Can Americans Pass The Canadian Citizenship Test?

– Do you remember when
this used to be funny? – [Voiceover] He’s officially announced that he’s running for president. – He thinks he’s gonna run. – He said he’s gonna
run. That’s crazy, man. That’s so funny. – Do you still think it’s funny? – [Voiceover] Ted Cruz has
dropped out of the race for the Republican nomination and Donald Trump is– – Canada? – Canada. – Americans have this state of privilege where they think they can just walk over to Canada and sit on top of the CN Tower like Drake. But getting into Canada isn’t that easy. Among many things, you actually have to pass a Canadian citizenship test. So we asked Joe and Kevin to take to the streets, pass out citizenship forms, and ask Americans the questions that may be asked on the test. – Move with me to Canada! I have the applications. Canada. You want some of this? – I’ve always considered moving to Canada, so this might be my perfect opportunity. – I might move. – We have two potential Canadian citizens. But you do have to pass
a citizenship test. What is Canada’s national winter sport? Golf, Nordic skiing, lacrosse, hockey. – [Voiceover] Even though
I like Nordic skiing, I’d go with hockey. (ding) – Let’s, uh, turn up the volume a little bit then. Who is Canada’s head of state? Governor General of Canada, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the prime minster, the lieutenant governor. – [Voiceover] The prime
minister I believe. (buzzer) No way. – It is true. – We know nothing about Canada. – You don’t. What is the capital city of Canada? Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Hull. – [Voiceover] I think it’s Toronto. (buzzer) – Incorrect. It’s actually Ottawa. – Really? – There’s no way it’s Ottawa. – Canada has three territories and how many provinces? 13, 10, three, five. (wind howling) – [Voiceover] Ten. Yeah! – That was my second guess. – Of course it was. Which animal is an
official symbol of Canada? The moose, the hawk, the beaver, the deer. – [Voiceover] We’ll go with the deer. (buzzer) – What? – Hail to the beaver. – Maybe try to change the system before wanting to move to another nation. ♫ O Canada ♫ – That’s all I know. – Okay, me too. (upbeat music)

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