British Citizenship Test | How Well Do Brits Know Their Geography?

Where’s the
Scottish-England border? There? Where do you think it is? There. This is London,
and the red is…boom. Can you name me
some of the Channel Islands? Guernsey. I think the Isle of Wight
is one of the Channel Islands. Gibraltar is one. Since 2005, anyone wanting to become
British has had to take a citizen test. But how well do existing UK
citizens know the country? I’m going to test their geography. Who do you think’s better at
geography, northerners or southerners? Definitely southerners. Right, how much do you
love your country? Lots. There we go. There’s a pencil.
A pencil for you. Off you go, and draw the UK. Down. In the middle.
Cornwall is down here. Europe is like the right. And then America is like all
the way down there. What did you say was here?
Like…America. No, America is that side. And Europe is there. I don’t know what happened here.
I don’t know… What was that?
Maybe a leg or something. It looks like something else to me. There is research that says
we find it harder to draw shapes we are familiar with. Maybe that’s why everyone
is getting it wrong. Did you know that Northern Ireland,
actually the border… ..goes like this? So you’ve got this bit
and it goes back up like that. Perfect.
Now for the second challenge – identifying various points
of interest on a map of the UK. Some stickers for you. Put your sticker
on Edinburgh please. OK. Edinburgh. OK. Right at the top there.
Edinburgh is in Scotland. I have no idea. It’s up north-ish. Is it that high, though?
That looks very mountainous. I think it’s not in the mountains. I have no idea.
I’m going to go… So it’s actually south
of the estuary, so this is it. Put a red sticker on Newcastle. Newcastle. It’s not that
far from Reading. To be fair, I should have said
Newcastle upon Tyne. This is Newcastle, right? OK. I think some people were aiming
for the other Newcastle, Newcastle-under-Lyme. Newcastle is actually here. Blue on Manchester. Um… Further up there. OK. You?
Where do you think it is? There. OK.
And where do you think it is? Terrible. Terrible stuff. It’s here. I was closer. Yellow on Cardiff. That’s low.
That’s easy, that one. I think we might be making
a mug of ourselves. Do you know where the
border of Scotland is? No need for a sticker,
just put your hand. I think it is around
this sort of area here. I would probably say… Like Newcastle,
around this sort of area. So the border of Scotland
has got to be around here. Yeah, this is pretty shocking.
The spread is enormous – we’ve got Edinburgh
all the way up the top and some sort of Cardiff
down in Cornwall. And then we’ve got a Newcastle
round here near Bristol. 36% of people fail
the citizenship test. As far as geography is concerned, I’m not sure the UK residents
would do any better.

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