Can Sober People Guess Food Explained By High People?

Can Sober People Guess Food Explained By High People?

– Straight butter?
Can I lick this? ♪ (seductive music) ♪ – It’s honestly good. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, you are here
to play a brand new game. – Ooh. – (FBE) This is called
Stoners Explain. – Stoners Explain. – I can speak that language.
– Ooh. – Oh sh–
I did not say that. – (FBE) So last week,
we brought in some high people
and we had them taste a variety of food items.
We had them explain the foods that they had
just eaten without using certain words that would
give that food away. – Oh my gosh.
– That’s hilarious. – This sounds amazing. – (FBE) Today, you are here
for two reasons. – Okay.
– (FBE) First of all, because you’re high.
– Okay. – (FBE) And second of all,
to play a brand new game. – Oh [bleep]. – Chill, chill, chill. – (FBE) So, we’re gonna have
you taste a variety of foods and then explain them
without using certain words. – Oh [bleep].
Oh my God, that’s gonna be so hard. – No matter what, everyone’s
gonna have a good time. – (FBE) You’re going to watch
them explain those foods and see if you can guess
what it is that they’re talking about.
– Oh, okay. – Awesome.
– This is fun. – (FBE) For each one that
you guys guess correctly, you’ll get a point
and the team with the most points at the end will win.
– Okay, all right, so we’re a team?
– (FBE) You’re a team. – Okay, let’s go.
– I love it. We’re gonna kill it. – (FBE) First up,
you’ll be describing almonds. – Okay. – I love almonds. – This literally tastes
like nothing, though. – Kinda remind me of
a nature snack, you know? – (Daniel) Hardened grain
that tastes like nature. – Nature is not a flavor. – (Daniel) Wood floor,
bark. – Granola? – (Morgan) It’s in a candy bar.
– Okay. – (Morgan) One of the outcast
candy bars. – An outcast candy bar? – (Morgan) Like the one
everyone makes fun of. – Like an Almond Joy? – (Mike) It has a lot
of family members that you would find in
the aisle near cereal. – What?
– He’s talking about a granola bar.
– Yeah, it seems like a granola bar. – (Mike) When you chew
it up a lot, it gets real squishy
and you can make it into butter. – What? – (Cake) When you first bite it,
it’s really hard, but then it becomes chewy.
I mean, everything kinda does when you’re eating it.
That’s what happens when food happens.
Wow. I know that much.
I know it’s like sixteen thousand of these bad boys
into one gallon of this healthy milk.
– All right. – That’s good information.
– Yeah, yeah. – (FBE) What do you think
it is that he’s describing? – Okay.
– Of this healthy milk? – So, it’s something almond.
It’s something almond. Something about bark.
I don’t even freaking know what that’s about. – Almond Joy, do you think?
‘Cause they said it’s an outcast candy bar,
but they said something about a cereal aisle.
That threw me off. – I feel like a granola bar,
they’re like, “Yeah, it’s a candy bar’s
distant cousin.” What? – Let’s go with Kindbar.
– (FBE) Final answer? – Final answer.
– Yeah, Kindbar. – Final answer, almond.
– Almond. – Granola bar?
– Are you sure? – Yeah. – We’re gonna go with
granola bar. Nature Valley, to be specific. – Let’s go with Almond Joy,
then. – Okay, is it an Almond Joy? – (FBE) Okay, let’s see
what the answer is. – (Mike) I was describing
delicious almonds. – What?
Oh, almond milk. – Almond butter, almond milk.
– Ah, that’s not a bar. – Oh.
– Frick yeah. – You were right.
– Oh [bleep]. I made it into a candy bar. – Oh, it’s just almonds.
Someone said a candy bar. – Ah, what? – (FBE) Here’s your next item.
– God damn it. – (FBE) Butter. – Straight butter?
Can I lick this? It’s honestly good.
I [bleep] love butter, dude. – I feel like it probably
comes from a cow. Yeah, a cow or it could
come from other animals, too. – Okay.
– Okay, I mean that’s– – Milk or cheese. – (Daniel) It is a sour
dairy hardened product. It’s like, (grunts).
– Sour. – It’s like, ungh. – (Daniel) It’s like, (grunts).
– I love Danny. – (Mike) You can spread it.
It melts very nicely onto bagels.
– Oh, cream cheese. – (Morgan) It’s used
in cooking a lot. – Coconut oil? – (Morgan) Paula Deen
has a saying about it. – Butter. – (Morgan) Paula Deen
has a saying– – Butter.
– Is it butter? – She always talks about butter. – (Morgan) When it’s in
stick form, – Stick form? – (Morgan) It’s harder.
