'till the cows come home but I maintain whether you die from someone's malicious hatred or someone's greed and callous indifference, you're still dead.

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    Socrates Inglessis

    The corporations have done nothing wrong.
    Capitalism is all about making the most with spending the least.
    Don't blame the playa, CHANGE THE GAME!
    When the people demand a better system then maybe we can start the next phase without wage slavery.

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    Brett Delbridge

    As an Australian I’m horrified at how much Americans have to pay for healthcare and the fact that it’s debated so vigorously. It’s an absolute NO BRAINER healthcare should not cost so much

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    americans are so stupid for paying for healthcare. its insane, most the world has a form of the NHS except america, in america they are ruled by greed. i will never ever pay for healthcare. its against my beliefs. i would rather die than pay. also i have a small business , i couldnt afford to offer health insurance. even if it was the law to provide it, i wouldnt provide it, because i am british. and i am ABOVE paying for healthcare

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    Stuart Coyle

    You would see the same reaction if us Australians were asked the same questions (and I bet the same if you asked anyone in most of the western world apart from the US.)

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    sandy gibson

    the republicans,fox news and msnbc dont care that people are dying because of health care,they only care about their corporate donors

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    Tony White

    The United States healthcare system is only geared to the Rich and those who can afford it through private insurance policies,The rich can get whatever they want in hospitals if they throw a couple million at them .I have heard when that is done the hospitals ALWAYS give that individual front of the line access to top notch healthcare and medicine ,meanwhile someone who is on a GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE PLAN gets nothing .Believe me even in Canada it's basically the same thing Doctor's here give the rich front of the line access to medicine meanwhile the poor here still have to co pay at a lot of pharmacies and with the co pays they have to take money out of their food budget and starve especially those who are poor and live in rural areas .And the provincial healthcare system s here won't cover migraine medication to people because migraine pills here are over 100 Dollars A PILL and you're lonly allowed 6 pills every six months. And they expect the poor to take a generic heart medication WHEN THEY DON'T have a heart condition to begin with .The reason why I WOULD KNOW is I LIVE in Canada and I live with someone who has had that happen to them .So people of the world DON'T THINK Canada has "Universal Healthcare" BECAUSE IT DOESN'T .that is a big lie.The only reason why American's come up here is the U.S Dollar is almost double than ours and therefore medication is cheaper for them THAT'S IT.

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    Jessica Bushell-Hale

    Alright, but what the fuck?
    My sister had asthma when she was a kid (she outgrew it in her late teenage/early adulthood years) it was so bad she had to go to the hospital multiple times for an asthma attack. How would my mother have paid for all that shit if she lived in America? A monthly inhaler, the ambulance, the hospital stay. I'm just glad we still have out Medicare.

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    I take Breo for asthma, and even with insurance it's $100 a month. To make it last I use it every 3 days instead of every day, now my insurance company does not want to cover it any more. I think without insurance it will be around $400 per month. i can't possibly afford that. "if you're poor you're dead" indeed.

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    Tom Towers

    Hey doctors and CEOs got yacht bills they gotta pay. Stop complaining, Instead how about voting someone the hell out of office?

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    clare dyson

    In the UK we can't complain at the prices but the NHS isn't all that good. Not if u like to be alive anyway. Unless you have a drug or alcohol problem or are an immigrant you can't get a doctor's appointment unless you plan to be ill two weeks in advance. Going to hospital is a gamble. You go in with one thing and come out dead or with some completely different disease. Then there is the medication postcode lottery.
    So I guess the best idea is to stay away from health care as much as possible. Most things go away by them selves or can be fixed at home anyway.

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    Herbert A Ritchie

    It clear up any misunderstanding.
    There not moving to Trumps American
    Where GOP made it Clear its Government own Privileges
    nothing to do with
    body of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is acknowledged to be governed.
    Shitting on constitution

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    Nikki Arko

    In the winter I have to choose heat or meds. My thermostat never goes above 55. I only take my asthma meds in the Spring. I ration my insulin and reuse needles.

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    $10,000 for a baby 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
    Welcome to AMERICA the alleged GREATEST country on earth! Our politicans say health insurance companies care🤣😂This is CAPITALISM own a politican and corporations rule us little people.

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    Nobody Anybody

    Healthcare-related cooperation in United States is immoral. Oh!, DidJesus charged an arm and a leg for his healing.

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    Joe Bloggs

    The country belongs to the people not the people who run the country for us so I think we should tell them what we want not what they going to give us

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    Coco Crisp

    What real Americans need to understand is that it's the Republikkklan white supremacists that are keeping us from having universal health care.

