Caller: You Don’t Have to Answer Census Citizenship Question

Caller: You Don’t Have to Answer Census Citizenship Question

Let’s go next to our caller from the nine
five one area code. Who’s calling today from nine five one and,
uh, where are you calling from? Hi, my name is Lisa and I’m calling from southern
California. All right, Lisa, what’s on your mind today? Okay. I wanted to address the issue of the Census
and the new question about citizenship. Yes. Um, this was a topic that interested me very
much during our last, then since in 2010 and I did a lot of research on it. And the fact is that the US Census Bureau
is authorized to do a head count and that’s it. All those questions are voluntary. You don’t have to answer any of them. That’s right. Yeah. And so, you know, if somebody doesn’t want
to answer their citizenship questions, they don’t have to. When I filled out my census forms, I didn’t
even give our names. I just gave them how many people were in my
house. I told them our ages cause I believe that’s
important for the congress people to know there, you know, the, the, their constituency,
the, you know, and I’m also, I gave her income level because you know, they should know what
services they need to provide as far as kids’ education and senior services and that. But all those other questions, I left blank that you know, that, but I’m sure, I’m guessing
that you, so this is an argument for the citizenship questions shouldn’t be on there or is this
an argument for who cares if it’s on there? People don’t have to answer it, right? Yeah, no. Which of which are the two? Which of the two are you arguing? Um, the one that, that, um, people don’t have
to answer it. Yes. No, I know people. Right. But the problem is Lisa Jay, not everybody
is going to hear this phone call. Not Everybody is going to get the message
about voluntary questions. So the problem is that when you put that question
on there, the whole point of it is that it’s going to dissuade certain people from filling
out the census at all, which will mean those populations are under counted. So I completely agree with you. You don’t have to answer it, but it’s still
extremely problematic to include the question and hopefully the, the legal action to try
to stop it will succeed. Well, I think we need to get the word out
that people don’t need to. I mean, the Census Bureau has no legal authority
to compel anyone. Yes, I agree. We’ve got to get the word out, but you know,
there’s 340 million people in this country and most of them are not going to get that
word and it’s certainly not going to come, uh, a front and center, uh, from the current,
uh, um, administration, that’s for sure. But you’re absolutely right, Lisa, and I appreciate
you calling in and, uh, making that call. On that note. Yeah, let me go to a break. Sorry. Yet to everybody I didn’t get to. We will take live calls again. Appreciate you calling it


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    Frodo Baggins

    I enjoy Pakman. But he’s wrong here, we have a right to know. Unless you don’t give a fuck about the country.

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    Hannibal S. Thompson

    Anyone who would lie about their status as a citizen of the United States on the U.S. Census doesn't sound like someone who should be here in the first place.

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    Kevin St-jacques

    david calm down. you had a very nice person calling you and you rushed everything. i know you have a limited time but it is a little rude 😐

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    Genuine question: Why would the current administration want this population of people to be under-counted? Who benefits from this and why?

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    E E

    There needs to be a hashtag storm of some sort for everyone, citizen or non citizen not to answer this question, at least to blur the lines and make the question as worthless as possible

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    Trumpanzee Hunter

    Why is that question still on, when we all now know it was placed there to promote white supremacy?

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    the caller is a stupid jackass, dont worry they will show up to deport that ass soon, because this list is going directly to ICE and you fucking know it…… bye bye

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    Another issue is with those who do and don't answer it, if they simply just count all citizens and anyone who didn't answer as a non citizen then you can easily get a skewed view of the world when all you're doing is looking at data, if you see that out of the 32 million or so living in California and only say 12 million responded as being a citizen then you can easily have the skewed view that 20 million are non citizens, and lets make no mistake, republican's are looking for any and all excuses they can to make it seem like California is this 3rd world shithole because of all the "illegals" when a sad truth is that many republican states are far closer to 3rd world countries.

    Not to mention try and make it seem like places like California are over representing though the use of such "illegals"

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    Ferg Berger

    Getting the sense that censoring factual information about the citizenship statistics in a massively diverse country of 330+ million people is hugely irresponsible, and seemingly all for political gain.

    Dpak Chopra over here with this false diatribe.

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    You shouldn't try to force discussions, statements and arguments into sharply binary compartments, David. Especially when there's no indication what's being said, actually aim towards that. Most things aren't binary. Having been around the world, this really strong tendency of making everything binary, is very much an American thing.

