Can UK Citizens Benefit From EEA Family Permit? EEA Family Permit | EEA Visa | EEA Nationals

Can UK Citizens Benefit From EEA Family Permit? EEA Family Permit | EEA Visa | EEA Nationals

my name is Tariq Nawaz I’m an OISC level 3 adviser. I am authorised for work in both the immigration and
Asylum fields. EEA family permit as the name says is for EAA nationals.
But these are EEA nationals not living in their own country so for example you
might have a Polish man living in the UK he has the opportunity for his non EEA
national relatives to come and join living with him in the UK EEA Nationals have free movement rights
so that’s not the issue as for the non-EEA nationals. The
family members are husband, wife and dependent children and this is up to the
age of 21 so there is no real difficulty for any of those but you can also apply
to bring your parents here and your grandparents equally your children as I
said before and your grandchildren so for example: I am a British man
let’s say I’m married my wife is from Pakistan but I don’t meet let’s say the
financial requirements or he have difficulty in passing the English Exam if I
was to relocate to any other European country within in the European Economic
Area. I go there I live, I work, or maybe set up a business which is called a
qualified person. Then I can call my wife over and also in the same way it’s
simpler family members can also come and join me and as long as I’ve been there
for a minimum of three years for three months and I have been working over like
self-employed or maybe if I have enough money what is called self sufficient I
can also be a student there as well. so I can call my wife over there on this
family permit and once they’re there and then after period of time they come with me to the UK. So when they come back here to the UK they will need to
apply for a residence permit and when it’s granted, and hopefully it should be
granted; they should get this for a period of five years.


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    Simon Simon

    Yeah we let everyone into the UK in line with EU directive 2004/38/EC but try as a British national to bring a none EU family member into another European country and you will not even get an appointment. It's time we leveled the playing fields. If EU European countries won't play by the rules, then why should we?

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    Mona Watkins

    did you answer the question on your video caption? can uk citizens benefit from this? they are uk citizens but have to leave the uk to bring someone over to the uk – but non uk citizens can simply do it? where is justice?!

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    Noman Jahangir

    if we get this visa as an extended familly member….can we go outside uk after 1 year for a year or more or we must have to stay there???

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    pari sandhu

    Hello sir, i have a confusing question,,
    I got eu family member visa ,5 years,,its already completed more then 5 years in uk,now i am going to apply for Indefinite leave to remain,
    Now my first question is..
    1) because i also want to bring my parents and my younger brother from india here, so in this case , should i take uk nationality or should i apply for european nationality( my spouse was from france whose behalf i got eu family member visa,but divorced and i again applied for independent visa which i got again of 5 years,hence applying for ILR) ,
    Please tell can i apply for french nationality or should i apply for uk nationality ,
    2) which way i can bring my parents and brother in uk,
    Before applying any thing,i am finding the right path,
    Because we know british national can not bring parents here but EEA can do

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