Canadian Citizenship Test Tips & Study Guide 2019

Canadian Citizenship Test Tips & Study Guide 2019

Hi everyone. My name is Jade Calver and I own and operate Calver and Associates Canadian Immigration Services. Today I’m
going to talk about applying for Canadian citizenship and in particular
the citizenship test and what you can expect with the test. So once you’ve
determined that you’re eligible for Canadian citizenship – so you meet the
residency requirements and language requirements etc., you’ll have applied for
Canadian citizenship and sent your application into Sydney for processing.
After that of course you’ll get the notice that they’re processing your
application and potentially some biometrics requests to make sure that
you don’t have a criminal record and then the clock really starts for that exam. Again, I
would recommend that as soon as you apply for Canadian citizenship that you
start studying for the exam, especially if there are any language barriers for
you or if you haven’t been in Canada for long it’s really important to start
reviewing well before you ever get the notice for exam. Why I say this is that the notice for exam will generally come only
two to three weeks before you actually have to go write this test. The test is
a twenty question multiple choice so 4 answer test but you do have to do quite
well. You can only get four answers wrong in order to pass. So it’s really
important that you prepare well in advance of this exam. So there is a booklet that you can use
to prepare and I also really recommend that you use online study guides, online
quizzes, attend any citizenship workshops, like the ones that we give
or even get some tutoring for the citizenship exam if you need it. If you’re not
doing well on those online practice tests you really need to make sure that
you’re essentially getting a 100/100 on those tests before you go into that
exam. So in terms of how to study for the test I really recommend that you break
down the sections of the booklet by subject and then make yourself some
practice questions. Again, it’s a closed book test so you’re really going to want
to make sure that you go through the booklet the study booklet section by
section and really pay attention to lists. So you know that they’re always
going to be questions about the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and
what citizens can and cannot do. Those are always on the exam. Another thing for
citizenship exams that I noticed they’ve been doing in recent years is that
they’ll actually include questions about that region’s local politicians as well
as the provincial and federal politicians who are in power. So lots of
people they read the exam, they study but they forget to brush up on who their MP
or their MPP is or who the governor-general is and of course those
things can change, right? Depending on your exam. So it’s really important that
you review this information as well and especially closer to your exam before
you actually go to sit the exam just so that you know that you’re well prepared
for the exam. Another thing with the exam is that when you go to take the test so it’s quite you know you can be very well prepared for the exam but some people
they haven’t actually taken a test in a long time going to school-like setting
and so it can be a little bit nerve-wracking especially with so many
people usually you’ll have about 50 to 60 people in the room with you writing
the exam so it is important that you keep this in mind. You know simple things
like bringing earplugs to the exam or you know listening to some calming music
before you actually write the exam and not paying attention to your
surroundings when you’re writing really will help you in succeeding on the exam.
I cannot stress enough to make sure that you prepare well in advance. You do get a
second chance at the exam if for whatever reason you don’t pass the
first time but again with ample preparation for the test as soon as you
apply for citizenship, you are certain to do well. We do offer one-on-one
citizenship test tutoring. We can assist with sample exams helping you go through
the booklet, obtaining booklets for you in your native language, if you’re more
comfortable with that. For more information about our citizenship test
preparation help, you can visit our website. We’re at


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