Can the Undocumented ‘Earn’ Citizenship?

Can the Undocumented ‘Earn’ Citizenship?

So I’m here as an undocumented immigrant With no papers, no green card,
no passport, no legal documents, but I am still a citizen of this country. And by citizenship I mean I show up,
I’m engaging, I’m participating when I got to this country I didn’t really understand
why I was sent here by my mother to live with my grandparents and then I found
out four years after arriving here that my arriving to this country It was really hard to kind of have
friends and relationships with people because you always had to lie
about something. The hiding from the government has actually led to the point where I actually just started hiding from myself. If you’re undocumented in this country, your life is dependent on documents. And the only reason I was able to work is because I had a driver’s license from the state of Oregon. Oregon back in 2003 was like one of two states that
allow undocumented people to drive. It was valid for eight years. I thought, 8 years, I would work really hard I would prove myself to be
worthy of this country. I would “earn”. That word “earn”. If you’re a kid in this country, you’re here illegally, And then the deadline was coming up
and the more the lawyers kept saying “you cannot publicly
disclose being undocumented” The more it seemed like it was a responsibility for
me to say these things out loud. So then I came out, seven years ago, in
The New York Times Sunday magazine. yet having to insist on the
fact that our lives are more than pieces of papers Our lives are more than any of these
laws that they can’t seem to pass. Our lives are beyond whatever hateful, vitriolic, bigoted language that politicians including the president of this country
uses to talk about us. That our lives are beyond people’s ignorance and indifference about our lives as if all we are are issues. This government that we are a part of even though it
doesn’t want to acknowledge us that this government is hiding from us. It’s hiding
from the realities of our lives And the fact that, we are, whether
or not you want to admit it, are a part of each community in this country.
All across this country.


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    I agree with the president on immigration. No other country puts up with people being in their country illegally. What would Mexico do if there were 11 million undocumented Americans in Mexico.

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    Unsubscribed. These poor people need to be protected from the irresponsibility of their parents, bringing them into this world with no money and no plan in a foreign land.

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    Jamiil Joomratee

    Trump is someone who was born in wealth. He has never truly worked for a living and would never understand what hard working people like this guy need to endure to “earn” acceptance.

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    Fortnite Flex

    Your an economic migrant nothing more nothing less. The US is seemingly an economic area for these people and their parents…

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    Ivan KP

    Sure, but in order to disuade future illegal immigration there should be economic consequences such as a naturalization tax for undocumented adults seeking citizenship.

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    Trump should kick them out. It doesn't matter if they work. They're less human because they weren't born here ,and they decided to live whererever the fuck they wanted. USA is the #1 country. If they fuck and have a baby, the baby can stay. They cannot. Our government created the 'undocumented' euphemism for illegals. They pay yearly taxes to legally work, whatever. Why don't illegals just kill themselves and fuck off!?

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    mae canyon

    This is what happens when we don't make it clear what citizenship means in our country. Its painful when we do. Which is why people hate Trump

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    Oristo42 _

    He grew up here and he had no choice on whether to immigrate here illegally. He is completely Americanized and he might as well be a foreigner in his "home" country. These people must be given citizenship.

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    john brever

    Ok so what's the solution? There are Mexican Americans who are legal citizens. Everyone I know has had a member or all the men in their family serve in the military, you can't get more American than that. I know allot that have green cards and have gone through the process to legally stay here. Trump told Congress to put up or shut up on immigration and they failed to act. The inaction of Congress is the cause of I.C.E. crackdowns. So if you have a problem with all this,.talk to your congressman. Insulting white people at every turn will not help your cause. Or just simply crawl back up your cross and nail yourself to it. I hear no solutions, no plans, nothing just some evil white people are holding you back. Da'me un respiro.