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    The sad part is the UK is about to join us in our medical assraping party. Once brexit goes through the US is going to force the UK to sell off the NHS and buy pharmaceuticals from us as a part of any trade deal. In a few days they are probably going to vote for this.

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    GT Nismo

    Ive had serious health issues since birth. About 5 years ago one of them was diagnosed for the first time. Im 48 now. I had to work for 20+ years with 2 herniated discs in my back because i couldn't afford h/c. Im permanently disabled now. At 48 yo, i can no longer work because i couldn't afford healthcare. Imagine being 48 and having to live on $600 a month. Not to mention that $135 a month comes out of my disability for Medicare/Medicaid. Also, $260 a month fir child support. My "kids" are 24 and 25 yo. The horrific details go on. I love America but its let me and millions of others down.

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    Unel Mitchell

    I have never understood where does being a Christian fixes in with being a republiKLANS or KLANsevaTARD??? Only thing I see is selling there souls for a tax free status.

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    Broke my leg in a motorcycle accident. The hospital was $78000. That didn't include the Doctor , anesthesiologist , ambulance and physical therapist. Total was a little over $100000. Insurance covered 80%. Im making payments for the rest of my life.

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    Tahtahme Xero

    But tell an American doctor you don't want to pay them 10k for a baby and you'd rather have a homebirth people lose their shit and tell you to not have kids if youre poor smdh.

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    Ronisha Stroud

    I have not had any type of medical insurance for 2 years. It was the moment that i turn 18 i lost my Medicaid. And i count the days that i have not gotten injured. But we need Medicare for all. To stop the worries for so many people of thinking going to the doctor once will make you bankrupt.

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    Julia Benson-Reazin

    I use to be on Medicaid because we were at 132% poverty in Colorado, my husband got a promotion and now we got kicked off and forced on his employers insurance. Now they do not cover half of the medication my family needs and we have to pay out of pocket like a stomach medication and an NSAIDS called celebrex. They told me stomach meds and NSAIDS are over the counter. We cannot afford the deductible so we just don't go to the doctor. So we are actually sicker on private healthcare then when we were on government healthcare. My husband and I are terrified that if someone gets seriously hurt, we will have to declare bankruptcy. That is why I support Bernie, his medical plan is a platinum plan at half the cost of a bronze plan.

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    Mark Stein

    This is very true but I happen to be disabled and have Medicare Supplement. All my prescriptions are under $4.00. But in 2020 Nancy Pelosi not Trump plans to strip me of all those delicious goodies.

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    Kelp Engineer

    I honestly don’t see Medicare for all ever happening in America. The corruption is just too entrenched to ever be rooted out. Even if Bernie was elected, there will always be enough republicans in power to scuttle it every time. There’s just too many people that will continue to vote against their own best interest because of abortion or gun control or LGBT rights. They’d literally rather die, or have their children die than give up their assault rifle or allow a woman the right to choose to go through with a pregnancy or let two men marry. Go figure…

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    Jonathan Daubin

    Been screaming about this since the takeover of the A.M.A. by the insurance industries. H.M.O.'s were their vehicle.

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    TrumpGoogled MyYahoo

    First I laughed….then I cried. The reactions of those people were funny, but the reality of how truly corrupt and broken this entire country is is crushing. Absolutely crushing. My mom, who I love dearly, is a republican. She calls herself "independent" but she gobbles up fox news talking points and attacks socialism WHILE she's being fucked by Republican policies and corporate greed. My dad passed away in 2008, he had lung cancer that spread pretty much everywhere. My parents owned their home and had what was considered to be EXCELLENT insurance. My mom worked for an insurance company for decades, great job, "great" benefits, they both worked their asses off. Anyway, when my dad got sick, everything just started to fall apart. He was diagnosed just about 8 months before he died, so it really wasn't even a long time, but his treatments and medication for those 8 months left my mom financially destitute. She was forced to file bankruptcy and give up the home she had owned for 30 years, and she is STILL making payments for my dads medical bills. 11 years later. Just ONE SINGLE PILL of one of my dad's prescriptions costed nearly $200. Insurance did cover some of it, but not NEARLY enough, and he had to just stop taking them. I just can't comprehend how she STILL supports republicans who cater to corporations that literally shake people down during the worst times in their lives. Now she lives in a mobile home (it's not a BAD place, but it's also not her home that she owned for 30 years and should have retired in) making monthly payments and scraping by paycheck to paycheck. She should be retired by now, but is still working more than full time just to be able to pay off medical bills and still be able to keep a roof over her head.