– Butter. – Cream cheese or butter.
Did you just give them a stick of butter?
– It’s butter. ♪ (seductive music) ♪ – Butter.
– Yeah, ’cause Paula Deen is all about her butter. – Is it butter?
– Hell yes. – Okay, I’ll go with butter.
– That’s butter. – I think it’s sour cream.
– Sour cream, too. – I mean, it was close to butter
until he said sour. – Paula Deen cooks everything
with butter. That’s a staple of hers.
Yeah. – I’m with it. – (FBE) All right, let’s see
what the stoners say. – (Hannah) It’s butter.
– [Bleep]. – Okay, what the–
all right. – Butter’s not sour, dude. – (Hannah) It’s butter.
– It’s butter. – Whoo.
– Yay. – On the board. – It’s butter.
– We did it. – Butter, baby.
Let’s go. Paula Deen coming in clutch. – (FBE) Here comes
your next item, olives. – I’ll put that one over there. – When you’re younger,
you used to put them on all five of your fingers
and act like you were ET. – Bugles.
– Oh, Bugles. – (Cake) On all five of your
fingers and act like you were ET. – Olives. – Oh, olives.
Duh, Thanksgiving, black olives on my fingers,
still do it today. 47 years old.
I will never stop. – (Terrell) When I was growing up,
my mom used to make enchilada pie and–
– How are we supposed to know what his mom cooks with? – (Terrell) And she’d be like,
“You can’t even taste it.” – What?
– He didn’t make sense. – (Terrell) If you could blend it
in where I can’t taste it, we’re good, but did I just
say [bleep]? – He’s hilarious. – (Mike) This is one of
the grossest vegetables. – What? – (Hannah) They can go on
a few things like pizza. – Yes, that’s my favorite pizza. – (Cake) And then when you
turn 21, they come in your martinis.
– Oh, olives. – Olive.
– Okay, see. – Whoa, whoa.
How was all that olives? – Final answer, olives.
– Olives. – Olives. – Go olives.
– Yeah. – It’s olives.
– Yes. – I know that because
I do drink martinis. – (FBE) Here’s the answer. – (Cake) My adult fingers
are too big. My adult fingers
are too big. I’ll talk about olives.
– I love that they– – I like that guy. – This dude’s my spirit animal.
– Yeah, this dude’s funny. – I wanna get stoned
with that guy. – (FBE) Next up.
– Ooh, love that. Let me smell it.
– (FBE) Some Doritos. – Original. – I just had a bag of these
in the lobby. – There’s a blue kind,
a red kind. The blue kind is generally
better than the red. – Pokemon? – (Daniel) A lot of these
go with different gamers eat these with
Mountain Dew when they’re playing video games
all night long. – (Terrell) Childhood snack.
Orange, triangular. – Oh, Doritos. – (Morgan) Taco Bell has
a taco involving this. – This sounds so good. – (Hannah) Like a Lays,
you know, guys know what a Lays are.
It’s like those but it’s a corn version of them.
– Doritos. – Doritos. – (Cake) Comes in
multiple flavors like nacho cheese,
cool ranch. – I love him.
– He got around it. – (Cake) Blazing hot.
– He named all those Doritos. – Damn, wow.
– No hesitation. – Doritos.
– We are Doritos, for sure. – Doritos.
– Doritos. – Doritos.
– Doritos. – Doritos. – Doritos, that one’s easy.
– No question, Doritos. – That’s perfect stoner food.
They’re gonna be like, “This is amazing.”
– Yep. – (Cake) Doritos!
– He’s so excited. – Yes.
– Oh man, this guy’s having the best time ever.
– He fits chips in his mouth like I want to fit chips
in my mouth. ♪ (seductive music) ♪ – (FBE) Here’s your next one.
– [Bleep] yes. Oh my God, pizza rolls. – Bring ’em in.
Bring them in. – Yep. – The food I just ate
had the best jingle ever when I was growing up.
– I love jingles. – (Cake) ♪ When something’s
on a bagel ♪ – Home boy’s a character. – (Cake) But it’s also not
the same thing. It’s a different version.
– Oh, he threw me off, I think. – (Morgan) I guess it’s
marketed more as a teen thing.
The mom’s always making, “Oh, let me feed these
rascally boys a little bit of–” – Pizza bagel bites.
– Pizza bagel bites. – Something like that. – (Terrel) Wonderful
and awesomeness was a word, you know?
– If wonderful and awesomeness was a word?
Those are words. – (Daniel) If you cook them
too long, they kinda explode on the side and leak out
and then they burn all over your hands.
