Canadian Citizenship Test Q & A – Common Questions & Answers

Canadian Citizenship Test Q & A – Common Questions & Answers

Hi my name is Jay from and I’m
going to answer the top 5 questions we get regarding the Canadian Citizenship test. One, How many questions in the Canadian citizenship
test? There are 20 multiple choice questions in
the Canadian citizenship test and you need to score at least 75% in the exam to pass.
You will have a 30 minute time limit to complete the exam. Two, Is the test hard? Make sure you study hard and read all of the
material in the official Discover Canada study guide at least 3 to 4 times. At
we recommend you start studying at least 2 weeks in advance. If you do this you won’t
have any problems passing. We also offer practice exams, infographics, and notes at
to help you study. Three, What if I fail the test? If you fail to score 75% in the exam you will
be invited to sit the exam for another chance at passing. We recommend that you study hard
in the beginning so you don’t have to worry about this. It can take up to 3 months for
you to get a second chance at taking the exam. Four, Can I bring my phone, or notepad into
the exam You can bring whatever you want into the exam
but all electronic devices including phones will be switched off and placed under your
seat along with any books or learning materials you have with you. Five, When will I find out if i passed or
failed? You will find out 30 to 60minutes after the
exam if you passed or failed. We wish you all luck for the exam. If you
have any questions please visit and we will be happy to help.


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    Huza Khan

    If there is an error on my citizenship application regaring the dates i was not physically in canada will that be considered a big issue?

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    Crazy Hands

    Listen k get the book and go study all the answers in the book , if you pass and get called make sure you let them know before leaving the country . Now go study am you will need to take a celpep test before you can take the test.

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    Deepika Pelmo

    New Citizenship test have many true and false and many yes and no so this kind of test I never see the online or YouTube also nobody teaching this 2 kind of test so confusing I am so worrying about this 2 so can you help me ? The a b c d Mark is better then this 2 also I learn from teachers , online, but this 2 true false or yes no test I really worrying so what im do?

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