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Hello! I am ill but I have a strong will. Today I’ll give all the answers and others will lose their wits. So, today’s quiz is about guessing the country by looking at its map. I think the last time I saw a map was probably in the eighth grade. I was really good at geography but my memory is very sucky. Bro’s geography is so strong. Your bro is the father of geography.

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You haven’t seen any of the old videos? Is there a punishment? I will have to drink neem juice if I lose. I’ve had neem balls, I mean the pills. Name the countries I’ve visited? I’ve been to the UK, I’ve been to Sweden. I don’t have a passport. Hindustan, India, Bharat. Thailand, Barcelona. I have been to the U.S. in a dream once. Yeah I mean I’ve only been to these many places. Not anywhere else… India. Ok! can somebody tell me, is this the top or is this the top? Is it a country or those… which are very big, Continents. Either this is Russia or Canada or this is China. Why can’t you show me the whole world map and then you know, I can guess… If it’s here then it must be that country or if it’s here so it must be that. This could be anywhere. This is uncle sam’s home, friends. This is the United States of America. I think this is Greece. I don’t why? But I feel its Greece. I’ll call it China. I think this is the U.S. of A. Whaaat! It looks so small in this. My geography teacher won’t be able to guess this one and you’re asking me! What is this? Give me the earlier map. I’ll fit and check. Europe… Europe is a continent, right? Is it a country? I don’t know! Is it Russia? My answer is Russia. This is that place, that gets many migrants from Punjab, Canada.This is where Venise is situated because it is surrounded by water. I won’t say anything. I’ll say this is Canada. Oh, damn it! I asked for the U.S. map and I fitted and checked. I am a genius woman! genius! Neem leaf is bitter this quiz is… fill in the blanks. This is some star, bro. This is the North Pole.Look, I’m literally staring at this and it’s staring back at me. Like, there’s nothing that’s coming to my mind right now. Is it in Europe? Uzbekistan? Is this Denmark? Kazakhstan. Let’s go with France. I nailed this! I nailed this! Now I won’t have to drink the neem juice. My pragmatic thinking has stopped. Pragmatism. Man! This quiz is way too tough. It’s something long, bro. It looks like a d**c. Don’t put so much pressure on me. I can’t. You don’t have India’s map? I want to go here, by the way, one day. I think this is Italy. Is it Italy?(x2) Italy?Japan! Is this Spain? F**k dude! Italy! Damn it! What is going on in this picture, man? What have you given me? Crap! Are these parts of a single country? This much is Nepal. I don’t know about this one but this is Nepal. Where does this fit it on the map? Is it top-right or bottom-left? I’m saying Japan again, man. What should I say? I don’t know. Is it Papua New Guinea? My answer is Nepal. Japan? It’s all messed up! (x2) New Zealand? It’s below Australia, right? I don’t go below Australia. I don’t see below that. Why are you giving me these pieces? Oh damn! I’m f**ked man!This looks like it has countries on both sides. Greece… Sydney, Sydney is a country? This is Japan, Isn’t it? But Japan is below floating in the water. Let’s go with Malaysia. I think Myanmar. I don’t know it. I’ll say this is Czechoslovakia. I’ll say Japan for this too.Ah, damn it! I want to go to Vietnam, dude. By God! I’ve never seen this one ever. I mean there’s no country which we see and tell, “Yeah! It’s that one”. This seems like the ghost of India. Looks like it has draped a cloth around and below Sri Lanka is torn off.
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It has brought its kids along. Tiny little ghosts.I-don’t-know, South Africa? Is this Indonesia? Myanmar? Looks like Sri Lanka. I know this is wrong. My mind is doomed, man. I mean why didn’t I say Bangladesh. We are so colonized people. We got the Europe one’s all right… and this neighboring country we don’t know. Man, you have made these things so big I have no idea what is it?Because I live in Bihar. This is Nepal. This is Nepal. This is Nepal. Is this Nepal? Yeah! finally, I scored two. F**k dude! Thank god! At least I got one correct. Oh God! (x6)
Give me a hint, what are they famous for? Chocolate? Cheese? Tell me something. It is either Mexico or Brazil or Argentina. Is this Brazil? Brazil! Is this Brazil? I’ll say Mexico.This close… I was this close Oh my god! I should sing that song. ♫ Brazil! lalalalalala! ♫ It’s fine, I don’t think I’m gonna lose today. But everyone must have got Nepal correct. I do hope that I don’t get to drink that juice, I really don’t wanna drink that. All I can do is hope for the best. I’m optimistic! I’m confident! Because I have nothing left, I’ve no other option left. Okay then, bye. See you in the punishment. Shot! Shot! Shot! Shot! (Everyone) No! I’m asking why are there two glasses? Because you have given only two answers, Kaus. Drink them both. Then I would have given only one answer, that was better. I would have to drink just one then. You have to take a shot. Don’t drink it in halves or you’ll be dead. One, two, three… _and action.
-Go! His body is shaking. Your intestines are out? Effects of neem juice. Now, y’all drink this. I want to try a little bit. Just for you. We’ll drink a little bit of Kaustubh  Chaturvedi’s poison. That sounds very wrong. It’s very bitter… very very bitter. Kanishk? Shit! And whoever has written this punishment that idiot! Oh f**k! Oh shit! -Don’t do it! (x3)
-We are the only anchor we have to finish this poison. Oh shit! You also have to try dude. Yeah! I’m feeling FOMO. Take one shot. My esophagus was gonna come out of my mouth right now. Take it! You are the one left. C’mon! drink like a girl. -It takes like two seconds to hit you
-Yeah! At first! it’s nothing but then its like… Jai Bholenath! – Jai Bholenath! It has ruined the taste of my mouth. All the bacterias of his stomach will die today. Neem is very anti-bacterial. If you loved this video then like this video, share it and comment on it. And subscribe to? OK-Tested! And our app is already available on the Playstore so download it for upcoming exclusive contents. Ans all these videos that you watch on Youtube can be seen one day before on? On the app! And where is our app? Playstore! So smile, the app is on playstore.

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