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    He's complaining to the audience that he's illegal. Like it's something the US did to him, instead of something his family did to him. These videos have the complete opposite effect on me from what's intended–I open them up all ready to feel sympathy, and then it's an "activist" calling the host country "hateful" for having citizenship laws, and being indignant that he was advised by lawyers not to talk openly about being illegal, all while being given a mic through major media outlets.

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    People Are Saying

    This is the land of opportunity where people come in pursue of happiness. Do we mean it or do we just say that to justify the past?

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    Michael Wright

    I am against racism I am. But, if your undocumented and here illegally then you shouldnt have been here in the first place. You can belong to a different ethnicity and still be a undocumented immigrant. You want to stay here without problem, you should have done it the right way and signed up for it. You just making it harder for people.

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    Danny Knapp

    It's becoming more blatantly obvious than ever that our immigration system is based on racism and worker exploitation. We need legal status for 11 million, forget DACA, and f#@& Trump's ignorant, expensive, and cruel detention, deportation, and wall. Legal status, path to citizenship now.

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    Frankie Reid

    You snick in like thiefs in the night then start demanding your rights….REALLY . Quit crying and fix your country….

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    This is so deep. The world is so racist.
    This week, let us just try a little compassion. Open our eyes and 'see' all people we encounter, just for one week.

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    Life in ANY COUNTRY is ALL ABOUT DOCUMENTS ! If you're ILLEGAL it's time to GO HOME !!! LIBTARDS are DESTROYING the USA. KEEP your OPEN BORDER Crap and shove it honeys….

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    Undocumented citizens should be afforded an internal residency program which could lead to citizenship if the resident in question wishes so, I mean we have legal residents from other nations who just come here for a while and never bother to become citizens despite the fact that they are eligible. It seems to me that the only difference between a legal resident and undocumented immigrant is where they are.

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    Non ya

    The correct terminology is illegal alien. The term undocumented immigrant is an oxymoron. The word immigrant is defined as “a person who has come to settle permanently in another country”. You are not permitted to do that without the due process of application and approval. Therefore, if you are in another country outside of the prescribed means of approval…you are there illegally. Hence, illegal alien.

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    Uhh so basically you aren't a citizen. I do agree we need to fix the policy and make is clear how to gain citizenship, but I don't agree that you should have the same legal rights as a citizen.

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    Susan Darnell

    For getting hiring, you have "rights." "Hir!ng agency's" often ask illegal questions "CRA's" often report errors. For education on getting your rights. visit

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    Nate Guevarra

    Jose Vargas is a disgrace to all Filipinos, Filipino-Americans, Filipinos living in the US. Come back here, this is where you should be.

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    The question for illegals isn't should we allow immigrants… it is wheter or not its fair especially to those who applied legally like my family?

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    They should. After all, isn't what what happens when you move to another Nation or Content. Your not documented but you soon get documents and BECOME one.

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    d abdella

    it is so wrong to let them walk around
    living their lives
    in limbo
    if they act ,be, appreciate and follow laws
    as an American
    then they should be given the papers to show it

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    d abdella

    we have plenty of people that are automatically a citizen no matter what laws they break and are repeat offenders
    strip them of their rights and ship them out.replace with a decent human being
    that doesn't mind rules

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    U North

    How is this not a big slap in the face to the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who every year, apply through the US consulate office/embassy from their home country and wait for their number to be called before coming– you know, going through the entire immigration process lawfully, never mind that it will take many of them up to 20 years, to become naturalized US citizens ? Yah, I'm sure legal immigrants appreciate it, knowing that all the illegal aliens are gaming the system. On top of that, those that are emigrating legally to the US will be so overjoyed to know that the giant migrant caravan, arriving across the border soon from Honduras and Guatemala, will circumvent the whole process and become instant US residents. What chumps those legal immigrants must be thinking, for following the rules!

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    Johnny Cash

    I’m a Daca recipient but I understand the reason for not having a path to citizenship for people that do something “illegal.” I think the US should create a pathway for dreamers who have obtained a bachelors degree and have attributed to society.

