C3D 2020.1 Autodesk Connector for Civil 3D

C3D 2020.1 Autodesk Connector for Civil 3D

Inside of Civil3d 2020.1, you can now
access ArcGIS online directly inside of Civil3d via the connector for ArcGIS
with the connector, you can streamline the population of rich GIS data directly
into your design environment which will help you to make design decisions for
your project you can quickly select how you want the data represented inside of
Civil3d with pipe network schema mapping you can map attributes from the GIS data
attributes to populate in your pipe network when working with your GIS data
you want to be sure that you’re working with the most current information the
connector keeps that live linked to the data when updated in ArcGIS but now you
have the option to make changes to that data in Civil 3d and perform a save back
to ArcGIS in this example from our high resolution image we can see that the
manholes might not be located correctly you can update the location and then
save back to ArcGIS this updates the information in ArcGIS online having rich
GIS data is key when moving into the design of your project it helps the
civil engineer to make better design decisions such as horizontal and
vertical alignment of new utilities during the process of design when the
design is approved through construction and when as Bilt’s are created this data
needs to be updated at all stages of the project to reflect the latest
information now with the ability to publish to ArcGIS online you can take
advantage of the live link to data and ensure that not only existing conditions
data is up-to-date but all stages of the project data is up-to-date and can be
accessed by all stakeholders


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    Richard Chappell

    Is the 2020.1 release available yet? I just downloaded the latest, and it's still 2020, and the sub center shows no available updates.

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