Can I Go From K1 to Citizenship? Why Renew Green Card?

Can I Go From K1 to Citizenship? Why Renew Green Card?

(bright upbeat music) We just talk about the 10 year green card and the citizenship. I am a K1, why should someone
apply for a 10 year green card when we can apply for a naturalization? Before you can apply for a naturalization, you have to be a legal
resident first, so– – Yeah and you have to be a
legal resident for three years. – For three years. So if you’re on a K1, you might
have to adjust status first. Then the government will give you a two year conditional green card. And after that you will, you
need to have that removed, the conditions removed
from your green card, before you can be given
a 10 year green card. – Right, so it’s kinda unfortunate, but you’ve got a one year problem there. Which is, your first green
card’s only good for two years, but you can’t let that expire and you can’t apply citizenship until you’ve had a green
card for three years, which means you have no choice. You can’t extend the two year green card. So you have no choice but to
apply for a 10 year green card. Even though theoretically, you may only have it for a year, before you apply for citizenship. Realistically it’ll be a
little longer than that because when you apply for naturalization, you don’t get that immediately. It’s gonna take.
– Yeah, it’s a process. – It’s getting longer now. It might take eight, nine
months to get your citizenship. So you’re gonna be close to
four years on a green card before you actually have in
your hand your naturalization. And your two year, so your two
year conditional green card is not gonna get you that far. So, unfortunately, you have no choice. You have to apply for
the permanent green card, also known as the 10 year green card. It’s technically not permanent. They call it permanent resident, but it’s really only good
for a period of 10 years and you have to renew it, so it probably shouldn’t
be called permanent. But yeah, unfortunately
you have no choice. There’s no way to stretch
that two year green card out long enough for you to be
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    Cactus Ass

    When renewing the 2 yr green card does the sponsor have to submit affidavit of support again? Does the immigrant have to do another interview?

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