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    Lmao his parents just dropped him off in the US just to make it harder for him smh 🤗😤, look at all the issues he faces when his parents throught it was for the best

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    WE still don't want you! YOUR ILLEGAL you have NO RESPECT for OUR COUNTRY and your a criminal and that is that and we don't want you and we LOVE OUR PRESIDENT WE VOTED FOR HIM TO KEEP YOU OUT. THATS HOW WE FEEL ABOUT YOU! GOT IT! YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS HERE! GET TO HELL OUT!

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    Fusion 3D

    Oh you're a citizen?
    Like me?
    Well, I get arrested if I break the law, it's part of being a citizen ya know.

    I'll be voting Trump again, and I hope you're out of my country soon.

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    A Force of Freedom

    Citizenship means nothing anymore. Wait a few years and when US becomes the north american union, it won't matter at all. But then neither will the freedom and liberty that my people stood for and yours helped to destroy.

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    Lin Lin152424

    How did he get that citizen undocumented man the American law is make me sick that why they keep coming in is never going stop

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    I would support giving all illegal aliens amnesty if all the liberals would accept them into their homes and support them.

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    Tangina Moh

    Here's a solution: deport all US citizen criminals to their ancestral lands and let all these hard working undocumented stay and become full pledge citizens.

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    K S

    Illegals are criminals. Take it up with your criminal parents. Apply for citizenship the legal way. People who follow the law see you as a law breaker, and we have NO sympathy for you or your parents.

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    Blue Topaz

    The fact that so many evil people still exist in the world. They think they’re heroes by wishing people who simply want a better life to get deported.

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    I dont think you should be here in the US. I'm a legal citizen and nationalized by petition and working through the system. Also seeing the illegals coming through Mexico I see alot of families taking risks to come, some capture by boarder, others by citizens and others held and probably held in a shipping box to die. If you came here illegally then your looking for love in all the wrong places and better off improving your country of origin with the education you got.

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    Yeah…um "citizen" doesn't mean "i show up..i'm engaging"
    Citizen: "a legally recognized subject or national of a state or commonwealth, either native or naturalized."

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    Your "life" isn't dependent upon a piece of paper, your geographic location is dependent upon pieces of paper.
    We can have open borders the day EVERY nation agrees to have open borders. Then we will have essentially global white flight and areas that are now relatively safe and prosperous for EVERYONE who lives in them will become cesspools of human misery. It will be terrible and the only thing preventing it is sovereignty. Illegal violation of borders is a direct assault on sovereignty and shouldn't be tolerated.

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    opinionsux420 noonecares

    Get these invaders the Hell out of our great country. Mass deportation. Seperate their families. Any means necessary

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    Lil Hitler

    So americas evil becaz we dont want illegals in stop making it out to just be mexicans and a race thing make it about fuckin 9/11 ok that happened by a terrorist group in syria i get ur good maybe but its no like we are the hardest country to get into man just do it legally then u wont have to get targeted by our countries government also think of it like this if i came into your house and hid in it but didnt steal anything always cleaned up my mess or stuff like that but u didnt know i was there and i came out one day or u found me would u be pissed that i broke into ur house instead of asking if i can come in

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    The parents thought that they were doing something to help their kid…. the kid ends with hardships… the kid is grateful for the parents' sacrifice… but the kid is tired… the kid is going back to his/her original birthplace… where he/she wont be accepted or known… but atleast there wont be anymore hiding and lying.

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    maga guy

    deport all illegals, end daca, build the wall, end birthright citizenship for illegal parasites. drain the swamp. oppose the nwo agenda.

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    D. R.

    The law clearly states that if a illegal immigrant can come into The United States for 7 years or more and has not committed a crime and is not in suspend of being involved in one, they are eligible to take the citizenship test and gain citizenship if they pass the test. So, if you drive to take your citizenship test and seen driving but do not have a legal driver's license, your automatically failed. It also includes fraudulent tags, wrong or stolen identity or littering. Any crime. I dont know if its still part of the test but a percentage of the test was to speak, read and write in english.

