BU2055-16E Citizen Chandler Green Military ….. DCMStore

BU2055-16E Citizen Chandler Green Military ….. DCMStore

hello everyone welcome again
back to DCMStoretore today it is up to us to do the analysis of
this citizen model that is the BU2055-16E this watch belongs to the family to
Chandler and I will tell you the features comes with a strap
military green nylon with a buckle closure a steel case
stainless in an ionized black tone or matt black box
the all-black luminescence dial in hands of hours and minutes
has the ability to give us the day of week and day of month that echo movement
drive comes with an anti mineral glass reflective reserve indicator of
100 low water resistant energy meters and a box size of 43
millimeters this is as new as just launched citizen this year and well
we will measure the size of the box we we located here from 10 a.m. to 4 a.m.
and we see there the 43 millimeters of box size
we now review what is the size of the belt and measure where the
life closure the last hole of fit are 22 centimeters in size
box I’m going to make an approach to see
detail the beauty of this model and we start with the anti mineral crystal
reflective see how you reject the light for stronger than it is for the cover
is looking always and at all times we see in the psuv on the left the day
of the week the subway to the right is the day of the month and the lower sub dial are
12 24 hours a day we see the luminescence of
hour and minute hands we see this matte black
see the next strap goes to the box or clock style or a closure of
citizen signature buckle if we turn back cover with technical data that we
gives citizen of the watch as the caliber with that we find destructive via
on-line see how well this strap is made me
love the details that citizen has with all the materials very well we go
to program the clock in this case as has date the crown has two
positions Once out, the
halo arrow twice out it schedule the time i will win once and I want you to see how it changes there
the day of the month we will leave this watch on day 18 18 there is already programmed what is the
day of the month for the day of the week only have to be done once but it goes
to be via adjusting the hands of the work because once you do it I don’t know
adjust again very well we will also adjust the time
of the clock we pull twice you hear a bit louder the click and we can
set the time we will leave this clock at five in
point we keep the crown and ready this watch
it is already programmed in date and time and is ready to use very well
you already know us we are DCMStore.net j find us in the
network please and this watch include the Citizen five year warranty a
instructions and its eco drive box that happened over here quickly three points number one is we see
which is the discount coupon to our page this is for you to achieve a price
better if you have not demanded me a comment and you will get by the same
well next point we ship express to all of mexico this means
that when your guide passes you up to date next you already have the clock on your
home and the last point is that our page
is prepared with payment methods safer worldwide what
does this mean we have customers in everybody and this is because the clock
is insured until it reaches your country and your home very well I hope you
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