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    jimmy james

    The international (((oligarchs))) which are the new bolsheviks design your way of thinking, you slaved fools 😂 the 4th 😉 will rise 2030s. You are all low iq 🐏

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    Ely Powell

    Its astounding to learn this pakman fellow is from Argentina and his family had fled the country to escape communism .so how does pakman thank America? He becomes leftist commie sympathizer and he works tirelessly to change transform America into a hell hole. I once heard he tasted his sister out of curiosity but who knows for sure. We do know commies are sexual perverts because of the hippy degeneration in the 60s. Leftists are the worst liars on the planet.

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    Diddy Doodat

    I've never even seen a census form. I don't remember taking one in 2010. Lol 🤷🏾‍♂️😂😅👀

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    tony m

    People don’t want a census question because non citizens (people here illegally) will not fill out the census therefore under representing the actual population. In doing so this risks funding being cut short for services because the funding will be for only actual citizens, and that’s a problem because both citizens and non citizens (people here illegally) use those services and therefore services will be lacking. Am I getting this right?

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    Borders are man made. The world would be a better place with no borders. Possession of land is bullshit. No one can own land that belongs to everyone on the planet. People from all over the world should have the right to come to America. All 7 billion people!! And they should all also have the right to healthcare and free education!!! Even free housing. Crazy hardworking white people should pay 95% in taxes so that the entire world can have free healthcare and education in America. And the best part, only the government will have guns so these god believe heterosexual racists wouldn’t even have a chance in hell to say a peep to the government!!!!

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    David you sound like a dick in this video. Calm down and treat your viewers with some degree of patience and respect.

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    She is wrong I didn't answer. Two census agents came to my house and threatened if I didn't answer right then that they would brig police.

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    RunFor OurLives

    The point isn’t to force people to answer it.

    The point is to make illegals scare to fill out the census at all.

    Fear of deportation is very real …. when you are in their shoes.

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    Jeff Liu Yoshiyuki

    You don’t even have to fill out the census. Why willingly give the government your personal info? Let them get your info on their time not yours.

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    Len Black

    The problem is that the census will be filled out on-line for the first time, not a paper form, therefore if you don't fill out the form completely, then it will probably not let you submit the form.

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    Shawn Wesley

    This caller reminded me a lot of an elderly aunt I have who is "always right" because she googled a thing. Even when she's very wrong or completely missing the point, as this woman seemed to be. Obviously you don't have to answer all the questions, that's why the fear is that some people will simply not respond to the census at all because they've been scared off. And that this will drastically alter the outcome, giving an incorrect count and disproportionately benefitting Repubs who cater to white people first and foremost. This woman probably is a well-to-do white person who has no reason to fear deportation to a country she's "from" but never actually been to, no reason to fear ICE hunting her down just because her parents were immigrants or because she's a legal immigrant from a very young age whose the wrong color.

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    Flutter Bly

    I did the same thing this woman did. And the person working for the bureau kept coming back every day for a week, to try and force me to complete the whole thing. And I just kept telling her, nicely, no thank you buh bye 👋

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    Mark Wagner

    I’m not going to answer any of the questions
    They can come knocking on my door if they want to know

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    ehhh i just listened to an episode of, i think it was Preet Bharara's podcast where they talk about this and he says the census bureau will hound you down to get all those questions answered and eventually fine you if you fail to comply.

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    Callum R

    You can be fined $100 for doing this.

    Pakman was just agreeing because he doesn't know what he is talking about…

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    You just know that ALL the people bitching and moaning about the census the last time round, when a Democrat was in office, actually advocating leaving it blank or ignoring it entirely would pitch an absolute royal fit if we did that now with a Republican in office. Welcome to the United States of Hypocrisy.

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    Michael Scream Machine Evans

    Well that part where it asks about race……soon as I check African American they'll know my citizenship

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    Not specifically related to the caller but I'd like to share a story of my time working the 2000 census. I was a enumerator in the 2000 census in San Francisco. I went to a apartment that was populated by a mostly Japanese americans. While there an elderly Japanese lady who was sweeping up asked me why I was there. I told her I worked for the census. She chased me out with her broom. I spoke with her granddaughter later and she explained about the census and how it was used to send her and her family off to a camp in Nevada. I respect that lady. Don't blame her at all. As a representative of the census and the US government I deserved a good brooming.

