CA0297-52W Citizen Marvel Black Panther Nighthawk ….. DCMStore

CA0297-52W Citizen Marvel Black Panther Nighthawk ….. DCMStore

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back to DCMStoretore today let’s review this Citizen model
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very well we continue today we will review this Citizen model with Marvel that is
the CA0297-52W this watch belongs to
Black Panther and it’s a watch that belongs to the Nighthawk family I’m going
to comment the features comes with stainless steel case and strap we see
who plays in a military ionized black and totally black also with everyone
the effects or characteristics of black panther has tachymeter brightness
of hours and minutes hands and all the indicators now in a moment
more we will review it in the test of luminosity here subway we already said it
date located at three hours account with a chronograph this watch comes with
The B612 caliber is a watch Eco drive movement with indicator
water resistant power reserve 200 meters already said it is a Navihawk
and the box size is 42 millimeters I want to tell you that the association
of citizen with marvel but more memory this is the most expensive watch you drive already
that this watch is based on the Navihawk platform that are of the
more advanced and expensive watches you drive Citizen
alright let’s check the size of the belt we will be located here at 10
at 4 o’clock and we see around 42 millimeters of box size we check
now the belt size this data it is also important and the length of the belt is still
22 centimeters and now we move on to an approach to see the details of this model
let’s start with the mineral crystal anti reflective come as the light rejects
however strong it is so that the cover is always looking and in everything
moment see here the finishes of the bicel
the beautiful ionized military black gives an incredible presence to the clock we see
the crown with teeth for greater grip we see the date located at 3 o’clock
luminescence in hours hands and minutes and all time indicators
we see some black panther symbols and the colors of this superhero too we see tachometer on the bezel too I want to tell you that the association of
marvel with citizen we don’t know how much it goes to last and most importantly or the point to
please have these watches is that I’m going to check the belt, see what
well take the box is that prices do not increase a lot that is to say level
commercial by associating citizen with marvel should increase the price a lot
of the clock in the sense of marketing but in this case no, I don’t apply that is
a very accessible price we see the cover rear gives it Citizen to Marvel
we see there the Black Panter symbol data like caliber come with this
We found instructions online See how well the box is doing
belt alright let’s start to start
explain the operation of the clock in this case the chronograph right now I have it
running with this button to with this initial button and with this button
we restart what is the chronograph what are the social and the hands
of the chronograph we see the second major which is in purple that is
running that’s the chronograph second hand and the
upper dial psuv is 60 minutes how long does the chronograph mean there they go
5 minutes with 15 seconds as I tell you with this button start and with this button
for the chronograph I’m going to stop the chronograph and I want you to see how it goes
for the senior second in purple there I stop now with this we are going to
restart and see how this one returns to the position 0 the second was higher and the
social superior also has to go back to position 0 there they go perfect the social left is 12
24 hours clock is always going to be functioning and the lower social
are the seconds of the normal schedule of clock that is also going to be
always running we see here the date located at
3 hours tells us that tough 200 meters
this is characteristic of the family Navihawk and well we explained the
chronograph and now we are going to program the clock in this case as it has dated the
crown has two positions pull it out once the
date pull it out twice I’m going to schedule time let’s pull one of
the crown should not forget that this watch is resistant to 200 meters and the
crown comes screwed or screwed there to turn the crown so that they fall apart
there I am a click a little strong and you feel where the crown votes a little now
kiss once the crown out ok little click and see how it goes
changing the date we can schedule what is the date let’s leave it in the
day 17 there is the crown already programmed
the date now took out the crown twice you hear louder the click comes out a little
plus the crown and we can program the work
we will leave this clock at five in point
when the crown and not to forget about screw or secure our crown
because this what guarantees the hermeticity of the clock is to say no
water gets in or leaks very well we have programmed this watch in
date and time and is ready to be used
total brightness test the darkness we can see that this clock
it has luminosity of hands of hours and minutes and all indicators
of hour in a blue tone very important point as I tell you this
it is the most expensive watch you drive in the marvel family with citizen given that
is under the platform of a Navihawk which are of the most advanced watches and
Citizen spoiled very good this
this is nothing we know please find us on the
net This watch includes a guarantee of
citizen of 5 years and passed his box marvel with citizen in the association that
they have and well I have nothing left to tell you three
points number one is to look for please the discount gift in our
page this is for you to achieve your better impression if there are no demands
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We ship expressly all of Mexico This means that when it happens to you
guide the next day you already have the clock at your home
and the last point is that our page is prepared with payment methods
safer worldwide what this means we have hundreds of
customers outside of mexico in europe asia oceania africa north america america
from the south we have hundreds of customers out of Mexico
and it’s very simple is because the clock is going insured until it reaches your country already
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