British Take REAL AMERICAN Citizenship Test!

– Hi, we’re Joel and Lia. – And today, we’re sitting
an American citizenship test. (scatting music) – So if ever we were
allowed in the country for good, we’d probably
have to do one of these. – Yeah, and we’re not gonna
do the whole test obviously. This is a study-guide
website and so we’ve clicked, quick practice test and it’s giving us ten randomly generated questions
from the citizenship test. We’re gonna be terrible.
– Well if you can’t do it can you just
regenerate the question? Can you skip? No. – No, no.
– Right. – There’s no way out of this. – So we’ll get a percentage at the end. – Yeah.
– Right. – You guys already, I’m sure most of you have sat home just laughing being like, this is gonna be hilarious because we’re not gonna know anything. And I’m sure that if
you’re not subscribed to us and you’re watching this
you’re gonna just be like, prove to me that you’re amazing. – I’m the kind of person
that will like do a test and if the first answer
is like the middle, you know, like of multiple choice. – Yeah. – If it’s like A, B, or C, if it’s B then I’m like convinced the next one won’t be B again. – Oh really.
– Yeah. – I think they double-bluff. – Yeah and they’ll be
like B, B, B, and then C. – Yeah.
– Yeah, I know. This is how, this is
what we’re dealing with is what I’m saying, right, let’s go. – You never know we might do better, okay, so.
– It’ll be fine, yep. – The first question, and you guys can play along with us is, why did the Colonists fight the British? What is a Colonist? (laughing) I don’t even know what a Colonist is. A colon is your bum isn’t it, the colon goes through you.
– The colon does. (laughing) – I don’t know what it is. – Okay. – I guessing it’s people, it’s American. – Yeah. – So why did the Americans
fight the British? – [Lia] Is that what it is? – So the three answers are: Because the Colonists
wanted their weapons, or because they didn’t
have self-government and because of high taxes, or because the Colonists
wanted their ships. – Definitely high taxes,
people always complain about taxes.
– Really. – Don’t they? – But in the era of ships I don’t know, well what do you think?
– Oh they might have wanted their ships. – Wasn’t there something to do with tea?
– And the background, the background of this is like, – [Together] It’s ships. – Yeah.
– So let’s put that, let’s put ships.
– Let’s do ships. Let’s see, try again. – What? – Let’s do taxes then ’cause you said–
– Well no ’cause now now it’s gonna be weapons and I said taxes ’cause I always think
people fight over money. Why would they–
– Let’s try taxes. – It’s right.
– Yeah. – Well done. – So you know, I mean just guess. – Your gut instinct. – Gut instinct. – Go with your gut instinct. – Okay, next question. – Okay, what happened – [Together] At the
Constitutional Convention? – I didn’t know they had conventions back then.
– It was a convention. (laughing) – Like Comic Con.
– What? In the Hilton? – In the Hilton. (laughing) So read out what they did at The Hilton. – The Declaration of
Independence was written. The Founding Fathers
disbanded the Constitution. Or the Constitution was written. I bet the Constitution.
– I think it’s one or three. – What happened at the
Constitutional Convention? – [Together] The Constitution was written. – Yeah or else why would they call it the Constitutional Convention. – Oh you’re so clever, She’s so clever, yes! We’re getting into America. (laughing) Let us in! – 100% that was right, – [Together] Well done. – Okay, so, the House of Representatives has how many voting members? 50, 100, or 435? – It’s gonna be 100 isn’t it? – I think high,
– Or 50. – I think 435. – Really? I was thinking 50 or 100. 100 is a round number, and it’s a nice number, we go well there’s a
House of Representatives there’s 100 of us here. – Yeah but when do countries ever do that? We always make it hard for ourselves. – What if it’s 50, because isn’t there, how
many states are in America? – 52? – Oh 52, I was gonna say maybe
there’s one from each state. – 51, or 50, no there’s 50. – There’s 50 there might
be one from each state, or something. The House of Representatives. – Yeah let’s do 50. No, I think it’s 435. Yes.
– Good job, – [Together] Yes. – How’d you know? – I don’t know, I just thought it, when I’ve seen pictures
of American politics, firstly, I don’t get how it works. It works very differently to our politics, but there’s always so many
people and I’m like wow. – What more than like
in our House of Commons when they’re all arguing and stuff? – I don’t know – Alright. – I don’t really watch. – Fine, next one. Name one state that borders Mexico. – Texas. – Oh okay. – Because we’re going there
and I’ve looked at the map. – Oh yeah and everyone was telling you where Mexas was,
– Yeah, – Mexas (laughing) oh ’cause Tex-Mex. – Oh yeah because I said, Tex-Mex, exactly. I said that Texas was South America because like you guys have educated me, you said it’s not South America, that’s blown my mind. I though everything south
of the United States was South America. Apparently it’s Central America. – Oh yeah, because Christy did a tour around Central America and it included places that I was like,
oh that’s South America, she was like no, it’s
called Central America. – Wow, mind blown.