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    Michael Finnigan

    resist via twitter. @trump to let him personally know that we dont have to answer the citizen question.

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    When the truth is too hard, it’s better to hide it, that’s what you mean? Only cowards won’t answer the question.

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    Vintageitem store

    if you answer the census accurately conservatives will use that data to restrict voter id laws even more.

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    I didn't know that. There should be a campaign for everyone to leave that question blank if it's on there.

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    Brian Wellman

    I have not heard a good argument for why the question should not be on the test. Where can I find the best explanation for why the question should not be asked?

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    Joe Belmont

    The caller's statement about the census is FALSE, and see the government's Title 13, U.S. Code, Sections 141 and 193 in their justification of the mandatory disclosure and their power to levy fines. What is disturbing is that David went along with that. WTF David?

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    E. Michael Tanner

    Good point! So – How do we get the word out? Well, social media for one. And get the newspapers to print it as well. Have the networks include it in their coverage of the census litigation issue. Have churches and social groups make sure to disseminate that info to their members. Post it in colleges and work places. Advertise it on billboards, on the sides of city buses, and on public benches. Get late night talk show hosts to include it in their monologues. Televise a PSA about it. Circulate it (in the way of advertising) at sporting events, music concerts, theaters and other public events. Just a few suggestions.

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    Scott Weiss

    Jezus Packman you are a phuquing prick. The Lady give your HER argument, that is, what she wants to tell your chirpy little teenage azz, and you go "are you arguing A or B". Well, she said what she said. I understood her. You were just being patronizing and patriarchal. Really, Screw You!

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    H. Ellis

    Why are you attacking the caller?? what she had to say was INFORMATIVE! Why do you have to pick which side- omg! cant you be against the citizenship question AND want to inform others that you dont have to answer it?! Makes sense to me! Thank you caller but David you were a jerk.

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    Josh Edmonds

    I am loving every minute of this! The truth the hypocrisy and the coincidences the left is admitting with this question…and none of you idiots realize or care because of your hatred for Trump…Trump 2020!!!

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    Deborah Davis

    Back in 2010 we had a lady from the Census come to our house saying our address had been chosen to be given a more in-depth form. We were attempting to remodel our home but I took the time to give her all the information. It took about 40 minutes to answer everything. She then tells me she will be back every 3 months to go through it again with me. Never heard of this type of thing but I was too busy to care. Sure enough she came back in 3 months and at this point I was really stressed out with the remodel and kind of brushed her off. She then wanted to inform me she was a government official and I had to give her all information she wanted. (?) SCREECH…..full stop!! I used some really unladylike language at this point and “insisted” she remove herself from MY property, now! I have never heard of this kind of “Census” interview before or since. She told me she would return with the “authorities” to get this information from me. My response was not pretty, but she never darkened my doorstep after that confrontation. So I have not been or ever will be obliged to be “helpful” to that office ever again.

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    Corbally Cobwebs

    Then David, caveat the shit out of it on the back of your dismissive attitude. Every conversation that touches 6% on this issue should have your undivided caveat lips flapping like a record. Expected more. Cynical much nowadays! An honest inquiry

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    Mikey B

    Spread the word people. Tweet, facebook, instagram, whatever you use tell everybody you know and tell them to spread it. Pretty soon the world will know. Make this information go viral folks.

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    I cant believe all the people honestly are trying to make a argument for no census at all. It's wrong for our country to know how many people are in it and what size demographics there are

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    Coco Crisp

    Republikkklans actually dont want people to turn in the census, that way they can steal the money from Blue states and give it to white supremacist Russian states.

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    Sheri Addis

    Man, you sure were abrupt and rude to that lady who had a very good piece of information to share with your viewers, who in turn could tell everyone they know and everyone those people know and so on. Sometimes I wonder if you are an insensitive jerk, and other times I’m sure of it.

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    Not filling out the citizenship question is very suspicious. ICE could prioritize looking into the people that leave those parts blank.

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    William Esping

    Though AOC made a brilliant point before on the census. Should the administration pressure the Census bureau to give them the info and the address of those who took the census. Those who left the citizenship question blank could definitely come under scrutiny from the administration since most of the people who would leave it blank are non-citizens.

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    Damn The Truth Hurts!

    So if the main objective of the Census is to obtain a count of the population totals residing in America, then could anybody answer this…How many Illegal Aliens are living in America? The truth of the matter, no one knows period! That is why I have not and will not participate in this farce!!!

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