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    whatsyurprob ?

    "Undocumented" = ILLEGAL
    .Just what part of that don't you understand? You can't conflate all of it.

    Is a drug dealer an unlicensed Pharmacist?

    How STUPID do you think us PATRIOTS are? Please note that I said "us", meaning, NOT YOU!!!

    You are a CRIMINAL in the eyes of the LAW, PERIOD.


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    U.S.A Without immigrants would not to be what it is nowadays. Cuz of that the most riches and functional cities are "Sanctuary" , simple as that.

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    Why even have a United States of America, let's just give our country away to the world and bury ourselves early

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    Trinkets Delight

    If I break the law I go to jail. If they break the law they get citizenship??? You broke the law bro and are counting to do so.

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    Ashutosh Srivastava


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    guy laurent

    Nobody talked about legal immigrants, nobody want to give them anything, but illegal immigrants, they want to give them free health care, welfare, and many other benefits. it take 3-4 yrs to come to America they do everything the right way, and get nothing
    for it….

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    Arik megrabyan

    I’m 18 year living illegally in this country. All I can say I got stuck in this fucking life.

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    JA G

    Nope, respect the communities you wish to live in. Rules and laws are meant to be followed. My grandparents did it, so can you. This guy sadly was kidnapped and exploited. If he were to stay in his own country, who knows – he could have been the person to make a difference.

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    If your employer like you so much they should had sponsor your work visa. But I guess they don’t want to. If you are so trustworthy a friend could sponsor your citizenship. Maybe The Atlantic should had sponsor your work visa for doing this video but I guess not. Pretty much people who support undocumented immigrants are hypocrites since they have the ability to sponsor you but they don’t.

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    The reality is that things are going to get worse for many illegals as technology improve locating individuals. Lets face it BIG BROTHER has been watching for a very long time and many plots to kill Americans have been prevented because law enforcement officers were to arrest those involved. The media dont talk about those things because it makes the government look good and makes Trump look good. The Illegal issue is a defeated matter because security matters to the american people. We are 330 millions living in the US and we are not going to risk our way of living for the safety of 20 million. The price of freedom in America has a price and whatever price it we need to defend it at all cst

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    J B

    I encourage squatters to take over homes belongs to individuals who encourage illegals immigration. Illegal aliens are comparable to trespassing.

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    Genji Shimada

    If rules are going to be slanted for every little thing, then why have rules? You can't just come into this country illegally. Listen your problems don't involve us at all. Go home and make YOUR place better. The president is actually doing the right thing.

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    Zzz Oppp

    I watch this and I think of how he says earn. My citizenship I get free roam of this country but I also have to pay taxes on my property or rent. You might pay taxes for things he purchases but does he pay taxes on his work on his property. Do the other 11 million or did they do it in a way with that he's not accounted for

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    Margot Hilaire

    how many more want to travel in ? If not stopping the fludd, it becomes a river and a river becomes an ocean that will devour the United States and Europe. Those country's will suffocate under this enormous pressure because there would be no end.

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    Silas Bishop

    Why hasn't Jose been deported? Illegal Immigrant should not EVER be able to become Citizens. Follow the law. We don't want you here.

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    Kent Frederick

    I know people who went through the process of immigrating to the U.S. and gaining the green card. It's tough. The former associate pastor at my church gave his first sermon on his many trips trips to the U.S. Embassy in London.

    So immigrating illegally is like taking cuts in a line.

    When you watch TV shows like "90 Day Fiance" and see people using U.S. citizens to move to the U.S. on the K-1 visa and expect to be showered with expensive clothes, or at least expect to do nothing while a spouse works.

    So, an illegal alien who has been working and a productive member of society, in some ways seems more worthy of getting resident status than a gold digger here on the K-1.

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