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    Sandra Johnson

    It's all about the greedy people making sure the wealthy stay wealthy by making sure they all make a profit. The poor are the people who suffer and it does not have to be like this…..we could be like other countries and make sure we think about people.

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    Michael Villalobos

    I went to Japan and I had an infection in my throat and I wanted to get to the hospital but it was 3 am and I could've used the ambulance and it was free. I told the nurse at the hospital how much the average of what ambulance would cost in California. They were shocked. The USA's medical system is a sham and scam

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    Grass is always greener I suppose. My American friend moved to Great Britain to be with his British wife. He loved the British healthcare system. She loved the American one. Go figure.

    I personally don’t think Americans would tolerate the wait times. Another acquaintance from Australia told me some horror stories. Mostly involving bones healing incorrectly and having to be re broken when their turn for free healthcare came up after two months.

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    That young English girl nailed it. You Americans need to pry your representatives from the clutches of big business and take control of your country back because it's almost too late.

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    "But I know a bunch of english who hate their healthcare because they have to wait for everything" – – every republican who has blocked universal healthcare since Harry Truman

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    America the greatest country in the world! if you're poor you're dead, God bless America and no place else. Lol What a joke!

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    His Bubbliness

    Most people who live in countries with universal healthcare don't even get this far. A lot of their reactions are, "Wait, they get a bill?"

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    Mark Elms

    This is unbelievable! How on earth can the costs be so high? Why do Americans believe they live in the best country on the planet? Do you carry a tube of lube everywhere you go? Because it sounds like you are getting shafted at every turn

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    Akai Maho Miru

    I had no health care for 3 years after losing my right leg from the knee down, 3 years I had to fight in court to prove I lost my leg to get Disability benefits and not being able to work and needing Insulin for my diabetes( was told by SSA I would be better in a year, what my leg is gona grow back magically)…….so yea your poor your as good as dead.

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    G. Rekv

    Where is the collective outrage in the US? Have Americans been played off against each other by their politicians so bad that they rather remain docile? Doesn't anybody out there understand what solidarity is? WTF is wrong with you people?

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    The owners of America can't quite make up their minds if they want a) an army of poor, struggling masses whom they can enslave so that they keep raking in millions of dollars, or b) piles of dead people on the streets. They can't have it both ways, how stupid of them!

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    Warren Abeshouse

    The British NHS is a very generous system of healthcare and is unique to them. Here in Australia, we have just Medicare which all citizens get, with costs different for concession and non-concession holders but there is an annual limit for how much one pays for prescriptions, and when that is reached they're free for the rest of the year. On top of that, there is private health insurance for which I pay about $140 per month. It's all fairly simple and straightforward – hardly any paperwork and one rarely has to deal with insurance matters directly with a company. That's how it should be but in America, Big Pharma gouges everyone for medications and the rest of it is a convoluted, expensive nightmare. Should America adopt what they call 'Medicare for All', what went before it has to be scrapped entirely and a system on the Australian model should be introduced in full; it can't be introduced gradually. Americans won't know what's hit them but assuredly, within a month or two of its implementation, they'll all be supremely happy they did – except, of course, those who will lose their excessive profits.

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    America is a country with aspects of a third-world-country. Everything is set up to milk citizens to death and the citizens call it communism if somebody wants it different. It's so stupid.

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    Ronald Delvax

    Here in the Netherlands it's getting worse every day… It's not as bad as in the US, but we're apparently heading there…

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    ellen hofrath

    I am German an have Diabetes. I pay 40 € a year for medication. Nothing for the doctors work and blood tests at the docs.

  99. Post
    Gamer Boy

    Jesus…just googled's 40$ for 100 vials in my area…charging 600$ is not price gauging…it's criminal ..

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    J Paterson

    No. If you’re the working poor, you’re dead or lower income. Earning a salary that keeps you out of Medicaid but working for small businesses or as a contractor, who don’t provide decent insurance or if they have pre-existing conditions. I have health insurance which pays for my scripts. I however fell and cracked a rib. Pain sent me to the hospital. Waited in an empty waiting room for 2 hrs, finally went back and was seated in the hallway. Saw a PA and had an x-ray, turned down an MRI, was given a script for totally ineffective lidocaine patch and told to take ibuprofen. Useless. Went to my primary, received a script for stronger NSAID and a muscle relaxer and a note not to work for a week. Hospital, after Blue Cross/Blue Shield, cost me close to $4,000 for sub par medical help.

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