Can Trump really End Birthright Citizenship? Response by San Diego Immigration Lawyer

Hello everybody, Attorney Jacob Sapochnick
here. Today in this video I wanted to talk about
Trump’s announcement this morning about issuing an executive order to, end a birthright citizenship. I’ve been getting a lot of text messages and
emails and phone calls today and I thought I’ll do this quick video just to explain what’s
going on and where we stand with that. I’ve got here are some questions that people
were asking and so just kind of explain what happened. President Trump announced that he will pass
an executive order that would end by birthright citizenship. Birthright citizenship is the constitutional
guarantee that people that are born in the United States are automatically U.S. citizens. The immediate reaction that I’ve seen right
now in the media and the experts that are coming out and saying that there was really
nothing that he can do. It’s more of a fear tactic because it’s impossible
for President using an executive order to change a constitutional…change the constitution
and while we agree with that, there’s quite a few concerning things that are coming out
of this announcement and what’s going to follow the next few weeks? I want to read the particular clause of the
14th amendment that really need to keep this in mind. What it says is all persons born or naturalized
in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction there off are citizens of the United States
and of the state we’re in their reside. This has been around for decades. This is what America is about and by specifically
talking about changing it, by bringing this into the discussion, that is something that
is not right. These people don’t deserve it. It is really what is concerning here and I
think that the reason why we’re getting so many emails and why our customer or clients
are concerned is that this is just another example of the President’s I would say like
stupidity or willful ignorance, or I would say even deliberate deception because the
President cannot revoke constitutional protection by executive order. This has never happened before. This is a constitutional protection that cannot
be revoked by any executive order. Yeah, Trump is putting it out there that he
wants to try. I think that what’s going to happen is that
he will try and he will probably introduce this Executive Order and it’s going to give
a fuel for anti-immigrants and people that are against minorities and all this the power
that they need to say that this is what’s going to happen and, and trying to target
those minorities. If the President will sign this order and
try to enforce it, it’s going to be just like with these other Executive Orders about the
Muslim ban and DACA. It’s going to trigger a lot of lawsuits charging
that the president essentially violated the 14th amendment. That’s why a lot of my emails that we get
right now is that where they’re saying that essentially those lawsuits are going to be
focused on violation of the 14th amendment. Really what’s going to happen is that it would
basically create a backlash of back and forth and all the discussions about how minorities
are not respected in this country. Essentially what happened in the massacre
at the synagogue is really all connected because when you hate minorities and when you start
targeting a certain population that’s not know, even if he’s not going to be successful
in his executive order, the amount of hate, hate speech and negativity that is going to
be released into the media and into public is going to be very, very damaging. Unfortunately the House and Senate have shown
themselves to be really weak protectors of freedom and justice in this political season. While we know that he’s not going to be successful,
I don’t know what’s going to be the really the result of this political discussion about
trying to take away the right of those that are born in this country. I think that one of the things that I’ve seen
and a lot of legal scholars and one of them, Professor Perry from Princeton, he mentioned
that something interesting. He said that when the government sends the
message that certain people are not qualified to be citizen, it stigmatizes those people
in numerous ways and legitimizes violence against them. It inhibits them from experiencing the full
panoply of rights. I agree with that. I think that it’s going to create a really
a lot of division in our, society. While we don’t think we know that he’s not
going to be successful in his executive orders, it is going to create a lot of negativity. I say that if you’re not vigilant our mantra
is never again, never again in this country, never again. We look back at the Holocaust. Never again can easily slide into a world
of over and over again. It’s really, really what’s happening right
now so just to summarize this. The fact that the President is going to work
on his executive order. There’s not an immediate threat to the 14th
amendment. It will create an environment of hatred and
anxiety and fear and this is not a place where we want to live. We don’t want to live in fear and we don’t
want to be worried about what’s going to happen next week. I’ll keep you posted where we get more information. For now, just again, this executive order
is not going to have an immediate impact on the 14th amendment. It will create a really a negative backlash
of, anxiety and just hatred in this country and hopefully that is not going to happen
and hopefully we can find a way to stop it. Thanks for watching. And I’d love to hear your comments. Thank you.

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