– Oh, I know what– what are those things called? – (Mike) You either microwave
it too little or you microwave it too long. – Pizza bites?
– (Mike) Microwave it too long, you usually don’t wanna wait
and you end up burning your mouth.
– Oh, hot pockets. – (Hannah) They are dough
wrapped very, very little, in these fun little shapes,
square shapes. – Oh my God, she’s making
me hungry. – She’s like, “The square shapes.
There’s dough that’s wrapped in the dough.” – I feel like it could either
be pizza rolls or a hot pocket. Both are kinda the same idea.
– Dough, okay, yeah. – We’re gonna go pizza rolls. – Pizza rolls.
– Pizza rolls. – I’m just gonna go with
Totinos, man. – Pizza rolls. – I feel like it’s hot pockets.
– Not for a stoner. – Okay, hot pockets. – Pizza rolls, for sure.
– Dude, this is the stoner snack of the century. – (Morgan) Pizza rolls.
– [Bleep] yeah. – Let’s go.
– Yes! – (Morgan) Pizza rolls.
– Oh. – I like how many people
focused on the commercial. – On the commercial. – This must be hard for them,
’cause I feel like it’s hard to describe a food
without saying certain things and then add a little
marijuana on top of that, it’s probably not easy.
– A sprinkle. – We’re destroying it.
– Yeah. – Good thing we got
high before this. This is easy. – (FBE) And for the
grand finale, it’s the one, the only,
Cheesy Gordita Crunch. – Oh wow. – That is some good stuff. – I bet I have these more
than any of you during the week. That’s not something I’m proud of,
but that’s the truth. – It’s from probably the
greatest fast food restaurant in the world.
It’s hard, but it’s also chewy melted [bleep] on multiple parts.
– It’s not melted [bleep]. – Melted cheese, it’s gotta be. – (Terrell) There’s layers
of colors in it, actually. It starts off tan and then
it goes into a yellow, corn, you know, and then
it goes into all the beautiful colors of green
and red. – What the hell is he
talking about? – (Terrell) Shazam iza bizam
a jazam. – Shazam is a bizam. – What are you talking about?
– Please say a shape. – (Terrell) Shazam iza bizam
a jazam. – That’s not a shape!
– It’s a little shazam. – Kinda sounded like a burrito. – (Mike) A Hey Arnold shaped
to it, very football shaped. – Taco. – (Mike) When I go here,
two of these, nine empanadas, caramel apple empanadas
and you have to call in advance to tell them because they’re like,
“Oh, we don’t have that many.” But I’m like, “No, I’m coming
in half an hour. Get it ready.”
– He calls up his Taco Bell to order nine empanadas
beforehand? – (Morgan) A little hint
of lettuce in there, healthy. It’s not healthy at all.
– What fast food restaurant are they talking about?
– Mexican. – Taco Bell? – (Hannah) Eat it with
sour cream, guacamole, great with hot sauce. – (Daniel) Cool part is that
it’s a hardened tortilla and then on the outside
it’s a softer tortilla covering it. – Oh, it’s a special type of–
– Is this the double decker taco? – Yeah.
– Is this the– – What is it called? – (FBE) What is your
final answer here? – I think crunch wrap.
– Crunch wrap. – It’s that thing from Taco Bell.
– I’m just gonna say chalupa. I don’t know.
I know that’s not what it is, but that’s all I got. – Is it a Gordita?
– Gordita. – That’s the one, the Gordita.
– Okay, let’s go with it. I trust you. – A gordita crunch. – (Daniel) It’s a Cheesy
Gordita Crunch. – Ay.
– Yes. – (Daniel) It’s a Cheesy
Gordita Crunch. – Aw baby, let’s go! – Yeah, thank you.
Thank you. – Wow.
– Very specific. – I’ve never gotten that. – Oh, it’s a Cheesy
Gordita Crunch. – I would have never
got that. – (FBE) All right, you guys
tied for first place. – Let’s go!
We’re so good. All my stoner friends
in Massachusetts are gonna be really
proud of me. – We did good.
– You were great, man. – So were you.
– My other half. – That was one of the best,
if not the best game I’ve ever played
on the channel. – Hands down, same, favorite.
– Very fun, very fun. – Thanks so much for watching
this episode. – Be a bud and hit
the notification bell so you never miss an episode. – Did you find any of these
explanations high-larious? Let us know in the comments. – Bye.
– Bye. – Hey, it’s Sierra,
producer here at FBE. We’re in the comments replying
to you guys for the first 30 minutes
of every upload, so be sure to Subscribe
and hit that bell so you know when we’re there.
Bye, guys.


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