C.O. Mustang Gamma Review – A Star Citizen’s Ship Buyer’s Guide

C.O. Mustang Gamma Review – A Star Citizen’s Ship Buyer’s Guide

I’m gonna tell you everything you need
to know before buying the Mustang gamma and we’re starting right now welcome to
a star citizen’s ship buyer’s guide what’s up citizens this is subliminal here and
today we’ll be discussing the features functions and benefits of the
consolidated Outlands Mustang gamma with a comparison on how those features make
amongst competing ships so you can make an informed buying decision the next
ship in my review series will be the Avenger stalker I would like to know
your thoughts on it and what ship you’d like to see next down in the comments if
you are a subscriber or familiar with my review format you can hop to the time on
the screen to get started unless you would like to see exterior footage of
the gamma for everyone else if we’re just meeting I’m subliminal my passions
are PC gaming star citizen and content creation this channel brings them
together in harmony the primary focus of this series is to
review a ship’s data and compare that data to similar ships you might be
considering so you can make an informed buying decision we’ll start with a brief
overview followed by stat comparisons will cover weapons ship components take
a tour of the ship’s interior review some pros and cons and finish up with my
thoughts on the ship being reviewed for comparison I pick around 10 ships that
may be similar in price part of the same variant or class and likely to upgrade
from or to the ship being reviewed the comparison slides will feature the
shifts values and rank amongst those ships along with the names and values of
the best and worships a Google sheets document with those ships and data are
linked in the description most data is parsed from the game files from alpha
3.4 and should be accurate however mistakes are possible please
check the pin comment for my afterthoughts and corrections info and
thoughts reflect the current state of the ship and the persistent universe
when changes to the ship or the PU are pertinent I will make a follow-up video
I hope you enjoy this review if you do check out some of my other reviews in
this series consider subscribing and if not your feedback is greatly appreciated
now let’s catch up to everyone else the consolidated Outland Mustang Gama is a
racer variant of the Mustang with a larger powerplant and one more engine
the Mustang series of ships are low cost ships made by consolidated out land
that are designed to compete with the RSI Aurora series they are fast modular
and extremely light consolidated Outland is a spaceship manufacturer that focuses
on affordable high quality ships they’re mostly known for their Mustang starter
ships the Mustang gamma is one of six Mustang variants the alpha beta and
Delta are also available the Omega and alpha Vindicator are limited edition
ships that are not likely to be sold again stay tuned from our reviews on the
alpha and beta in the future the gamma is currently flight ready it is
available for purchase on the pledge store for $55 and on average sells for
$65 in the gray market it is not currently available to purchase with
in-game credits now let’s see how it compares to other ships you might be
considering for comparison I’ve selected the following 10 ships to Google sheets
document is linked in the description now let’s get to it the gamma comes in
at around fourteen thousand kilograms it has a max crew size of one as well as
every other ship in this comparison there’s no cargo capacity available in
the gamma or most of the ships in this list has over 55 mins we hit points
across its body the Mustangs really excelled here its
shield generators can withstand almost 3,500 hit points of damage this is
pretty good also features a gun DPS of 331 as well as a theoretical DPS of 331
these are both terrible however this is a racing ship and in my opinion it
shouldn’t have guns at all the gamma does not have missiles however it does
have two rocket pilots its fuel tanks hold 4,000 fuel units it has a max ER
pitch rate of 110 degrees per second that’s an SCM speed of 325 meters per
second it’s 1340 meter per second top speed is also pretty good it’s 20 meters
per second slower than the fastest ship in the game and just 5 meters per second
behind the fastest ship on this list it takes just 8.6 6 seconds to reach its
top speed just 0.12 seconds behind second place it’s quantum drive has a 44
mega meters per second quantum speed it’s tied for last place with 8 other
ships on this list just 2 mega meters per second behind the first so travel
from port olisar to Hurston will take you about 12 minutes and 5 seconds it
has a QT range of 56 Giga me so I can travel from Portales art to
Hurston 1.8 times before needing to refuel and finally leaving hearses
atmosphere will take you about 2 minutes let’s talk about its firepower the gamma
packs to size one fixed hard points with 1 m3 a laser autocannons each these m3
a’s have 171 energy damage with 58 RPM for a total of 165 DPS and an 1,800
meter range the Mustang gamla does not come equipped with missiles but does
have two empty rocket pods on the wings veteran citizens let me know in the
comments what a rocket is and why I can’t equip one right now now for the
components the standard components available on the gamma are as follows it
has two size 1 grade D competition class quick cool cools it has one size one
grade C competition class Sun flare powerplant
– size 1 Brady competition class falco shield generators and last but not least
we have one size one grade C civilian class rush quantum drive let’s take a
look at the interior the Mustang gamma features a large single pane display
with four multifunction displays and a radar my favorite feature of the ship is
this beautiful pigskin leather seat and in the rear we have the larger
powerplant mentioned earlier I would say its pros are its top speed of course its
HP for a racing ship is outstanding and it’s time to cruise or acceleration is
excellent its cons are specifically compared to just racing ships currently
in the game is this y’all pitch rate as well as its SCM speed its dps and lack
of missiles could also be considered a con but as I said earlier this is a
racing ship putting a gun on it is like adding a gun to an f1 car just in case
there’s an attempted carjacking during the race why waste the weight
I think the Mustang gamla is a great racing ship for a new citizen looking to
dabble in racing although I personally don’t partake in this game mechanic
there is a racing mode in a reading commander and communities out there of
other citizens interested in racing if racing was available in the PU I
would sign up for sure there are also better racing ships out
there if you have more money to spend the next ship I’ll review is the Avenger
stalker let me know in the comments what you liked and disliked about it did you
like this guide like it for more weekly Saracens new content subscribe by
hitting the bell and comment what you’d like to see featured in the next episode
of a star citizen ship bio scotty until next time citizens I’ll see you in the


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    What do you guys think of the Mustang Gamma?
    What are your thoughts on the next ship in the series, the Avenger Stalker?

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    Great vid. The Rocket Pods are the small weapons currently Exclusive to the Mustang Delta, they punch hard for their size but aren't fantastic.
    I had no Idea the Gamma also have the fittings for them 6^

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    Ted Wendelboe

    Frankly I think a review of the Avenger Stalker is a waste of time, and the ship itself is a waste of hanger space, at least until Bounty hunting game play is a thing.
    I have a couple of friends who were deceived into buying the Stalker starter package, only to find they could not run cargo with it (like the Titan) and could not CCU to the Titan, since it is a cheaper ship.
    So. Maybe if you make these points in your review, it will be worthwhile

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    Bastian Döen

    Solid video again! Though I don't specially like the Mustangs (yet) I enjoy seeing this thourough comparison! You go!

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    Good videos, but you spent 2 minutes of the whole video doing self-advertising. It's useless and it takes away the desire to see the rest.

    Time is money.

    If you think that all this is necessary, at least put it in the end or write it in the box.

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    ecevans evans

    Hey good information, you do a video on ranking of the shields. Ex- C/military class or C/Industrial class which is strongest or better value

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    Arnaud Pascal

    Rockets are supposed to be unguided missiles. They are encased in their launcher. I haven't read about why they cannot be equiped, but I assumed it is because they have not been designed yet.

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    You can try the Delta with the rocket pods in the current PTU. They're fun and do pack a punch when you aim right. Be nice if I can buy them ingame for my Gamma.

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    Would like to see one for MISC Razor too, so I know exactly HOW much better it is, compared to the Mustang Gamma, Both in races, as well as outside, like "light"/short-range exploration and when engaging in self-defense against random trolls/gankers

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