– I know. – Thanks for the education guys. – So.
– So Texas. – Correct
– Correct. – Phew they’re gonna let us in. We’re five of ten questions in. – Well no, because we have. – We’re half way through. – We did get some wrong
though, because we guessed. – No, we’re five, we’re
half way through the test is what I’m saying, as in like it’s not going that badly. – Oh this is gonna get even worse. – Name the US war between
the North and the South. – The Spanish-American War, the Mexican War, or the Civil War or
War Between the States. – Surely they’ll call it the Civil War. – Yeah, it must be the Civil War. – Why would they call it
the Spanish-American War, or the Mexican war? – Does this mean between the
North America and South America or does it mean between
the northern states of the United States
and the southern states of the United States? – They’re not gonna be
able to answer are they? We haven’t got any help through this test. (laughing) – I’m listening. (laughing) – Whatever you say. – This means we can’t cheat. So, right, the Civil War. – It’s either the
Spanish-American or the Civil. – Yes. – We got it right.
– You are good. – Thank you. – Right, how many US Senators are there? 100, 50, or 200? If you get this wrong
you’re not getting in. – Are you joking? – It’s the pressure. – How many US Senators are there? What’s a Senator? – Don’t know, I think they
do something with government. – My instinct is always 100. But because there’s 50
states I feel like 50. – Yeah because each state has a senator, because they always
say call your Senators. – Okay 50. The last time we did that
as well we got it wrong. Should we go high again then? – 100, maybe there’s two per state. Two senators, yeah, there’s
two, well maybe, I don’t know. – We don’t know, we’re
just making all of this up. – And we reinforce it to ourselves – [Together] Yeah, yeah, we’re right. – There is two per state, yeah yeah. There’s one man, one
woman, yeah yeah yeah yeah. – Like Noah’s Ark, yeah.
– Like Bill and Hillary! Cause they’re married, aren’t they? – Yeah, they’re a married couple, yeah. In what month do we vote for President? November, December, January. – When did it all kick off?
Must have been January. Must have been January
– New year, new me. – [Together] New year, new President. – Check!
– January. – [Together] Oh! – Hang on. There’s no way that the vote
– Just before Christmas. – What, they were doing
another vote before Christmas? – No, no.
– Oh! – But they didn’t, they
wouldn’t do December, that’s the month of Christmas. – Yeah, too much going on.
– Too much going on, everyone’s busy.
– November, November. – [Together] Yes! (laughing) – They’re busy, see? Christmas. – Everyone’s too busy!
– They’re like, do it before the
Christmas shopping starts. Question eight. – Who does a US Senator represent? Well we’ve just discovered that the senators are of the
states, so it must be it’s either the whole country, only people from Washington DC, or all the people
– All the people – [Together] in the state.
People in the state. – Correct! Tick!
– Whew. – We’re getting in.
– We’re getting in. – Who signs the bills to become laws? The Senate, the President, or Congress? – [Together] Congress? – It sounds like cress, like
the plant. Like, Congress. – (laughing)
– Congress. I don’t know.
– Would you like Congress with that?
– Would you like Congress with that? (laughing) – Well surely the President signs it, but Congress would discuss it. – Yeah, I don’t think it’s the President. Oh no, maybe he does.
– I do, I do. Because I feel like he’s
our equivalent of the Queen. Like if a new law was to be made, or no, it would probably be
made in like UK Parliament. – So it’s in Congress or the Senate, I don’t know what they are, but. – Definitely not the Senate.
– They’ve come up, no but listen, they probably
come up with the bills and then you’re saying they present it to the President.
– The President. – And then he goes, that’s
why there’s that meme of Donald Trump holding a thing, and people have like
put rude things on it. – President, but Congress
present it to him? Three, two, one.
– Yeah. – [Together] Yes!
– Well done. And number ten, let’s
get through this one. What are the two rights of everyone living in the United States? Freedom of speech and
freedom of the press, or freedom to break the law
and freedom of assembly, or freedom of religion,
freedom with no rights. – It’s got to be the top one, hasn’t it? – Well yeah, it’s not gonna
be freedom to break the law. – It’s got to be freedom of speech. – And freedom with no
rights, Americans always bang on about their rights
so it must be number one. – It must be freedom of speech, – [Together] Freedom of the press. – I thought when I read the press, I was like oh, there’s gonna be another one that says
freedom of speech and freedom of something else.
