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hello everyone again welcome
back to DCMStore today we have to analyze this citizen model
what is CA0710-82L this clock belongs to the promaster family
and I comment the features are watch with coffee and steel strap
stainless we see that it plays two tones a polished silver and a shiny silver or
beautiful chrome a dial entirely in blue color rotating bezel we can
check it here has the ability to have
chronograph and luminosity of hands of hours and minutes and all
hour indicators very well movement eco drive tells us here on the cover
It also has a mineral crystal anti reflective a reserve indicator
200 meters water resistant energy it is a pro master remember dater
located at 3 o’clock and a measure of 44 millimeter box is beautiful this
model is the newest thing that ends us to arrive
very well let’s measure the size of the strap on many customers ask us this
data and the strap has a length of 21 centimeters we now verify the
size of the box let’s locate here from 10 to 4
hours and there we see the 44 millimeters of box size
it’s beautiful this model for me going to be one of the favorites this year we’re going
to make an approach of the newest thing that has just arrived
we see the rotating bezel and we’re going to return to zero position
well it is mineral crystal as it rejects the light so the cover is sorry
always and at all times I love that intensity of the face with the blue is
precious and the engraving that has we see the luminosity of hour hands
and minutes all hour indicators dater located at 3 o’clock over here we see the signature of pro master of
the pro master family we already said this model is beautiful
the chronograph is working right now in the second hand that is in red
is the chronograph’s second hand but what leave running and the upper dial the
psuv dial superior are the 60 minutes of the chronograph with this starts with this one
for I’m going to stop the chronograph there for or they saw and we’re going to restart it so that
returns to position 0 the second hand and the psuv top dial
pay attention as you return to the position 0
there is the sub diary below are the seconds of normal time and the dial
left are 12 24 hours too of the normal schedule
let’s check the the precious race the finish of this
belt in the quality of beautiful finishes
we come to the firm double secure clasp citizen we removed the first two buttons
we open back cover with technical data that gives us citizen of the clock as the
caliber with that we find instructive online
I do not doubt that it will be one of the favorites this 2019 is awesome this
clock is one of the few promaster that they have a chronograph
very well let’s schedule the clock in this case as it has date the crown goes
to have two positions scale once out the date is scheduled jalo
twice out the program is programmed I’m going to pull once
and there we can already schedule the date let’s leave this clock on day 18 okay and that’s where we keep the crown and it’s
on the scheduled date we now get two times the crown
there the click would be stronger and we can program it now let’s leave
this clock here at 47 we keep the crown remember that this is a
promaster and withstands depth of 200 meters throughout the crown is screwed
here I had previously unscrewed there I’m screwing the
same these buttons also those of the chronograph go screwed have a lot
careful to do this function because if the watch can not lose the seal
see how they adjust here so that between the water
even though good this this clock is already programmed
in date and time and is ready to be used
Well you already know us we are please
look for us in the network and this clock that includes a citizen guarantee of 5
years in addition to its instructions and its box with drive I will go through here
quickly and just three points the number one is
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that you get a better price if you do not Have you sent me a comment?
I will arrive by this means the following point is that please forgive the
next point is that we make shipments express everything mexico this means
when your guide passes you to the day next you have the clock in your
address and the last point is that our page has the methods of
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from the south we have hundreds of clients out of mexico and it’s very simple it’s
because the watch is insured until I arrived to your country and to your home I hope
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