– Yeah, I thought why not freedom of religion? I thought everyone has
freedom of religion. – Well, they do, but maybe it’s not. – Number one.
– I don’t know, what are the two rights of everyone? – Everyone. It should be
freedom of religion as well. – Well it might be freedom with no rights and freedom of religion.
– But why would you have freedom-
– [Together] Of no rights. – What does that mean? Unless it means something really clever
that we don’t understand. – So it’s like you can believe
whatever you want to believe, freedom of no rights,
freedom of any religion you want to believe in.
– I think let’s go with the first one.
– Freedom of speech. – [Together] Speech.
– It’s going to have to be, they always bang on about that. – Yeah, they do. We got it right! – Yes.
– View results. You answered ten and you got – [Together] Six right
on the first attempt. – We got 60%! Yes! That’s over half. – That’s a pass.
– That’s a pass. – That’s probably a C?
– Maybe. – That’s a C.
– I’m happy with that. – We got a C.
– Yeah. – Most people fail that test.
– Yeah. – I don’t know, I just made that up. – I think last time we
got like, what, 40%? – Yeah, so we’ve improved.
– We improved! We’ve got better.
– Every year’s an improvement, new year, new us.
– New us. Wow. That’s, I mean I still don’t feel like I’ve learned very much because there was lots of words batted about that I didn’t know what they mean. But, to be fair, I don’t know much about our own politics.
– No, same. – The way my brother explains to me how politics in our country works, I’m just like, it goes
straight over my head and then I go, you know
what, I don’t even care. Like I’ll vote for whoever,
I’ll vote, I’ll use my vote, but I don’t care the ins
and outs of how things work. So I don’t even think I
would pass the British citizenship test, let
alone the American one. – I don’t know if I would either, Joel. – No.
– The thing is I’m just like, they, like politics and politicians, they all exist, and we trust them to do their job.
– Yeah. – Because we’re like, okay, you people, the people that are in this position, are in that position for a reason, because they’ve educated
themselves to do that job. That’s not why we’re on the earth. – Well that’s what I think.
– I do believe that- – We’ve all got purpose.
– Yeah, that’s not our purpose but I do believe that we
should educate ourselves to know a bit about what they’re doing. Because otherwise we’re
just, because the decisions that they will make will affect us. – Yeah.
– In the future, and affect, you know whether it’s like how likely it will be that we’re going to buy a house one day, how likely, just all the things that they do. – Yeah.
– It’s gonna affect us and our next, the kids
we bring into this world. Don’t worry, we’re not
having children together. – No.
– And… (laughing) But yeah, that’s why I’m like, oh I would like to know more but when all we hear through our
news is that it’s chaos and they don’t even
know what they’re doing, it just makes you go, I’d rather just switch that off.
– Yeah, and also what can you really change,
if you use your vote and you use it wisely, blah blah blah, and still stuff goes wrong you’re like, what else can I do?
– What can I do? – I can’t do anything.
– What can I actually do? – So it’s just better
not to know, I think. I live in Cloud Cuckoo Land,
I’m happy in my little bubble. – Yeah.
– And just enjoying life. And like you said, we’ve
all got a different purpose, both me and Lia believe that
our purpose is to entertain. – Exactly.
– I was put on this earth, you were put on this
earth to entertain people, make people smile, laugh, and
their purpose is to politics. – And they don’t, the
people that watch us, they want to escape from politics anyway. – Oh, yeah.
– So it’s like, people are like oh, do you know what? It’s actually quite nice
that you guys don’t talk about politics and stuff because that’s not why we come to your channel. – Yeah.
– We don’t subscribe for politics, if we wanted politics we’d go to someone who knows
what they’re talking about. – Exactly.
– [Together] That’s not us. – Well we hope you
enjoyed this video though, even though it was maybe a tad political, but not really.
– No but it was purely entertainment that was
– Okay, good. – 100% entertainment.
– Please don’t be triggered by anything, I mean.
– Can’t tell people what to be, not to be triggered by. – Be triggered if you want,
come back, we post videos – [Together] Thrice weekly. – And don’t forget to subscribe, – Yep.
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– [Joel] We’re everywhere. _ [Lia] We’re everywhere.
– [Joel] Can’t escape us. – [Lia] You cannot escape. – [Joel] See you soon!
– [Lia] Cheerio! – [Joel] Cheerio guys,
bye! God save America! No, that’s God Save The Queen. – [Lia, singing] God
save our gracious Queen. – [Joel] What is the American one? – [Lia] It’s, um. Isn’t
it the one that they sing at the Superbowl?
– [Joel] Oh- – [Together, singing] Say can you see?

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